Episode 70: Sovaida Ma'ani Ewing
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Hello and welcome to the Baha’i Blogcast with me your host, Rainn Wilson.

In this series of podcasts I interview members of the Baha’i Faith and friends from all over the world about their hearts, and minds, and souls, their spiritual journeys, what they’re interested in, and what makes them tick.

In this episode I'm joined by Sovaida Ma'ani Ewing, the founder of 'The Center for Peace and Global Governance' and a person of many talents. She's the author of a number of books, has worked as a lawyer for 20 years, is a 7th generation Baha'i, and she's passionate about the role of women in society, issues around global governance, the environment, peace-building, and leadership. We discuss all of these topics and also look at ideas around Collective Security, the meaning of power, and she even shares some personal stories of her time growing up in the Holy Land. I'm sure you'll enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

Find out more about some of the things we mentioned and covered below:

* Abdu'l-Baha: https://www.bahai.org/abdul-baha/

* The Universal House of Justice: https://bit.ly/3mgH0wN

* Shoghi Effendi: https://bit.ly/3rCOeNM

* The Bab​​: https://www.bahai.org/the-bab/

* Baha'u'llah: https://www.bahai.org/bahaullah/

* Learn more about Abdu'l-Baha and the commemoration of the Centenary of His passing here: https://bit.ly/3jkV0WX

* Sovaida has published the following books:
- The Alchemy of Peace - 6 Essential Shifts in Mindsets and Habits to Achieve World Peace: https://amzn.to/3ucNZeq
- Collective Security Within Reach: https://amzn.to/3EWIplp
- Building a World Federation: The Key to Resolving Our Global Crises: https://amzn.to/3ucxFdw
- Bridge to Global Governance: Tackling Climate Change, Energy Distribution, and Nuclear Proliferation: https://amzn.to/3zJofYb

* Sovaid's 'Re-Imagining Our World' Vlogcast on Youtube: https://bit.ly/3EON6xz

* Interview with Sovaida about her book 'The Alchemy of Peace': https://bit.ly/3kIpmmE

* QUOTE: "Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and center your deliberations on its exigencies and requirements." -Baha'u'llah

* Sovaida's NGO: Center for Peace and Global Governance (CPGG): https://www.cpgg.org/

* Sovaida's life coaching business: https://unleashyoucoaching.com/

* Siyyid Yahya-i-Darabi, given the title Vahid: https://bit.ly/2Y1qsBq

* Nayriz: https://www.awakeningnayriz.org/template.php

* Independent Investigation of Truth: https://bit.ly/3h2bd1V

* Baha'i principle of Progressive Revelation: https://bit.ly/2Vkay0B

* The Baha'i World Centre: https://www.bwc.org/

* Why is the Baha’i World Centre in Israel?: https://bit.ly/3yGYqr1

* Hands of the Cause: https://bit.ly/2EATuOD

* Abu’l-Qasim Faizi: https://bit.ly/3AJGkqg

* Ruhiyyih Khanum: https://bit.ly/3ugcvLz

* Ali-Akbar Furutan: https://news.bahai.org/story/261/

* Paul Haney: https://bahaipedia.org/Paul_Haney

* Baha’i Blogcast with Rainn Wilson – Ep.52: Dara Feldman: https://bit.ly/3AM5STR

* The Promise of World Peace - Universal House of Justice letter 1985: https://bit.ly/3m56Jsm

* Baha’i Blogcast with Rainn Wilson – Ep.35: Michael Karlberg: https://bit.ly/3ibDMdd

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Thanks for listening!

-Rainn Wilson
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