Translating Infinity
Translating Infinity
It took a lifetime to understand their language. It took a lifetime to understand myself. Why do they visit? A cathartic life of ETs, orbs, fairies, angels, lucid dreaming, and Kundalini events. They are communicating. Have we forgotten how to listen? This podcast/audiobook will draw from a well-documented arc of evolution that spans over decades. It is recommended that you listen in sequential order. In hindsight, it seems the goal of these “Others” was to shift the attention within and away from the exterior conditioning that keeps us looping in fear. Through numerous bioenergetic upgrades and downloads, these encounters have helped me, and others I’ve met, to reorient our consciousness. It appears to be more about the reactivation of the feminine; the suppressed, the invisible, the balance of our original design. There is a timeless harmonic Love embedded deep within our human design and the Unified Field. The Field speaks in frequency. The “Others” want you to know that Source designed you to do the same.
Translating Infinity
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