Oct 31, 2022
E71| Toward a Higher Logic of Markets & States w/ Michel Bauwens (The Commons Series)
Play • 1 hr 19 min
Michel Bauwens is a theorist of civilizational transition, exploring a higher logic of societal structure that seeks to incorporate the positive functions of markets and states, without vesting the future in systems like capitalism or communism as normally understood.

To visit the show notes and learn more about Michel Bauwens, Voicecraft and how to participate, and access bios and relevant links: https://voicecraft.io/the-commons-series-towards-a-higher-logic-of-markets-the-state-w-michel-bauwens

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Find Michel's work with the P2P foundation here: https://p2pfoundation.net/


01:43 - Brief overview of traditional economics & political economy
05:40 - The Commons: a forgotten institution of society
11:45 - Cosmo-localism
15:45 - Commons economics & planetary boundaries
24:19 - Understanding Degrowth
31:16 - A higher logic of market, states and commons
42:53 - What is the common good?
45:25 - Spirituality, Osho, Masons, Templars, Somewheres, Anywheres & Identity
58:18 - Recapping the argument so far
01:00:30 - “What is the universal church today?”
01:12:04 - What Michel learned from the Masons, Rosicrucians, and Templars
01:16:42 - The priority for Commons activity today
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