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Bo Sanchez Radio
Nov 29, 2020
Fulltank 1257 Never Look Down On Yourself
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Are people saying you're too ugly, too small, too bad? Stop listening to what other people are saying about you. Instead, look at the only "mirror" that will tell you the truth.
How to Study the Bible
How to Study the Bible
Nicole Unice
New Year, New Mind
Are you looking to get more out of your time studying the Bible? Or maybe you're ready to finally start building a consistent, daily quiet time with the Lord? If that sounds like you, then Nicole would like to personally invite you to join her Help! My Bible is Alive FREE 30-Day Challenge, which kicks off on February 1st. To sign up, head over to Nicole’s book 'Help! My Bible Is Alive' is available here. In This Episode: The work of a new heart is done in Christ, but we are still participants in that work. Every day, we have the choice: will we continue to put off the old self, and put on the old self? In this episode, Nicole looks at what it means for us to take our thoughts captive and hold them up to the truth of God’s Word. This Week’s Key Verses: Ephesians 4:22-24: “You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.” 2 Corinthians 10:5: “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” Lamentations 3:22-23: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Follow Nicole: Her Site | Facebook | Instagram Episode Image Credit: Getty/nadia_bormotova
20 min
Ten Minute Bible Talks Devotional Bible Study
Ten Minute Bible Talks Devotional Bible Study
The Crossing’s Keith Simon and Patrick Miller
What the Kingdom of God Looks Like | Mark | Mark 4.1-33
God's kingdom doesn’t have borders, so what's it look like? What's it made of? Get a sneak peek from (Pastor Patrick Miller) as he reads through (Mark 4.1-33) to continue our series on Mark. Interested in more content like this? Listen to (How God's Kingdom Conquers), (Do Pets Go to Heaven?), and (Jesus Wants Your Help Bringing God's Kingdom on Earth). Like this content? Make sure to leave us a rating and share it with others, so others can find it too. To learn more, visit our (website) and follow us on (Facebook), (Instagram), and (Twitter) @TheCrossingCOMO and @TenMinuteBibleTalks. Outline 0:15 - What does a kingdom look like? 1:50 - (Mark 4.1-20): Parable of the Sower 2:55 - (Mark 4.26-32): Parables of Seeds 4:00 - What is the Kingdom of God about?: (Isaiah 52.7) 7:10 - Subscribe. Rate. Share. Social Facebook: ( Instagram: ( Twitter: ( Passages Mark 4.1-20: ( Mark 4.26-32: ( Isaiah 52.7: (  Resources Mark: A Free Guided Bible Reading Plan: (  Related Do Pets Go to Heaven?: ( How God's Kingdom Conquers: ( Why Winning Looks Like Losing: ( Jesus Wants Your Help Bringing God's Kingdom on Earth: ( Support this podcast
8 min
Daily Bible Reading Podcast
Daily Bible Reading Podcast
Phil Fields
NL-Day019 Genesis 32-33; Job 19; Mark 12:1-27
GENESIS 32-33: Yesterday we heard how Jacob and his big family got away from Laban and started the journey home. When Laban caught up with him, he and Jacob got into a quarrel and ended up making a covenant. JOB 19: In chapter 18, Bildad once again gave a speech about what happens to wicked people, and by implication, he said, “You're just getting what you deserve.” Job’s response in today’s chapter includes amazing revelations. Verses 23-27 can be compared with the second half of 1Corinthians 15. MARK 12a: In Mark 11, Jesus was welcomed in triumph in Jerusalem, he cursed a fig tree and taught about prayer, and cleansed the temple of merchant activity. Then he answered and confuted the chief priests who challenged his authority to “do these things,”— in particular, taking their businesses out of the temple. GNT Translation note: Mrk. 11:27 PET God spoke of our three forefathers as men who still live and worship Him. … NLT Translation notes: Job 19:15 My servants and maids [even/0] consider me a stranger. I am like a foreigner to them. 16 When I call my servant, he doesn’t [even/0] come; I have to plead with him! ==== Mrk. 12:1 Then Jesus began teaching them with stories [like this one]: “A man planted a vineyard. … 13 Later the leaders sent some Pharisees and supporters of [king/0] Herod to trap Jesus into saying something for which he could be arrested. 16 When they handed [one/it] to him, he asked, “Whose picture and title are stamped [here//on it]?” 26b Long after Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob had died, God said to Moses, ‘I am the God [Abraham worships//of Abraham], the God [Isaac worships], and the God [Jacob worships].’ 27 PET God spoke of our three forefathers as men who still live and worship Him. … [In Constable quotes Lane: “If the death of the patriarchs is the last word of their history, there has been a breach of the promises of God guaranteed by the [Abrahamic] covenant, and of which the formula ‘the God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob’ is the symbol. It is in fidelity to his covenant that God will resurrect the dead.” Using a present tense verb makes it obvious to the English-speaking listener that the three patriarchs are still living. However, the problem becomes that if the Hebrew had been that specific, everyone would have understood that the patriarchs were still living. So my fix here, I now admit, goes too far.]
