DILF Challenge :: The Grandparent Hokey Pokey
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Last week, we video chatted with my parents at around 4pm in the afternoon. They were both in bed, had been all day. And although they were excited to talk to their grandson, they were simultaneously glued to their bed and the tv news. And then my 18m son requested a song, but my mom singing apathetically from bed didn't exactly do the trick and he got a bit bored. SO, I suggested a little Hokey Pokey, and my dad leaped at the chance to entertain his grandson. And as he got into the dance, so did my son... And as my son laughed, so did my dad. It was a beautiful moment. And then we convinced my mom to do the same, so she begrudgingly got out of bed... but as she sang and danced, once again, HER spirits began to lift as my son laughed and danced along. Once we were done, we decided to call my wife's parents to request the same. Sure enough, the same thing happened. As each of my son's grandparents got up to entertain their grandson, they also got some much needed physical exercise, as well as an opportunity to lift their endorphins and their day...and that gave me an idea.

Isn’t it time we had a simple 'challenge' that an older generation can participate in, that can provide a little physical exercise while lifting everyone's spirits for short while. This isn't about nominating your friends or going viral, this Is about lifting your parents' day during this lockdown, helping them to stay healthy and active while spreading some love. And who couldn’t use a little more of that right now...

Please help spread the word!!!  For a short video to SHARE, visit: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-cztTWJKtR/

And if u can grab your own video or pic while your parents are in the act, please tag us on Instagram @DILFpodcast so we can share the love!

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