Episode 71: Todd Steinberg
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Hello and welcome to the Baha’i Blogcast with me your host, Rainn Wilson.

In this series of podcasts I interview members of the Baha’i Faith and friends from all over the world about their hearts, and minds, and souls, their spiritual journeys, what they’re interested in, and what makes them tick.

In this episode, I'm joined by my dear friend Todd Steinberg, who helped out in the early days of SoulPancake and runs a teddy bear company - yep that's right - teddy bears! Todd shares his journey to finding the Baha'i Faith and how grateful he is for finding it. We talk about how systems are as important as the people within them; the importance of being in tune with our hearts and the importance of service. He tells us a little about his work with prisoners, and shares a couple of stories about Abdu'l-Baha. I hope you enjoy the conversation!

Find out more about some of the things we mentioned and covered below:

* Abdu'l-Baha: https://www.bahai.org/abdul-baha/

* The Universal House of Justice: https://bit.ly/3mgH0wN

* Shoghi Effendi: https://bit.ly/3rCOeNM

* The Bab​​: https://www.bahai.org/the-bab/

* Baha'u'llah: https://www.bahai.org/bahaullah/

* Todd's family business "Plush in a Rush": https://www.plushinarush.com/

* SoulPancake: https://participant.com/soulpancake

* Baha’i Pioneering: https://www.bahaiblog.net/bahai-pioneer-travel-teacher/

* The Baha’i “Pupil of the Eye” Metaphor—What Does it Mean?: https://bahaiteachings.org/bahai-pupil-eye-metaphor/

* Bahaʼi Prayers: https://www.bahai.org/beliefs/life-spirit/devotion/prayer

* 6 Questions About the Independent Investigation of Truth: https://www.bahaiblog.net/2021/05/6-questions-about-the-independent-investigation-of-truth/

* An Introduction to the Kitab-i-Iqan – The Book of Certitude: https://www.bahaiblog.net/2021/02/an-introduction-to-the-kitab-i-iqan-the-book-of-certitude/

* The Bahaʼi Fast: https://www.bahaiblog.net/2012/03/the-bahai-fast/

* Book: The Bassoon King by Rainn Wilson: https://amzn.to/3Ccb6Ja

* Todd’s article about teaching prisoners: https://www.bahaiblog.net/2016/12/experiences-teaching-bahai-faith-prisoners/

* The Training Institute & Ruhi sequence of courses: https://bit.ly/3qkIJSR

* Learn more about Abdu'l-Baha and the commemoration of the Centenary of His passing here: https://bit.ly/3jkV0WX

* The Shrine of the Bab and its Significance: https://www.bahaiblog.net/2013/07/the-shrine-of-the-bab-and-its-significance/

* A Tribute to Anis Zunuzi: https://www.bahaiblog.net/2016/07/tribute-anis-zunuzi/

* Devotional Meetings: https://www.bahai.org/action/devotional-life/devotional-meetings/

* Website created in honor of Abdu'l-Baha's visit to North America: 239Days.com: https://239days.com/

* Becoming a Baha’i: https://bahai.org.au/index.php/the-bahai-faith/becoming-a-bahai/

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Thanks for listening!

-Rainn Wilson
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