Ashley Kesner on freeing your ghost (#19)
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In this episode we discuss topics like depression, alcoholism, eating disorders and suicide. This conversation is not for little ears and if these topics may be triggers for you, please use your discretion.


1:42 - normal childhood until mental health issues started.

6:48 - coping with depression and bulimia

7:47 - responding as a parent.

11:48 - alcohol seemed to fix all the problems.

13:08 - we don't see people's internal battles.

15:11 - alcohol became a problem.

17:59 - empathising with your kids.

24:21 - fixing people.

28:12 - emotions are data points not directives.

30:28 - what caused Ashley to turn her life around.

34:48 - how relationships changed after opening up.

41:40 - change starts with figuring out intentions.

44:43 - helping someone caught in addiction and mental health problems.

48:02 - how to support someone without enabling them.

57:50 - when someone feels like the world would be better off without them.

1:06:15 - role of humour in mental health.

1:10:32 - get in touch with Ashley.


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