Ep 53: How to Make Your Business ADHD Friendly
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Here at Courtney Chaal, we believe in making your business accessible for everyone and inclusive of others. For me and countless others, that means making things beneficial for people with ADHD and other neurodiverse brains. Luckily, creating an ADHD-friendly environment will improve the experience that other people have within your business too!  

In this episode, I give you tips and tricks that will create more streamlined and concise ways for clients to work with you and your company. There are certain necessities for people with ADHD to successfully get the results that you want all of your clients to have.  

Not only are these tips from my own ADHD brain, but they also come from many other entrepreneurs inside the Rebel Productivity Facebook group.  Check out this link to join our group! 

In today's episode, we're specifically covering

  • Making your business easily consumable for neurodiverse people
  • Creating concise and easy to use products
  • Using automation and reminders effectively
  • Writing clear copy and emails
  • And many more tips!

Resources mentioned

Facebook Group: Rebel Productivity Club

Ep 44: Sales Page Copy 101

Links to my latest podcast episodes:

Ep 52:  Inclusivity in Business with Victoria Welsby  

Ep 51: Getting Your Clients Massive Results with Chelsey Dixon

Connect with Courtney Chaal:

Instagram: @courtneychaal

Website: https://courtneychaal.com

Facebook group: Get More Clients Club

Email: courtney@rulebreakersclub.com

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