Fair Folk Podcast
Fair Folk Podcast
Nov 17, 2020
Butthole Money Magic with Jeanette Sheehy
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In this episode I talk butt folklore, empire, sacred friendship and magic with Jeanette Sheehy, a co-facilitator of my upcoming workshop, AR$E MAGICA.
Follow the link if you would like to join us this Saturday (or after): https://linktr.ee/danica.boyce
Find Jeanette on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/purposefulstroll/
River Drosera on instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/river_drosera
The book Jeanette spoke of: Sacred Success by Barbara Stanny
THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism
THE WONDER: Science-Based Paganism
The Wonder Podcast
Celebration, Hope, and Uncertainty
Remember, we welcome comments, questions and suggested topics at thewonderpodcastQs@gmail.com S2E03 TRANSCRIPT: ----more---- Yucca: Welcome back to The Wonder: Science-Based Paganism. I am your host Yucca. Mark: And I'm Mark. Yucca: And this week we've got a bit of an interesting one. This is a year anniversary for us working on this project and there's a lot going on in the world right now. So we'll be talking a little bit about that and also about hope about its role, about the things to be hopeful for and our duty to be hopeful, Mark: Right? Yeah. I'm excited for this show for a lot of reasons. It's, we're recording on the 10th, so it's a few days after the riot at the Capitol and things are very much up in the air. This won't actually go live until the 18th. So who knows what will happen over the next eight days? But we do want to acknowledge how people have been feeling about this and somehow in there to carve out a little moment for some celebration, because this has been a really fun interesting project to work on with you Yucca. I feel that having pulled it off for a year is an amazing milestone. Yucca: It is. Yeah, it's been great. It really has become truly one of the highlights of my week and something that I look forward to every time and just to have these conversations and also to see the response. All of your listenership is just beyond what, at least on my part, far beyond what I was even imagining or dreaming even daydreaming about. So it's amazing. I'm so very grateful for all of this. Mark: Me too. And and particularly I'm grateful for the listeners who have discovered non theist paganism, or, have discovered a community of non theist pagans through the gateway of this podcast. There've been a number of people who have joined the Atheopagan Facebook group. Who have said, yeah, I was listening to this podcast the wonder, and they mentioned this and I thought that I'd come by, and boy, this really seems like my kind of people. And that's just really exciting to me. I like building community in that way. People of common mind and values. So that's, that is really a cool thing. Yucca: It really is. Yeah. And I should note that we are saying that it's a, for us, this is our, we started recording before we released the podcasts. We had this grand vision that we would be three or four episodes ahead before we published, which of course is not what ends up happening. We're usually recording the podcast the night before it goes live, or this week we're quite ahead a whole week ahead. But we started working on it a little bit beforehand to see what are we doing? What is this podcasting thing? And then we didn't actually go live until the very beginning of March. But this was a year ago was probably about the second time Mark that we'd actually been talking. Face to face. Mark: That's right. We hadn't actually met one another other than through. Messaging and that kind of stuff. And so the first time that we got together to talk about the idea of this podcast before, long before we were even considering recording was really the first time we met one another face to face. And so it's been a relationship building process as well as a creative podcast creation project. Yeah. And and I'm just so delighted. I'm really pleased. Yucca: Yeah. I'd like to say that a year in, you’re one of my dearest friends. Mark: I really feel that too. I do. And And it's remarkable to be able to say that when we've never been, I've been in the same room together. Yucca: but different lives Mark: Yeah. This technology really allows us to reach across not only miles, but all different kinds of divides and to meet one another. So that's really a great thing. Yeah. So we're excited. We our initial goal, I think was seven weeks. Yeah, the, I, the idea was that Yucca had read somewhere that that if you make seven weeks you're actually up and running as a podcast. And so that was our initial goal. But here we are a year in. Yucca: We were looking at some of the topics before hitting the record button and seeing that we've gone through a lot of different topics. Mark: We really have. Yeah. And of course that always there's this push pull with the calendar because when you're a pagan and you're the kind of pagan who celebrates the wheel of the year. There's always another holiday coming up. And so there's a theme for a show there and there's ideas for rituals and practices and themes and all that kind of stuff. But then there's all the other stuff. They're all the other topics that don't fall neatly into those calendar buckets. And we've really explored quite a number of those Which doesn't mean that we can't go back to some of them. I'm knowing me, I probably have more to say. Yucca: I think everyone does. Yeah. But it's definitely been interesting with fitting in the, those evergreen topics and balancing between things that are going to be welcoming to people who are newer to. Paganism. And then also being interesting to people who have been part of the community for years or their whole life. So we, of course, always really welcomed suggestions. If there's something that you want to hear about that you want us to dive into a little bit deeper, we've always welcomed those suggestions. Mark: Yes. It's very helpful to us to get feedback from the folks that listen to the podcast, what are the things that you like about it? What are the things that you would do differently? What are the subjects that you'd like to hear about? We we really encourage you to email us at TheWonderPodcastQs@gmail.com and let us know what you think. Having celebrated a little bit and I'm sure that we can come back to that throughout the