Jan 21, 2021
Podquisition 317: Shots To The Face
Play • 1 hr 8 min
Get ready to be covered in the fluid of your choice.

Games we played this week include:
Double Kick Heroes (14:35)
Deep Rock Galactic (18:05)
Monster Hunter World (24:15)
Sea Salt (37:20)
The Red Lantern (42:35)
Cooking Mama: Cookstar (50:05)

News things talked about in this episode:

Bloomberg report further examines Cyberpunk 2077 development woes (53:00)

Zelda 64 beta version unearthed and full of mysteries (1:01:00)

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CheapShow Pod
Ep 219: Dirty Rugby Songs
What does a Bee sound like when ejaculating? What do "Crisp Bag Collectors" keep in their bags to "fill them out" and how will Paul cope with being told he has to pay Eli 50p per cum gag? The answer to all three is "terrible" and you'll soon find why in this week's economy comedy podcast. In a packed pod, the cheap chaps dive into some Polish wafer snacks of varying quality and finally take on the infamous "Walker's Max KFC Flavoured Crisps"! Will Eli deem them worthy? We also squeeze in a Paul's Page Turners segment, but soon wish they hadn't bothered. It's one thing to be raunchy, but when Paul & Eli read through a book called "More Rugby Songs", even they are shocked by its contents! Warning: the pod may be starting up a cult too. So bear that in mind! Oh, and you can NOW listen to Urinevision 2020 on Bandcamp... For Free! Enjoy! https://cheapshowpodcast.bandcamp.com/album/urinevision-2020-the-album And if you like us, why not support us: www.patreon.com/cheapshow Share & Enjoy. Photos/Videos for this episode can be seen at https://www.thecheapshow.co.uk/ep-219-dirty-rugby-songs If you want to get involved, email us at thecheapshow@gmail.com And if you have to, follow us on Twitter @thecheapshowpod or @paulgannonshow & @elisnoid Like, Review, Share, Comment... LOVE US! Also, you can NOW see Eli star in "Ashens & The Polybius Heist", download it from here: https://www.watchpolybiusheist.com MERCH Official CheapShow Merch Shop https://www.redbubble.com/people/cheapshow/shop Www.cheapmag.shop www.tinyurl.com/rbcheapshow Paul is writing a book! Want to help make it happen? https://unbound.com/books/ghosts/
1 hr 21 min
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