Shining Light on CBD Through of Functional Medicine Lens
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I first learned about Laura Lagano by searching for other like minded powerful women that were knowledgeable in CBD with a background in Functional medicine. While I thought we were going to dig into hormones and cannabis the whole session, I was wrong. We landed on one consistent truth of holistically integrating our lifestyle with endocannabinoid support (CBD). Through our time, you’ll hear what most practitioners and retailers miss when it comes to the root reasons and how to use CBD and Marijuana.

About Laura
Laura Lagano’s journey initially started with her mother, who had a negative relationship with food, which inspired Lagano to go to school and study nutrition. Fast forward many years and Lagano see’s clients as a Registered Dietitian. Laura’s birth to her daughter, Isabella, suffered from developmental delay issues and seizures, so she started searching for new ways to combat her daughter’s challenges, which brought her to CBD after she heard that it was worked to combat seizures.

She is an Integrative Clinical Nutritionist, the author of - The CBD Oil Miracle, and co-founder and director of Holistic Canna--an online learning platform about integrating cannabis with other holistic approaches. Currently, Laura offers cannabis education for both professionals and patients, produces CBD-infused events, consults with cannabis-related companies, and serves on the advisory boards of several medical marijuana organizations.

On Today’s Episode You’ll Awaken to:

  • Laura’s experience pioneering cannabis medicine for her daughter
  • How the endocannabinoid systems interconnects to all other systems in the body
  • The critical role of the gut, brain and biome relationship to the endocannabinoid system
  • How women are the new targets of the adult-use cannabis wellness sector
  • How women’s needs are not being addressed by the cannabis industry.
  • How Cannabis and CBD specifically nurtures women’s and endocrine system
  • How to address the current state of women’s health and their Endocannabinoid tone health
  • Laura’s thoughts on the future of cannabis


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