The Long Game
The Long Game
Feb 23, 2022
Link-Building Tactics That Work, and more with Jeremy Moser (uSERP)
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What can a career in SEO teach you about building relationships? Jeremy Moser believes that building genuine relationships with your industry peers and colleagues lays the foundation for trust, business partnerships, and growth. 

As the co-founder and CEO at uSERP, Jeremy helps high-growth SaaS brands gain visibility and traction through digital PR and SEO. 

He talked to us about the differences between digital PR and link building, link building tactics that actually work in today’s world, and how to build relationships by adding value.

Show Topics

  • The difference between digital PR and link building
  • The value of a link
  • Link building tactics
  • Value-driven pricing
  • Building relationships by adding value
  • Brand-building through link building

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Past guests on The Long Game podcast include: Morgan Brown (Shopify), Ryan Law (Animalz), Dan Shure (Evolving SEO), Kaleigh Moore (freelancer), Eric Siu (Clickflow), Peep Laja (CXL), Chelsea Castle (Chili Piper), Tracey Wallace (Klaviyo), Tim Soulo (Ahrefs), Sean Blanda (Crossbeam), Ilona Abramova (AppSumo), and many more.

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