S1E11 / Surviving COVID / David Lat
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"The other point I made about ventilators is, they're not a panacea. Many patients don't survive them, but I don't think that reduces their importance. I think, if anything, the fact that many patients don't survive means we need to make sure that as many patients as could benefit from them actually get them. I hope that one thing we get out of this crisis is enough of a supply so that, if and when we have a future pandemic like this, we are ready." –David Lat, COVID-19 survivor

In today’s episode, Ron Klain and Dr Celine Gounder speak with David Lat, a 44-year-old legal journalist who endured days unconscious on a ventilator to survive COVID-19. Still on a path to recovery, he shares his experience and the impact the disease has had on his family and his career, and how he is making a contribution to research going forward.

This episode also includes a first-hand account from a frontline healthcare provider in Michigan, Dr. Scott Regenbogen who candidly discusses how doctors are preparing for potentially very difficult decisions in the weeks ahead.

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