Melanie Marshall on the heart and soul of trust (#47)
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2:43 - no fear of public speaking after doing a body building competition.

8:38 - focus on who you want to be, not what you want to be.

15:33 - people are not trusted to do the job they were hired for.

16:26 - being trusted is not up to you to decide, its up to the other person.

17:36 - why Melanie wrote the book, Trust.

20:37 - respect comes from feeling trusted.

21:41 - the core of communication and leadership.

22:52 - what do organisations look like when there is no trust?

27:26 - trust is just as important for personal relationships.

31:9 - getting people to own up to bad news.

38:5 - deal with conflicts early.

42:47 - why beliefs about trust are important.

45:46 - belief about whether trust is earned or given.

47:23 - earning trust.

51:50 - HEART + SOUL model of trust.

55:19 - honesty: does it require trust or build trust?

56:20 - earning trust is on their timeframe, not ours.

58:53 - don't jump in with the answer.

62:5 - does helping others build or erode trust?

64:29 - responding from values rather than reacting from emotion.

72:36 - can you be too nice?

75:39 - when you have to build trust very quickly.

81:0 - taking time to connect at work can feel non-productive.

94:10 - connect with Melanie.

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