Ross and Carrie Become Exorcists (Part 4): Readings on Rock, Sex, and the New Age
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Ross and Carrie read three entire books by exorcist Bob Larson. They learn about the dangers of rock music, lust, and experimenting with basically any spirituality other than fundamentalist Christianity. Plus, Carrie and Bob collaborate on a song about the Satanic underpinnings of country music. (Bob doesn’t know about this collaboration.)

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Lolita Podcast
Lolita Podcast
8: Dolores Logs In
This week, Jamie dives down the rabbit hole of Lolita blogs and fan communities, beginning in the early 2000s and through now, and a look at the non-sexual nymphet fashion movement that Nabokov's book inspired. It's... complicated. Ms. Lola on Youtube: Lolita in the Afterlife: Ways of Seeing, E1: The Parasocial Phenomenon (Nova): Grooming: The Revisionist History of the Nymphet Community (corrected by someone who was actually there) by Nilijah Myeesa: Why Black Girlhood is Not Valued in the Coquette/Nymphet Community: Sarah Kathryn Cleaver on Lolita Tumblr: When Dolores Haze Gets a Tumblr: Online "Nymphet" Culture and the Reclaiming of Lolita by Mishka Hoosen: Schyler Reign on Non-Sexual Nymphet Fashion:  Watch This Before You Get Into Nymphet Fashion: Criticism for Nymphet Fashion & The Community: Are You a Nymphet? The self-- harmed, visualized and reblogged: Self-iinjury ono Tumblr: Rachel Davis's Lolita Tumblr thesis: Nerdymixedpan on TikTok: Learn more about your ad-choices at
1 hr 20 min
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