show. What else have we got in our grab bag of topics today? Yucca: I did want to say looking at the list, so wrote out the list. Our fourth topic was” Love and the Time of Corona Virus.” That has been a, that's been huge for everyone over the past year. It's been... I don't know anyone who has not been deeply impacted. And it's been the background for a lot of our conversations. Mark: Yes. This obviously was not a normal year. By any stretch for anyone, in my case, it was more of a normal year then than for many others, because I've continued going to work as an essential worker. But for so many, locked in place at home only going out to get food and prescriptions and things like that. Life has in many ways, ground to a halt or at least turned inward. And so that's the context within which this whole this whole podcasts so far has been produced. It'll be interesting to see what happens as the vaccines take hold, and we're able to come back out and do things together. I know that I'm very excited to get back together with my ritual circle and do things with them and hug my friends and just all the simple human things that we love to do. Yucca: Yeah, I know my kids are just waiting to get to see other children just to be around other people. Mark: That's really hard too, because a year is so long in developmental time for little kids. It's just, really profound space of time. They're just very different people at the end of that year than they were previously. Yucca: And for adolescents too, it's a time is different for them, but so is a big chunk of the development in terms of sense of self that many of the teenagers are going through right now. And the young adults who are just not that there's any sort of competition between generations, but as millennials, we thought it tough coming of age during the Great Recession. Imagine just having come out of college and you're looking for your first job and then everything's shut down. At least you have an excuse for a big blank spot on the resume at that point. Mark: Yes. I don't think anybody is frowning on people who are still living with mom and dad in 2020 and 2021. That's going to be pretty ordinary, I think. So you know, that, that's one thing that we really do need to cal…
37 min
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
The Holistic Herbalism Podcast
CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism
Herbs Help Us Feel Our Way Through Difficult Times
It has been a rough few… weeks? Years? Well, a while, anyway! In the last month more than ever, people have been asking us how to get some space, how to find ways to feel grounded, how to find some calm. So we thought, maybe it would be good to share the things that we are doing to get through the days. Being an herbalist doesn’t mean you never get sick, and it doesn’t mean you never have emotional issues either – emotional exhaustion, despair, uncertainty, panic sometimes – all the things we’re all feeling lately. Herbalists catch colds and turn ankles just like anyone else, and the same is true with emotional health troubles. Sure, we have all these herbs and we work with them every da -, but sometimes we also just want to hide under a giant pile of blankets and pretend the world isn’t out there. So if you’ve been feeling that way, you’re not alone. In this episode we offer up some of our favorite comforts and soothing strategies – things we turn to again and again when we need them. Whether it’s herbs to protect the heart and give it a safe space to be tender, embodiment medicine to get out of our heads and into our hearts, or relaxants to let the tension go, we’re sure that some of the things that help us will help you, too! And not “just” herbs, either: as you listen you’ll hear that community and social support are also very important during difficult periods, and we’ve got lots of ideas about how to cultivate those for yourself (even during lockdowns). Mentioned in this episode: * Apotheker’s Kitchen – amazing honey-sweetened chocolates, hot cocoa, & marshmallows! Herbs discussed include: catnip, yarrow, calamus, pine, juniper, mugwort, dandelion, kava, tulsi, & “any effing herb” 😜 Not sure where to start? We love to organize our thoughts about all things herbal & healthwise into the “four pillars” of good health: food, sleep, movement, and stress management. Our free course, Four Keys to Holistic Herbalism, explains this approach and also shares our best tips for starting your herbal journey. Check it out – for free! – right here: *Four Keys to Holistic Herbalism* As always, please *subscribe, rate, & review* our podcast wherever you listen, so others can find it more easily. Thank you!! Our theme music is “Wings” by Nicolai Heidlas. Support the show (https://commonwealthherbs.com/supporters/)
1 hr 12 min
The Fat Feminist Witch
The Fat Feminist Witch
Paige The Fat Feminist Witch
Episode 85 - #WitchReads 2020 Wrap-Up!
Hi friends! Thank you for joining me today! It’s a chilly day and gigantic snowflakes are hitting my old windows while the cats snooze nearby and my coffee warms up my hands. It’s a perfect day to curl up with a good book – or 30. Today I'm talking about the books I was fortunate enough to read this year, and the ones I'm most excited about in 2021! Check out all my past book reviews on the blog! WitchReads 2021 Shelf on Goodreads.com 2020's books: Orishas, Goddesses and Voodoo Queens by Lilith Dorsey The Magic of Marie Laveau by Denise Alvarado Utterly wicked by Dorothy Morrison Hoodoo Cleansing and Protection Magic by Miss Aida The Junior Witch's Handbook by Nikki Van De Car Astrology for Real Relationships by Jessica Lanyadoo The Complete Book of Moon Spells by Michael Herkes The Moon Book by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Water Magic by Lilith Dorsey Bewitching the Elements by Gabriela Herstik Pathworking the Tarot by Leeza Robertson The Magical Writing Grimoire by Lisa Marie Basile Finding Your Higher Self by Sophie Saint Thomas Thank you to my advertisers for this episode: Better Help - Want to get 10% off your first month of online counselling through Betterhelp? visit http://betterhelp.com/fatfeministwitch The Grimoire Journal: A Place to Record Spells, Rituals, Recipes, and More is available RIGHT NOW! >Order Here My first book - GREEN WITCHCRAFT: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO DISCOVERING THE MAGIC OF PLANTS, HERBS, CRYSTALS, AND BEYOND is now on sale! Get it >> HERE!
