Feb 3, 2022
Ep 109: Narcissist or Nah?
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Dr. Money is back with another episode, highlighting Athletes Unlimited Softball Champion Aleshia Ocasio as #QueerWOC of the week, adding some nuance and language to the conversations on narcissists, and responding to a Curved Chronicle that asks if it is possible to date a homophobic Christian. Spoiler: my answer is no!!

Intro by @truthizmagic

Transition and outro by @abundanc3beats  https://songwhip.com/abundanc3beats/lotus-tape-vol-1

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QueerWOC of the Week 00:04:00
Athletes Unlimited 2021 Softball Champion Aleshia Ocasio

Mental Moment with Money 00:09:16
The Dark Triad of Personality Traits

Narcissism is one of the 3 personality traits that make up the dark triad of personality traits, it shares the ability to manipulate and convince with Machiavellianism, the 2nd dark triad trait.
Machiavellianism is the highly manipulative and amoral dark trait. “High machs” are calculating and strategic in their relationships with people and are usually solely future focused on self serving goals. Its defined by a particular callousness it shares with the 3rd dark trait
The 3rd dark trait is Psychopathy which shares selfishness with narcissism. Psychopaths lack empathy and remorse for others

D'Souza (2016)

Topic 00:26:23
Send me one!

Curved Chronicles 00:29:31
Thank yall for confirming that Taimi is garbage! I recommend Lex or Hinge
CC from Calendula

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