Data Meshes, Fabrics, and Discovery with Zhamak Dehghani, David Thomas, and Shirshanka Das
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This bonus episode features conversations from season 1 and 2 of the Open||Source||Data podcast. In this episode, you’ll hear from Zhamak Dehghani, Director of Emerging Technologies at ThoughtWorks North America; David Thomas, Principal at Deloitte; and Shirshanka Das, Founder of LinkedIn DataHub and Acryl Data.

Sam sat down with each guest to discuss data meshes, fabrics, and discovery. 

You can listen to the full episodes from Zhamak Dehghani, David Thomas, and Shirshanka Das by clicking the links below.


Episode Timestamps:

(00:36): Zhamak Dehghani

(01:41): David Thomas

(02:43): Shirshanka Das



Listen to Zhamak’s episode

Listen to David’s episode

Listen to Shirshanka’s episode


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