The CFO Playbook
The CFO Playbook
Jun 9, 2022
Taking Stock of Your Priorities with Leigh Ramsden, CFO at Trulioo
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This episode of the CFO Playbook features an interview with Leigh Ramsden, CFO at Trulioo, a leading global identity and business verification provider specializing in anti-money laundering and ‘know your customer’ compliance. With over 15 years in senior level finance, Leigh is accomplished in the leadership of finance teams while implementing strategies and managing effective business processes to achieve corporate goals and maximize growth in high-volume environments.

As CFO at Trulioo, Leigh has been an effective operational leader, providing financial and business strategy and direction to the organization. Throughout his career, he has excelled at building teams and successfully linking overall corporate goals to individual personal achievement. His previous experience includes financial leadership positions at Absolute Software, Deloitte, Radiant Communications, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In this episode of the CFO Playbook, Leigh talks about what it takes to be a productive partner working alongside the CEO and the best ways to make that relationship work. He discusses the changes the pandemic has introduced to the finance world and stresses the impact that working from the office has on company culture. Leigh also explains the importance of being open to adopting new technologies to help advance the finance industry.

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Guest Quotes:

“You really need to be the business partner for the CEO. So, the CEO is, you know, they've got obviously a really wide mandate. They need to be in control of the entire organization and in control of everything that's happening to the business. So what comes with that is a couple of things., like one is that they need to rely on someone almost absolutely when it comes to the numbers. So you have to know the numbers, you have to know how the business is working and they need to not worry about that at all. So that's a huge part of your role.”

“It's really just taking stock of all of those things that need to happen. And then going through and stack ranking them on a priority basis, given your knowledge of what's happening in the business and what the demands are of the information that's being asked of you. And then just being really intellectually honest with yourself and being okay with not getting it all done overnight.”

“A lot of people that come up through accounting or financial, you know, corporate finance or any of those streams, they're not necessarily data people. So having someone look at it or any tools that kind of bring together a lot of those disparate data sets into something that you can analyze and use for forecasting is probably a great investment to make on the technology side.”

“Taking stock of your skillset and understanding where you need to make improvements or learn, and then figuring out a plan to make it happen is really important because no one is perfect in every area, everyone has areas of strength and weakness. So really having been thoughtful about making those improvements, making those learnings, or figuring out how you're going to kind of backfill some of those weaker areas is  super important.”

“Think about your ability to communicate. I think that's something that I try to think a lot about, knowing your audience and tailoring your messaging for your audience. I mean, a lot of financial professionals can understand the business and the underlying metrics and understanding all that's very complicated by its nature. And a lot of people have that ability to understand that, but the job is really around simplifying it in a way that people can understand. I mean that's where you can really add a lot of value.”


Time Stamp Topics:

01:16 Leigh’s journey into finance

02:38 Changes in the audit world

03:24 Transitioning into industry

04:18 First role as a CFO

07:12 How the role of the CFO is changing

08:58 Advice for upcoming CFOs

11:41 Deciding on priorities

19:36 Recruiting and retaining staff at Trulioo

21:45 Importance of working from the office

29:10 Finance impact on employee experience

31:38 Final advice for upcoming CFOs



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