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Lenka Grackova - Challenging Goals - Associate Certified Coach (ENG: 08/12/2016)
7 déc. 2016 · 21 min
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The only constant is the change! In this podcast Lenka Grackova talks about challenges and her journey to enjoy the job that initially did not look like the right one. She brings a different perspective on how to motivate employees when companies are going through a significant change; such as a reorganization, M&A or business transformation. She describes how employees can find their internal motivation to do things differently and to enjoy their job despites the constraints and the challenges that every change brings. Read more: Website: You can support our project by a "Like" of our Facebook page, or in following us via Linkedin, Twitter, Soundcloud, Google+, Pinterest...Thx a lot! Sponsor HRmeetup: "transforma bxl", "Hôtel Le Plaza Bruxelles", "The Podcast Factory".

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