Sep 8, 2021
REPLAY: "Wear Your Words", Anti-bullying with Manny Cabo
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“Wear Your Words” by Manny Cabo is a powerful anti-bullying song, and you get to hear a snippet. Today's episode of KAMcast is a special one! I have the privilege to speak with NBC’s The Voice 9th season contestant Manny Cabo!

Every once in a while, in the ever-competitive entertainment industry, a presence enters the scene that turns heads, opens eyes and ears, touches hearts, and makes a lasting impact on everyone they encounter:  Such is the case with the multifaceted, Commercial Rockin, arts-embracing and award-winning Singer / Songwriter Manny Cabo. From his incredible 4 chair turn on NBC's "THE VOICE" and recently mirroring his vocal prowess and breaking linguistic boundaries on NBC / Telemundo's "LA VOZ." Cabo has been leaving his creative mark and vocal resonance on an international level and across multi-cultural boundaries.  Whether he’s singing, acting, photographing, or hosting, his compelling focus and artistry shine through and always leave his fans and clients wanting more.

“Life is beautiful; it can afford you everything that you want, but you have to work for it in many capacities, and sometimes in the face of the most difficult challenges and even then we have to learn the transitions that keep us going because it's in the difficult times that the definition of who we truly are arises.”

Join me as Manny, and I discuss: 

  • Music as a universal language (3:05)
  • New Jersey and Nashville (4:01)
  • Losing a loved one to covid (5:29)
  • How covid has impacted Manny’s industry (7:16)
  • Keeping the balance of working and indulging Netflix (8:59)
  • Behind the scenes (10:17)
  • People bullied and tried to change Manny (12:21)
  • Raising kids (15:13)
  • Getting rid of toxicity (16:51)
  • Finding out that he was one step away from being aborted (19:16)
  • Failing is part of the process (22:35)
  • Embrace fear (24:09)
  • Manny, fears and a 4 chair turn (26:53)
  • Being voted off and the most humbling thing (29:53)
  • You can’t entertain the criticisms (34:05)
  • Single, Married, Gay, Straight? We want to know, Manny!! (35:43)
  • Mojo for Musicians Podcast (41:26)
  • Relationships and putting egos aside (44:40)
  • Tour dates (47:02)
  • Manny sings live for us! (48:30)
  • Manny shares a short clip from his new song, “Wear Your Words” (50:32)
  • Instill kids with knowledge and education (54:30)
  • Tips for kids regarding entrepreneurial ship (56:26)
  • Leaving behind negativity (59:25)

What an amazing episode with Manny Cabo! Such an inspiring, down-to-earth guy, and we can’t wait for his song to release. Don’t miss this episode and get all the details!

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