TDLS - Episode 104: Know Your Own Voice w/ Forest Stearns
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“When you know your own voice, when you practice, when you fail thousands of times in your sketchbook and you're fearless to jump in with your skill then you can fit in your own personal innovation and your own personal creative voice.”

In episode 104 of #TDLS, I sat down with Forest Stearns. Forest is the Principal Artist at DRAWEVERYWHERE, a design studio in Oakland, that specializes in art direction, illustration and the production of unique creative projects. Stearns also has a passion for producing Artist in Residence programs in companies that connect art, science, and technology. Currently he is partnering with Google AI Quantum AI in Santa Barbara, to produce a unique AiR program and create unique paintings around their Quantum Computers. From art galleries to spaceships, there is nothing Stearns won’t draw upon. His artistic portfolio radically spans media from making art on hundreds of satellites that orbit the Earth, to paintings on rocket ships, and murals on giant buildings. He is also a lead facilitator for experience design firm Late Nite Art. In this episode we talked about:

- His amazing ground up stories
- Practical experiences on how he was able to jump into innovation from traditional arts
- How he was able to connect solution making and arts to solving a business problem
- Non traditional art environments / blue oceans  like aerospace and quantum
- Actionable tips for designers on creatively designing experiences
- And much much more...

You can learn more about Forest by visiting If you found this episode interesting, please let Forest know by following him on Instagram @draweverywherestudio or via LinkedIn (

Books recommendation from Forest:
- You Must Be Joking Mr Feynman
- Own the System
- Psycho-Cybernetics
- Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
- Scrum
- An astronaut's guide to life on earth
- The 4 Agreements
- The E-Myth Enterprise: How to Turn a Great Idea Into a Thriving Business

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