1 hr 1 min
The Plant Path
The Plant Path
with Sajah & Whitney Popham, founders of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. Herbalist, Spagyricist, Medical Astrologer
Developing Your Herbal Competence and Confidence
As we walk the plant path, there eventually comes a time when we come up against certain blocks that prevent us from reaching that next level in our practice of herbalism. While it's critical that we learn the external skills, strategies, principles and practices to become an herbalist, there is also an internal component to our work as an herbalist that is essential to address. In order to be the greatest herbalist possible, in order to reach the next level in our work with plant medicines, there is a necessity to cultivate a new level of confidence and competence in our work- that is, attending to our inner and outer development. In this video, I share with you 3 critical ways you can develop both your herbal competence and inner confidence that help you to move beyond any blockages you might be facing towards being of service to your family, community and clients in deeper ways. ———————————— CONNECT WITH SAJAH AND WHITNEY ———————————— To get free in depth mini-courses and videos, visit our blog at: http://www.evolutionaryherbalism.com Get daily inspiration and plant wisdom on our Facebook and Instagram channels: http://www.facebook.com/EvolutionaryHerbalism https://www.instagram.com/evolutionary_herbalism/ Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyP63opAmcpIAQg1M9ShNSQ ———————————— ABOUT SAJAH ———————————— Sajah Popham is the author of Evolutionary Herbalism and the founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, where he trains herbalists in a holistic system of plant medicine that encompasses clinical western herbalism, medical astrology, Ayurveda, and spagyric alchemy. His mission is to develop a comprehensive approach that balances the science and spirituality of plant medicine, focusing on using plants to heal and rejuvenate the body, clarify the mind, open the heart, and support the development of the soul. Sajah’s approach honors and acknowledges the chemical, energetic, and spiritual properties of plants for a holistic model that uses the whole herb to heal the whole person. He lives on a homestead in the foothills of Mt. Baker Washington with his wife Whitney where he teaches, consults clients, and prepares spagyric herbal medicines. ———————————— ABOUT THE PLANT PATH ———————————— The Plant Path provides unique perspectives for the modern practitioner of herbalism that doesn’t just want to “fix what’s broken” in the body, but seeks to serve others with deeper levels of healing and transformation with herbal medicines. A unique synergy of clinical herbalism, alchemy, medical astrology, and herbal traditions from around the world, The Plant Path focuses on giving you a truly “wholistic” perspective on herbal medicine so you never fall into the trap of allopathic herbalism. ———————————— WANT TO FEATURE US ON YOUR PODCAST? ———————————— If you’d like to interview Sajah or Whitney to be on your podcast, click here to fill out an interview request form.
24 min
Living Myth
Living Myth
Michael Meade
Episode 210 - Anarchy Loosed Upon the World
Beginning with an inspired interpretation of The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats, Michael Meade addresses how “anarchy was loosed upon the world” and “what rough beast” came round in the violent insurrection at the U.S. capital. Besides the sea of red MAGA hats and the rag tag array of military outfits and gear, the riotous display of symbols emblazoned on flags, banners and clothing bespoke a confusion and collusion of movements and purposes. As the lines between fans and fanatics, between anger and madness were obliterated, one message that did come through was that we have now entered a more desperate, dangerous phase of collective life. Meade states that: “Anyone who understands the deep human need for meaning and truth could intuitively know that attacking truth must eventually lead to attacking life itself. Facing this kind of zealotry, fanaticism and terrorism requires understanding the psychological dynamics of dissociation from one's regular identity and possession by unconscious resentments and floods of raw emotion.” Something is trying to be born, but it cannot be born of false certitude or blindly blaming others for troubles we all share. It cannot be born of hate or abject cruelty. It cannot be born of terrorizing people or destroying the symbols of democracy. Thank you for listening to and supporting this podcast. You can further support this podcast by becoming a member of Living Myth Premium. Members have access to the full archives of over 285 episodes, receive a 30% discount on all live events, courses and products and receive 3 bonus episodes each month, including regular live Q&A events with Michael Meade. You can learn more and become a member at patreon.com/livingmyth. On behalf of Michael Meade and the whole Mosaic staff, we wish you and your loved ones continued well-being, protection and deep community connection during this period of great challenge, change and transformation.
28 min
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