True Underdog
True Underdog
Oct 26, 2020
#UnderdogBites: Find Success in Happiness
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Another episode where John LeBlanc interviews Jayson Waller. In this episode how fear can push you to conquer any challenge in front of you and why it’s important to have a healthy dose of fear to stay motivated. We learn what Jayson’s greatest fears are and how he deals with them to further push himself and the people around him.

If you are built to start a business or become an entrepreneur, you need to fight for what you believe in and don’t quit until you achieve what you define as success! Jayson learned from his parents as a child, that he was not going to make the same mistakes as them, he saw his dad pass up an opportunity to start a business, for the safer route and that’s not how Jayson wants to live his life.

Stay tuned for some poop stories from Jayson and his family.




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2:13 - What’s Your Greatest Fear?

4:10 - Fear Pushes You Through Challenges

8:35 - Jayson’s Heros

9:39 - Scared to Take Chances - Learning From Role Models

11:41 - Business Role Models - Good Envy

14:18 - Jayson’s Proudest Accomplishments

17:04 - Making Jayson Waller Laugh

18:54 - Funny Stories

24:25 - Making Jayson Angry

27:37 - Creating a Better Life For Yourself

31:59 - Success is Happiness

35:41 - You Can’t Quit if You Believe in What You’re Doing

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