S1E10 / Dr. Tony Fauci: From One Pandemic to Another / Mark Harrington and Peter Staley
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“I mean, many of us spent the whole ‘80’s in a state of terror, knowing that we'd been exposed, not knowing our status, not knowing whether we were going to live or die. And I think the vast majority of the population now has exactly the same feeling, where they don't know if they've been exposed. They don't know if they're going to get sick. Every single person is a risk.” - Mark Harrington, Executive Director and co-founder of the Treatment Action Group

In today’s episode, co-host Dr. Celine Gounder talks to Peter Staley and Mark Harrington, members of Act Up, co-founders of the Treatment Action Group, and dedicated HIV/AIDS activists who know firsthand what it is like to live through a large-scale pandemic. They discuss their experiences as activists during a pandemic, including challenges, such as a lack of needed support from government and issues surrounding research and treatments, as well as how they are continuing their activism today through the founding of the COVID Working Group of New York. They also discuss similarities between the HIV/AIDs pandemic and COVID-19 today, including the magnification of health disparities that these infectious diseases bring about, as well as the man who has been there through it all, Dr. Tony Fauci.

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