AI Or Human? Exploring GPT-3 Disinformation, Artificial Intelligence, And Creativity | A Conversation With Andrew Lohn And Micah Musser | DeltaX Podcast With Ellen Xu
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In this special Black Hat episode, Andrew Lohn and Micah Musser explain “Disinformation At Scale: Using GPT-3 Maliciously for Information Operations” - the double-edged sword of large language models.

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, or GPT-3, is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text, created by OpenAI. In other words: “Autocomplete on steroids.” It is currently the largest and most powerful natural language model in the world, and can write realistic text from almost any genre.

In this episode, I discuss with guests Andrew Lohn and Micah Musser:

  • How can GPT-3 be used to amplify disinformation?
  • What are the implications GPT-3 has for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? Can GPT-3 be considered “creative”?
  • What are the future trends for this technology, cybersecurity, and society?
  • And… Did I use any GPT technology to write parts of this show notes? I guess we’ll never know for certain ;)


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Ellen Xu
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