Alignment and Resistance Part 2: Obstacles to Alignment
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Our next instalment on alignment as a tool for agile success. If alignment is as valuable as we claimed in the previous episode, why doesn't every organisation have it? We use ideas from Dr. David Burns to classify resistance to alignment into "outcome" and "process" resistance, then give examples of each and tell a story about a startup where the founders are (according to them) totally aligned, but no one else is. Next time: steps to achieve alignment despite resistance. SHOW LINKS: - Dr. David Burns, Feeling Good: - Theory X and Theory Y: - Thinking Fast and Slow:,_Fast_and_Slow *** We'd love to hear any thoughts, ideas, or feedback you have about the show. Email us: see link on Tweet us: Also, if you'd like to leave us a review on iTunes (or just like and subscribe), you'll find us here:
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