Aussie English
Aussie English
Jan 23, 2021
AE 819 - Expression: Have A Squiz At Something
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Learn Australian English by listening to this weekly episode where I teach you all about English expressions.

In this episode, I breakdown for you the expression "have a squiz (at something)" - what it means & how to use it in your daily conversations.

Improve your listening skills today - listen, play & pause this episode - and start speaking like a native English speaker!

University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
Is climate change actually being taken seriously?
In this last episode of the series, we’ll be exploring how stories work for and against climate change. Subscribe to the podcast here: We cover a lot of ground: from hippos and polar bears to how many times ‘sex’ and ‘tea’ were mentioned on TV between 2017 and 2018… so what’s all of this got to do with sustainability and climate change? Join us to find out! Our storytelling experts this time are Richard Staley (lecturer in the history and philosophy of science, Sarah Dillon (author, researcher and broadcaster) and Martin Rees (cosmologist, astrophysicist, and Astronomer Royal). This episode was produced by Nick Saffell, James Dolan, and Naomi Clements-Brod. Please take our survey. How did you find us? Do you want more Mind Over Chatter in your life? Less? We want to know. So we put together this survey. If you could please take a few minutes to fill it out, it would be a big help. Thanks very much. Guest Bios: Martin Rees (@LordMartinRees) Martin Rees (Lord Rees of Ludlow, OM FRS) is an astrophysicist and cosmologist, and the UK's Astronomer Royal. He has been increasingly concerned in recent years about long-term global issues – the pressures that a growing and more demanding population are placing on the environment, sustainability and biodiversity; and the impact of powerful new technologies. He is co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER) at the University of Cambridge with a focus on these issues. In addition to his research publications, which total over 500, he has written extensively for a general readership. His ten books include 'Just Six Numbers', 'Our Cosmic Habitat', ‘Gravity’s Fatal Attraction’, and the recently-published, 'On the Future: Prospects for Humanity'. Dr Sarah Dillon (@drsarahdillon) Sarah Dillon is a Reader in Literature and Film in the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge. Her forthcoming book (Storylistening: Narrative Evidence and Public Reasoning, co-authored with Claire Craig) makes a case for the value of attention to stories, and the importance of understanding their functions and effects, in the context of high-level decision-making and policy-making. Dr Richard Staley Hans Rausing Lecturer and Reader in History and Philosophy of Science. Currently leading the Making Climate History project. The project develops a fundamental new perspective on the histories and geographies of climate change by linking making and knowing in the emergence of the climate sciences over the past two centuries. We examine the entwined social, physical, and economic timescales of climate change over the entire period it took to remake the climate, and to recognise that we are changing it.
1 hr 7 min
my fluent podcast
my fluent podcast
Daniel Goodson
91 - Rachel Smets - Stop comparing! Be the best YOU!
Interview with Rachel Smets - Clarity Coach and language learner/teacher. Her main passion is living abroad. Here is the video version with the English transcript/subtitles: Chapters: 0:26 Intro with Daniel 2:38 Start Interview - Who is Rachel Smets? 6:39 Why Rachel doesn't have a podcast 7:19 What is a Clarity Coach? 8:30 How can we imagine a "Clarity Coach Session"? 11:50 Is English really Rachel's first language? 13:00 Which languages has Rachel taught? 13:33 What does learning a language mean for Rachel? 14:28 What topics did Rachel cover in her lessons? 15:45 Conversation classes... 16:30 Which languages is Rachel fluent in? 16:55 TEDx Talk: Don't compare yourself. "stop comparing". Be the best of you, 18:54 Luck is a loser's word! 21:51 Teaser/advertisement: The Vocab Man Podcast: #40 - Don't take no for an answer - I won't take no for an answer | The Vocab Man - Fluent Vocabulary | Spreaker 22:42 Rachel Smets is the Author of the book "Awaken Your Confidence" 29:49: Do you remember the very first interview you conducted for your book? Were you nervous? 31:48 Learning languages abroad... 32:55 The biggest obstacles when it comes to learn languages 34:18 Language learning tips 36:40 Rachel doesn't use learning apps 38:25 Outro / Where can we find Rachel Smets online? Links: FB GROUP Clarity & Confidence: LINKEDIN: Get out of the crab bucket: How to Quit your 9-5. Escape the rat race: The video Rachel mentioned with Gary Vee: GARY VEE. LUCK is a LOSER word. Rachel is also an author of the book Awaken Your Confidence: Living Abroad Successfully: Ted Talk: Rachel Smets: Stop comparing! Be the best YOU! | TED Talk Your next step | Rachel Smets | TEDxDelftSalon - YouTube American Slacker Podcast - EP132- Rachel Smets on Stitcher Music: Scott Holmes (Upbeat Party) Upbeat Party Scott Holmes Music Upbeat Party by Scott Holmes Music is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
41 min
The Fluent Show
The Fluent Show
Kerstin Cable
Should You Come to Women in Language 2021?
Are you considering joining Women in Language 2021 ( but aren’t sure whether it’s right for you? In today's episode, I'm going to be answering all of your burning questions about the event so that you can have the full information for the event that runs 4-7 March 2021. Tune in and hear me discuss: What happens during the conference days? We start on Thursday 4 March with our opening ceremony, welcoming all attendeesy and getting everyone in the mood for our 4 days of fun. Then we start with the first presentation. You will watch this presentation by logging into a special attendee's area on our website. There will be a fun and lively chatroom where you can meet other participants. This year we have - 23 presentations from expert speaker, covering topics from having a bilingual family to revitalising an endangered language - 3 powerful panels about languages in the world of social media, in technology, and in Australia with our Australian speakers Michele, Bec & Karla - 2 Speak Easy sessions where all participants can join to practice languages What's on? Here's the schedule! Women in Language schedule 2021 How does it all work technologically? When you get your ticket, you're automatically a member of our teachable online school, which is the Women in Language members area. For the chatroom, we use Youtube Live. You'll need a Youtube account in order to chat, but you don't need to download anything in order to watch. For the Speak Easy portion, we use Zoom. You need to download the free Zoom app if you want to join. For follow-up and connecting outside of the presentations, we have an exclusive Facebook group. Who is Women in Language 2021 for? People who are learning languages, no matter if it's their first language or their 10th Women, men, trans, non-binary, queer people, people of color, white people, monolingual people, multilingual people - our community welcomes you People who are passionate about culture, society, equality, and self-improvement People who want to connect with a strong and lively community of like-minded language learners People who enjoy this podcast! If you like the Fluent Show, honestly, I think you'd love Women in Language Can men join Women in Language 2021? Sometimes, men ask us if they can come too. The answer is YES - come along and enjoy learning from these smart, funny, and dedicated language loving women. In this episode you'll hear from 🤴🏼Jonathan, Léo, Richard and Shane who want to encourage you to join us! Is Women in Language just for people who speak multiple languages? Nope! We are not a space where you have to prove yourself. We're not going to ask you or test you, and we will speak out against any implication that knowing more languages makes anyone a better learner or a better person. If you're interested in the topics we bring you, then sign up and you'll be welcome. How much does it cost to join Women in Language 2021? $29 all in, including our presentations, opening party, closing party, live language exchange, Facebook group, raffle ticket and replays for anything you miss first time round. How do I sign up? ( and tickets are open until 7 March but we start 4 March! See you there? See you there!! Thank you to Bonnie for this episode introduction and to Léo, Jonathan, Shane, and Richard for their participation. Thank you for listening to the Fluent Show! If you enjoyed this episode, please consider supporting the show by leaving a review in your podcast app or becoming a member of our Patreon community
25 min
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