19 min
Christian Meditation Podcast
Christian Meditation Podcast
Chaplain Jared
300 You Know Me Lord, A Guided Christian Meditation on Psalms 139:1-6 with the Recenter With Christ app
300 You Know Me Lord, A Guided Christian Meditation on Psalms 139:1-6 with the Recenter With Christ app I'm Chaplain Jared and I work as a hospice chaplain and an ICU chaplain, my purpose in making this podcast is to help you find more peace in your life and to be more open for your heart to be changed by the Spirit of God. By using centuries old form of Christian Meditation named Lectio Divina: Outline: Relaxation, Reading, Meditation, Prayer, Contemplation and Visualization. Get into a place where you can sit comfortably and uninterrupted for about 20 minutes.You should hopefully not be driving or anything tensing or unrelaxing. If you feel comfortable to do so, I invite you to close your eyes. Guided Relaxation / Guided Meditation: Breathe and direct your thoughts to contacting God. Let your stomach be a balloon inflate, deflate. Bible verses for Meditation: Psalm 139:1-6 NIV 1 You have searched me, Lord, and you know me. 2 You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar. 3 You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. 4 Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely. 5 You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me. 6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. KJV 1 O lord, thou hast searched me, and known me. 2 Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thought afar off. 3 Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways. 4 For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord, thou knowest it altogether. 5 Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me. 6 Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it. Meditation on Scripture: Through much of our lives we struggle to be comfortable with who we are or who we want to be. Many people wrestle with identity. Either don’t have a well defined sense of who they are or an overly rigid perception of who we are. But under all of that, God knows us. Wether we are see it or not God knows us. He knows about our aspirations. He knows about our desires. Our goals. He knows our struggles with them. When we feel disappointed with our progress or we feel discouraged about how things turn out, we can rest assured that God understands us. He knows us.I find that language lacking. In Spanish there is two very distinct words for knowing. You know facts, you may even know that certain people exist, but to know a person means to understand them. To be familiar with them. The way in which God knows us is deeper than that. He knows our inner workings. He was there when we were made. God knows you. All the things you are ashamed of and embarrassed of. All the things you want to hide, he already knows. He already decided to overcome them. Through the cross Jesus overcame it all. Because He knows why you need Him. Because he loves you. So with Gods help you can get back up and try again. Meditation of Prayer: Pray as directed by the Spirit. Dedicate these moments to the patient waiting, when you feel ready ask God for understanding you desire from Him. Meditation of God and His Glory / Hesychasm: I invite you to sit in silence feeling being patient for your own faults and trials. Summarize what insights you have gained during this meditation and meditate and visualize positive change in your life: This is a listener funded podcast at Updates: Final Question: What is something that God could help you improve inside of you? Final Thought: Many times we set Mew Years resolutions and struggle to fulfil them. Let me just say that there is nothing magical about the arbitrary day that was selected as the New Year. You can continue each day to move forward. God cheers on our goals of following in the path Jesus gave us. FIND ME ON: Download my free app: Recenter with Christ Website - Voicemail - (602) 888-3795 Email: Apple Podcasts - Christian Meditation Podcast Twitter - @ChristianMedPod
21 min
Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch
Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Episode 39: United We Stand for Life with special guest Jeanne Mancini.
*UPDATE:* March For Life organizers have decided to make the 2021 March a virtual event. The decision was announced on the afternoon of January 15, after this episode of Fearless was recorded and posted. Make plans to join from the VIRTUAL March for Life from your home, your office, or wherever you are on January 29, 2021. The pro-life issue isn’t reserved for certain people — it is a fight that concerns us all and one we can all take part in. My heart was convicted of this last year after attending the March for Life for the first time. It’s a day which changed my life.  It’s easy to be in the fight when the current administration is also fighting for life, but there are people and organizations that have been on the front lines even when it’s been hard. One of those people is Jeanne Mancini, the president of March for Life and a fierce pro-life advocate.  In this episode of Fearless I had the privilege of speaking with Jeanne about the organization March for Life, and how it’s actively fighting for the rights of the unborn. I hope you are encouraged to join the fight by attending the virtual March for Life event on January 29, 2021. *Scripture Referenced:* 1 Corinthians 12:12-27 *Going Farther:* Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Prayer Line – 888-388-2683, or online: Jeanne’s Article in The National Review-- *Websites:* March For Life website -- Fearless Website –  Billy Graham Evangelistic Association -- Billy Graham Radio – Samaritan’s Purse –                                                                                                                *Connect with me on **Facebook**, **Instagram**, and **Twitter**:*
27 min
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