S1E15 / Health Coverage in a Pandemic / Donald Berwick & Karen Pollitz
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“COVID-19 is the great revealer. It’s showing every crack and fault in the healthcare coverage system.” - Dr. Donald Berwick

In today’s episode, co-hosts Dr. Celine Gounder and Ron Klain speak with Dr. Donald Berwick, former administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and senior fellow for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, about how COVID-19 has exposed the vulnerabilities of the U.S. healthcare system to a public health crisis. They also discuss how the Affordable Care Act has provided a safety net for many Americans during these uncertain times, and how coronavirus relief bills, the CARES Act, attempt to address further gaps in the system. Finally, they discuss how both rural and urban hospitals will be affected by the pandemic from an economic standpoint.

They also speak with Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and a four-time cancer survivor, about how important it is to have health insurance coverage when a crisis strikes, and how terrifying it can be to lose coverage during these times. Karen also explains options for those who have lost coverage and are struggling to figure out how to cover themselves and loved ones during this unpredictable time in our country, and how to weigh their options, depending on individual circumstances.

Listener Q&A: How does contact tracing and quarantine work for a disease where many cases are asymptomatic and many do not even realize they are sick?

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