Haiku Pea
Haiku Pea
Jan 8, 2018
Episode 8: A mixed bag but mostly snow...
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Episode 8 the latest podcast from www.poetrypea.com A mixed bag but mostly snow.... yuk Welcome to episode 8 of the Haiku Pea, a podcast all about Haiku,. I’m Patricia, your host and I hope over time to share some of my daily haiku, submissions from you my wonderful listener and tips for writing that I glean along my journey. This is the first podcast after the Christmas break. If you remember, I was looking forward to welcoming my family home again for the holidays and maybe getting them to write with me. Well, home they came, complete with flu, which I managed to catch and still have, so apologies for the voice if it breaks. We spent a couple of lovely weeks together despite being ill, but my plan to galvanise them into writing didn’t come off. Maybe they will be home for Easter, without bugs, and we can try again. I said to you last time that I had some great submissions and this week we are going to kick off with Devin Harrison. He submitted some really terrific work and will be featured throughout the year. He also sent me some thoughts on haiku that I think are worth exploring further, so I hope he and I will get a chance to talk further and I can share the results of these conversations with you. For this week though you will find out a little bit about him. I want to change the format slightly this week and see what you think. You can read all this week’s daily haiku, a mixed bag but mostly about one of my least favourite things.... snow. and also Devin’s guest haiku on the poetrypea website, so what I thought I would do is share the evolution or otherwise of some of my haiku with you, As well as Devin’s haiku and some information about him, and recommendations from Devin and I for reading.
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