Episode 191: Our Thoughts on Stasis in Crucible - Revisited
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Let's talk about Stasis in PvP!
Two Titans And A Hunter: A Destiny 2 Podcast
Two Titans And A Hunter: A Destiny 2 Podcast
Two Titans And A Hunter
Ep.104 – Revenant Hunters Don’t Need Adjusting
Welcome to another episode. This week we discuss the new season 13 information in This Week at Bungie for January 14th 2021. Peroty and Nitedemon discuss what they are doing for the next few weeks whilst they wait for the next season. Respawn joins us just in time to give his news roundup for the week and Peroty has a bit of a rant! Plus your normal tips, tricks, guides and builds. Also we do discuss some possible spoilers at 0:08:00 – 0:12:38 Links: * This Week at Bungie – 14th January 2021 * Marshix – New D1 Tower In D2 * AbbyHour – Sunsetting Explained Tips, Tricks, Builds & Guides: * Pattycakes Gaming – Beat The Meta (Ft. Ascendant Nomad) * Pattycakes Gaming – 7 Useful Resources For D2 * Cheese Forever – Hunting Attire Triumph Cheese * Cheese Forever – Solo Raid Ghost * Cheese Forever – Solo 1280 Lost Sector Easy * Jarv – Every Sunsetting Weapon in Season 13 * Crazymrpipz – Top Tier Hunter Bow Setup * BRAVExHERO – Warlock Stasis Build * CastleIsLive – Titan Behemoth PvP Guide * Fallout Plays – We Broke PvP (Ft. CoolGuy) * Froggy618157725 – OOB Hawkmoon Ship & Hallow Grove Useful Links: * DestinyRecipies.com * D2 Gunsmith * Blueberries.gg - Destiny 2 TTK Chart * LordTyronasuraus Europa Weapon Guide * Cosmodrome.Page * LowliDev.com * Destiny Podcast List * The100io: Guardian Hub / Guardian Down / 2TAAH * Destiny Roundup * Destiny Tracker * Braytech.org * Light.gg * Little Light Apple Link * Little Light Google Link * Destiny Round-Up.com * Destiny Item Manager * Ishtar Commander * The 100.io * Email: twotitansandahunter@hotmail.com * Two Titans and a Hunter Twitter * Two Titans and a Hunter – Facebook * Artwork by @Nitedemon * Xbox Live: Nitedemon, Peroty, Not Arf & No1RespawnsInRL Thank you to Alexander at Orange Free Sounds & www.freesound.org for all the sound effects used in our podcast.
2 hrs 7 mins
Kinda Funny Games Daily
Kinda Funny Games Daily
Kinda Funny
Vicarious Visions Merges Into Blizzard - Kinda Funny Games Daily 01.25.21
Blessing and Tim kick off the week by talking about Xbox Live Gold prices staying the same, Vicarious Visions being merged into Blizzard, and Gamestop stocks. 00:00:00 - Start 00:04:55 - Housekeeping The PSILY Resurrection is happening later today live on Patreon.com/KindaFunnyGames. Me and Greg will be making dead PlayStation franchises battle it out to see which one deserves to come back to life. You’ll want to be in the audience for this one because tiebreakers will go to the audience to vote on. That’ll be up for everyone regular time tomorrow. Thank you to our Patreon Producer: Black Jack The Roper Report - 00:06:20 - Microsoft has reversed the Xbox Live Gold price increase - Xbox Wire blog post on Friday 00:15:40 - Microsoft backtracked on the Xbox Live Gold price increases faster than my cat runs around the house after he takes a dump. So what was the point of attempting the increase in the first place? - Best Friends Q:Greg from Edmonton 00:18:30 - Vicarious Visions is merging into Blizzard - Brendain Sinclair @ GiBiz 00:30:30 - How much stock could a Gamestop stock if a Gamestop could stock stock? Let’s ask Gamespot 00:36:30 - Platinum Games is teasing another announcement - Ethan Anderson @ Twinfinite 00:41:35 - Ad 00:42:11 - Could we get a new Star Wars Knights of the old Republic NOT from EA??? - Sherif Saed @ VG247 00:48:00 - Tencent is making big moves 00:52:25 - Out today 00:57:48 - You‘re Wrong Tomorrow’s Hosts:Greg and Fran Message timecodes
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