Troubleshooting Agile
Walking the Line: Emotional Unawareness
Mar 4, 2020 · 26 min
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Prompted by a listener, we look at a tool from Jim Dethmer called The Line. This leads us to discuss the value of being emotionally self-aware with a variety of examples from our recent consulting practise and bringing in several tools for increasing this awareness, including Six Thinking Hats, the Ladder of Inference, and the Core Protocols. SHOW LINKS: - Jim Dethmer on "Leading Above the Line": - Naive realism: - Feeling Good podcast on "Hidden Emotion": - London Organisational Learning meetup: - Ladder of Inference: - Six Thinking Hats: - Core Protocols check-in: - Past episode on transparency and curiosity: - Past episode on the 4 Rs: *** 
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