Aussie English
Aussie English
Jan 24, 2021
AE 820 - The Goss: Dog Heroes, Suicide Whales, & a Convict's Worst Nightmare
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Learn Australian English by listening to this episode of The Goss!

These are conversations with my old man Ian Smissen for you to learn more about Australian culture, news, and current affairs.

In this episode, we talk about a dog who saved a litter of kittens that were dumped on a snowy road - humanity, where is your heart? Also, we talk about whales that migrate from Antartica to Australia, their dangerous journey, and what gets them stranded.

Finally, what do you think is a convict's worst nightmare? It's prison hell so bad that you draw straws on who's to die first.

Improve your listening skills today - listen, play & pause this episode - and start speaking like a native English speaker!

Stories of language learners
Stories of language learners
Tchales Junior da Rosa
S3 EP 09: Interview with Teacher Jimmy from Bahia - Brazil
Today’s guest is English Teacher Jimmy from Brazil. In this episode we talk about: • The method Teacher Jimmy used and developed to learn English and Italian by himself • The importance of comprehensible input • If you want to improve your speaking skills and to work on your accent you definitely don’t want to miss the 3 techniques Teacher Jimmy recommended • Using the natural approach to acquire a new language • Resources to learn about phonetics • Why being focused on what you’re learning can make a huge difference on your language learning journey • Using movies and daily vlogs to learn and acquire a new language If you enjoyed this Show please Subscribe and leave a review! Support the show on Patreon and get access to the full interview in video format, get early access to episodes, and join our exclusive private Discord Server ( ) Join our Global Community on Telegram ( ) Follow me on Instagram ( ) and feel free to reach out to me, I'd love to hear your feedback about the show. Thanks! Links and mentions from this episode: - Teacher’s Jimmy Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channel ( ) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
35 min
my fluent podcast
my fluent podcast
Daniel Goodson
91 - Rachel Smets - Stop comparing! Be the best YOU!
Interview with Rachel Smets - Clarity Coach and language learner/teacher. Her main passion is living abroad. Here is the video version with the English transcript/subtitles: Chapters: 0:26 Intro with Daniel 2:38 Start Interview - Who is Rachel Smets? 6:39 Why Rachel doesn't have a podcast 7:19 What is a Clarity Coach? 8:30 How can we imagine a "Clarity Coach Session"? 11:50 Is English really Rachel's first language? 13:00 Which languages has Rachel taught? 13:33 What does learning a language mean for Rachel? 14:28 What topics did Rachel cover in her lessons? 15:45 Conversation classes... 16:30 Which languages is Rachel fluent in? 16:55 TEDx Talk: Don't compare yourself. "stop comparing". Be the best of you, 18:54 Luck is a loser's word! 21:51 Teaser/advertisement: The Vocab Man Podcast: #40 - Don't take no for an answer - I won't take no for an answer | The Vocab Man - Fluent Vocabulary | Spreaker 22:42 Rachel Smets is the Author of the book "Awaken Your Confidence" 29:49: Do you remember the very first interview you conducted for your book? Were you nervous? 31:48 Learning languages abroad... 32:55 The biggest obstacles when it comes to learn languages 34:18 Language learning tips 36:40 Rachel doesn't use learning apps 38:25 Outro / Where can we find Rachel Smets online? Links: FB GROUP Clarity & Confidence: LINKEDIN: Get out of the crab bucket: How to Quit your 9-5. Escape the rat race: The video Rachel mentioned with Gary Vee: GARY VEE. LUCK is a LOSER word. Rachel is also an author of the book Awaken Your Confidence: Living Abroad Successfully: Ted Talk: Rachel Smets: Stop comparing! Be the best YOU! | TED Talk Your next step | Rachel Smets | TEDxDelftSalon - YouTube American Slacker Podcast - EP132- Rachel Smets on Stitcher Music: Scott Holmes (Upbeat Party) Upbeat Party Scott Holmes Music Upbeat Party by Scott Holmes Music is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
41 min
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