Homo swipiens
Homo swipiens
Oct 19, 2020
🇬🇧 #11 Solenn: "If it's not fair, it's not working."
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Solenn lived in Berlin. In Hamburg. She now lives in Amsterdam. She wandered in the cities, danced in their clubs, worked in their companies, ate their foods and met their inhabitants offline or online. What did she learn from meeting so many people in such different ways? Did she got more experienced, richer from all these get-to-know? Do they behave differently from a city to another? Is a 30 yo guy from Amsterdam going to react differently towards her profile, her pics than the one in Berlin? What is their relationship to love, commitment, sex, friendship? At 27 she says she has her whole life in front of her. Dating apps are fun until they are not anymore, until she doesn't know why she is still using them. Because, yes, she’s still missing this little connexion. So why does she keep going back to them? Is it like social media in general, an addiction? A way for us to feel less lonely when we in fact got more lonely the more time we spent with our screens? Do we really get richer from all these possibilities or are we in fact getting emptier as we fail to really connect, really meet? 


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  • "Simulacra and Simulation", Jean Baudrillard, GalilĂ©e, 1981 
  • "The reddest rose unfolds",Liv Strömquist, 2019
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