True Underdog
True Underdog
Oct 8, 2020
#Roundtable: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable with Jeff Fratarcangeli, Jeff Sloan, and Brian Elias
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Many businesses and entrepreneurs fail when starting up because they don’t have a proper plan in place. Not just something to get you started, but a plan for the next 8 or 9 years down the road. Jayson, Jeff, Bryan and Jeff talk about looking ahead, and creating an action plan on how to get there, performing that plan every day.

The business world moves very fast, that’s why getting complacent in business is like going backwards. If you’re not working to improve your business every single day, other people will be doing that work, and they will surpass you. As Wayne Gretzky once said, “Go where the puck will be, not where it is”.

Staying comfortable means you’re not growing, it means you aren’t trying new things and learning from mistakes and successes! You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Experience failure, and learn from those lessons.




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1:29 - Brian Elias’s Story

3:11 - Jeff Fratercangeli’s Story

5:26 - Jeff Sloan’s Story

7:15 - Opportunities

11:05 - Get Uncomfortable

14:46 - Confidence

17:01 - Find Your Why

20:29 - Hard Work Wins

24:04 - Company Culture

28:08 - Learning From Wisdom

30:31 - Closing Thoughts

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