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The Jag Show
Sep 5, 2023
YouTube Podcast Strategy and Other Podcast Movement 2023 Takeways
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Got my 2023 Podcast Movement Recap ready to roll, and of course, it all starts with YouTube.

The best session I attended was from Jay Nachlis of Coleman Insights and Steve Goldstein of Amplifi media- their Thursday keynote was The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube.

Yes, a show on YouTube is a podcast.   And you need to have a YouTube strategy, even if your show is audio only.  Your content needs to be on the platform, or at least a teaser directing to your podcast. I'll explain. Folks are consuming podcasts on multiple platforms, and you can get them to open their podcast player if your content is good enough.

YouTube itself was at Podcast Movement, talking about ingesting shows via RSS feed.   This seems like a giant step forward, but there are some important caveats.

Rob Walch's annual "That Marketing Advice for Your Podcast is BS" session yielded both some important info and stats, but also stirred the pot on some debates.  He says your episodic podcasts on Apple should include episode numbers.  We go deep on that.

AI was a big topic at Podcast Movement.   Use it as a tool, not a replacement, and always check the work with a human.

Spotify was there, talking about video and how huge it's become.  You can get your video podcast on Spotify, but only if they are your host.   And that leads to a whole bunch of other issues.

Finally, what does a bonsai tree have to do with your podcast?  Leave it to the great Tom Webster to explain.

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