Oct 2, 2023
423 - Revelation - Part Twenty: Captured by Rapture
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Revelation - Part Twenty: Captured by Rapture. One aspect of the content of Revelation that needs to be stressed once again is that, there is no rapture in the book of Revelation (It is supposedly narrated at 4:1, the introduction to the book’s central vision). The book of Revelation clearly teaches, and calls on its readers to pray for, the return of Christ. It is not the second coming of Christ that is absent from Revelation but the alleged rapture of the Church by Christ in a kind of secret prequel to the real second coming. How has it become so convoluted? Where did these ideas like Left Behind come from? How did they get so off course? Pre/Post Tribulation? The Millennium?? First, Mike and Tim read a listener email asking for clarification. When reading the imprecatory Psalms, is the desire to see our enemies' destruction a godly attitude? Should we be 'joining' in with the martyrs and call for God's judgment to rain down on those who do evil?

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