Nov 10, 2020
From Connected Cows to Smart Cities: Enabling the 5G Economy
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There’s been no shortage of hype. Now, after years of headlines heralding it as a transformative technology, an evolution in wireless service, even a “game changer for humanity,” 5G is finally being rolled out across Canada by the big three telecom providers. But are we ready to make the most of it? And what does 5G’s arrival really mean for consumers and businesses? The possibilities are legitimately exciting.

On this episode of Disruptors, an RBC podcast, host John Stackhouse examines the true potential of this next-generation of wireless networks, as well as the apps and devices they will enable, with the help of the President of Bell Mobility, Claire Gillies. Together, they tackle the full spectrum of questions surrounding 5G, including why it’s really more of a “revolution” than an evolution, and how it will transform everything from healthcare to agriculture. You’ll definitely want to hear about the driverless combine John once saw rolling across the open prairie in Saskatchewan. Or about how 5G might finally make it easy to park downtown. 

You’ll get to hear about one of the cities on the front lines of adapting to this new economy. Cyrus Tehrani, the Chief Digital Officer for the City of Hamilton, shares his thoughts on how 5G will “level up” some of the services people depend on every day. And Keith Ponton, a Senior Systems Consultant from IBI group with decades of experience in the telecom business, offers his perspective on how Canada compares to other countries in the 5G race, and where the greatest opportunities for advancement lie.



Two previous pieces from RBC’s Thought Leadership team are mentioned in this episode. Click the links to read Farmer 4.0: How the Coming Skills Revolution Can Transform Agriculture, and Paging Dr. Data: How the Coming Skills Revolution Can Transform Healthcare. For details on Hamilton, Ontario’s ‘Digital Transformation’, you can visit the city’s website. To learn more about IBI Group’s work in the fields of engineering, planning, transportation and technology, click HERE. And for the latest on Bell Mobility’s rollout of 5G services, go to Bell.ca


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