Troubleshooting Agile
What is Agile, Anyway?
Aug 21, 2019 · 16 min
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We saw last week how inflexible implementation killed checklists at hospitals - and the same disease affects agile development, we've found. Do you think there's a single "recipe" for agile, like our friends at Basecamp who claim they're not agile because they don't use post-its, backlogs, or standups? If so, we think you're missing some important opportunities for building internal commitment and improving your practise. SHOW LINKS: - Hospital checklists fail: - Fix XP: - Anand's comment on Agile as chocolate-chip cookie: - Basecamp ShapeUp: DaringFireball and announcement - Heart of Agile: *** We'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or feedback you have about the show. Email us: see link on Tweet us: Also, if you'd like to leave us a review on iTunes (or just like and subscribe), you'll find us here:
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