Sep 19, 2019
E31| In The Wake Of Mystery, with Jordan Hall
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For a growing number of futurists, culture analysts and seekers, Jordan Hall has become a key node of signal in a world of increasing noise. Co-founder of Neurohacker Collective; futurist, sorcerer / philosopher, angel investor, tech-entrepreneur: these are just some of the hats you'll find on his various bios. Hats are interesting, but they are hats. It is the manner Jordan shows up to dialogue, in combination with the relevance of his thought, that is of key interest to many. To watch this conversation go to https://voiceclub.com/in-the-wake-of-mystery-with-jordan-hall/ I hope that for many who track the ongoing development of the cluster of memes and names associated with Game B and the integrous transformation of Self and society, that this offers a unique and interesting window into some speculative metaphysics characteristic of the transformation in which we participate. No answers here, certainly not from me. Hopefully some relevant questions in transformation though. For those unfamiliar with Jordan Hall and his thinking I recommend listening to his appearance on the Jim Rutt show in particular, and also the trialogue on Rebel Wisdom where he's joined by Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jamie Wheal. Conversation points: - Why do this? - Meaningful thinking - The gravity of the change upon us - Teleology - Coherence, continuity, wholeness - "Love is that which enables choice" - Forrest Landry - On power and love - The sacredness of choice - Meta-psychotechnology - Towards new stories - Esoteric metaphysics of relationship and change To support this project to produce more conversations like this, and to build a sensemaking community in Melbourne and share the development thereof with the online world, you can go to https://www.patreon.com/voiceclub
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