The Finale (#50)
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1:04- behind the scenes: podcast stats - number of countries, downloads and fan favourite episodes.  

6:11 - We're putting the podcast on hold indefinitely.  

9:54 - Mark's favourite episode: Chris Marhefka.  

14:38 - Adrian Spear episode: distance between stimulus and response.  

15:39 - Grant  Herbert episode: be yourself.

16:13 - funniest moments: Lisa Linke, Christian Fleck, Daisy Simonis.  

19:32 - most inspiring guests: Dr Everett Worthington, Ashley Kesner, Ricardo Gonzalez, Greg van Borssum.  

24:29 - most surprising moments: grief (Jillian Rosoff and David Richman) and erotic empathy (Amanda Luterman), backburners (Dr Michelle Drouin).

30:45 - the counter-intuitive Danish way of parenting: Jessica Joelle Alexander.  

34:07 - most informative: Dr Timothy Levine.  

38:43 - episodes on trust: Marie-Clarie Ross and Melanie Marshall.  

39:00 - presenting and storytelling: Laurie Gilbertson.  

40:26 - story telling: Francisco Mahfuz, Gabrielle Dolan.  

44:07 - quick recap of topics covered in the podcast.  

45:17 - leadership episodes: David Neal and Ryan Hartley.  

48:02 - topics that we would have liked to do?  

50:26 - benefits of doing the podcast: meeting people.  

51:14 - empathy: Dr Ashok Bhattacharya and Daniel Murray.  

53:11 - relationships are at the heart of life: Dr Michelle Drouin, Craig Bulmer and Ashley Fico.  

54:48 - knowing better does not mean doing better: Divan's communication mistake.  

59:32 - feedback: Jason Rosoff and Paul Farina.  

1:01:09 - Tina Robinson: "all behaviour is communication".  

1:01:40 - Mark's recommendations: Chris Marhefka, Dr Michelle Drouin, Amanda Luterman, Jessica Joelle Alexander.  

1:02:45 - Divan's recommendations: Jessica Joelle Alexander, Francisco Mahfuz, David Neal, Dr Ashok Bhattacharya, Jason Rosoff, Dr Timothy Levine.

1:05:15 - practice is as important as knowledge.  

1:05:50 - wrapping up the podcast.  

1:09:52 - connect with Divan and Mark.  

1:10:28 - final words.  

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