Moving to the Mountains with Saanya and Sannat
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This episode is about the heartwarming story of Saanya and Sannat, who moved to a quaint village in the Himalayas to create an intentional life in the countryside. Sannat is an accomplished trail runner, an architect, and a personal growth enthusiast. Saanya is an architect and the founder of Studio Mitti, a rural studio that works with the community and natural building materials.  


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👫Time Stamps 

00:00:00 - Intro

 00:03:00 - A burning desire to move to the mountains

 00:05:50 - Inception

 00:11:37 - Family's reaction to the idea

 00:16:35 - Transition period

 00:19:55 - Sannat Quitting the job 

00:26:24 - Saanya's journey 

00:29:50 - Lockdown 

00:31:54 - Parameters for choosing the place 

00:32:24 - Why choose Bir? 

00:35:20 - Finding shelter in the hills 

00:41:50 - Parameters for the house 

00:44:54 - Day 0 at Bir 

00:46:00 - Relationship with the locals 

00:51:05 - Importance of working with your hands 

00:57:00 - Expats in Bir 

00:59:45 - Financial sustenance 

01:01:31 - A Typical day in their lives 

01:04:15 - Advantage of living in a rural setting 

01:07:05 - Effects of weather 

01:09:22 - Advice for someone looking to move to rural pastures 

01:15:18 - Future plans


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