Dec 8, 2020
Impersonal Information: Data and Privacy Protection in 2020 and Beyond
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What do digital privacy and COVID-19 have in common with climate change, Kompromat, counter-espionage hackers, and the new Netflix movie “The Social Dilemma”? They’re just a few of the many topics that come up in a timely and compelling conversation with Canada’s so-called “Hacker King”, on the latest episode of Disruptors, an RBC podcast.

On the heels of new federal privacy legislation, host John Stackhouse sits down with Ron Deibert, founder of the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and author of  Reset: Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society. They discuss how, in an era of record-breaking data generation and high profile digital security breaches, Canadian businesses can learn to access the potential of data and manage the risks by taking a wide-angled, interdisciplinary approach.

Featuring a guest appearance from Kevin Chan, Facebook Canada’s Head of Public Policy, this episode is essential listening for anyone concerned about the lack of strong protocols governing the collection of our online data. The concern is well-founded. But be sure to listen through to the end, because as you’ll hear from Ron, there are still reasons for optimism. 



You can learn more about the Citizen Lab’s work at the University of Toronto HERE, or on Ron Deibert’s personal website. The latest numbers about the impact of cybersecurity incidents on businesses can be found on Statistics Canada’s website or in the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity’s National Cyber Threat Assessment 2020. Kevin Chan recently co-wrote an editorial about social media regulation that was published in the Globe and Mail, and you can hear him on a previous episode of Disruptors about the dangers of deepfake technology. John also refers to a previous episode about the Intangibles Economy from November 24th when he mentioned Canadian IP leaving the country.

The Logistics of Logistics Podcast
The Logistics of Logistics Podcast
Joe Lynch: Transportation, Logistics Podcaster
Will Chu and the Vector Story
Will Chu and the Vector Story Joe Lynch and Will Chu discuss Will’s story and the story of his company, Vector. Will is the Co-Founder and CEO of Vector, a firm that is digitizing the pickup and delivery process. About Will Chu Will Chu is a Co-founder and CEO of Vector, a logistics technology company that enables seamless collaboration by all parties in a shipment’s lifecycle. From shipper to carrier to consignee, Vector’s end-to-end solution digitally captures all workflows to facilitate contactless pickups and deliveries. Prior to co-founding Vector, Will helped start Addepar, a leading wealth management platform that specializes in data aggregation and analytics. Will earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. About Vector Vector is a mobile-first workflow and transportation management platform for shippers, logistics brokers, and carriers. Vector works with transportation management systems and makes them more powerful by enabling mobile workflows for drivers and automating the billing process. Vector has partnered with the leaders in the telematics industry. Their solution runs on their platforms to provide best-in-class driver experiences. Vector integrates with your existing workflows to provide document capture. Vector’s LoadDocs product helps companies reduce operational friction and increase productivity by streamlining workflows with electronic forms and best-in-class document capture. Learn More About Will Chu and the Vector Story Vector Will Chu Other Inside the Founder Studio Interviews Nicole Glenn and the Candor Expedite Story Jason Traff and the Shipwell Story Greg Price and the Shipwell Story Kevin Nolan and the Nolan Transportation Group Story The Logistics of Logistics Podcast * If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a positive review, subscribe, and share it with your friends and colleagues. * The Logistics of Logistics Podcast: Google, Apple, Castbox, Spotify, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tunein, Podbean, Owltail, Libsyn
27 min
The Expat Files: Living in Latin America
The Expat Files: Living in Latin America
Progressive Radio Network
EXPAT FILES - 02.26.21
Descriptions- EXPAT FILES SHOW #1034 FRI, FEB 26 (02-26-21) JOHNNY’S JANUARY 2021 LATIN AMERICAN “EXPAT INSIDER” SEMINAR HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO BAD SCIENCE AND US GOVT STUPIDITY: The latest Latin American Seminar was scheduled for January 8th thru 14th, 2021. However, just when things were calming down, the “usual suspect’ Cov-Idiot knuckleheads in government along with talking head scientists (in the pocket of big pharma) have once again decided to arbitrarily place heavier restrictions on airports and arbitrarily imposing new lockdown restrictions (i.e. Soviet style house arrests). The excuse this time being an imminent so-called 2nd wave. Stay tuned for the new rescheduled dates- (estimated to be in March or April) when US and Latin America airports start accepting the cheap (1 to 3 dollar) rapid 5 minute paper strip Cov-idiot tests now used and widely accepted in Asia and Europe and projected to be used internationally in March or April . #1- Common law marriage traps in Latin America: Critical details that single gringos and expats need to know #2- The extreme indebtedness of Latin Families: How 90% of Latinos end up with zero savings and heavy debt #3- How Gringos embarrass themselves in the presence of Latinos: #4- Revisiting Costa Rica (and it ain’t good): If living in C.R. still is your plan, you need to hear this. #5- Crimes, Misdemeanors and the sticky fingers of the hired help: Can petty crimes be forgiven? How much is too much? #6 Latin American Cov-Idiot Update: #7- Johnny’s top five words of wisdom for Newbee Expats A realistic look beyond the rose colored glasses. #8- And now a few words from the Gringo Complaint Department: #9- A Cost of Living and Inflation update for Latin America: Get ready, inflation is kicking in. #10- Get a 100% legal (and well respected) 2nd Country Passport online and in just 60 days! The Corona virus has killed Latin American and Caribbean Island tourism so tax revenues have dried up. Governments are broke and a small few have reacted by offering passport by investment programs. I have personally vetted the best legit one. Amazingly, you can apply online without wasting time or repeatedly flying back and forth to the country. That’s a first! For details email; f and listen to the complete explanation outlined in “The Expat Files” show program aired on June 28, 2020. #11- Do you want to get into the exploding Crypto-currency world but don’t feeling quite confident enough to dive in? Our own Captain Mango has developed a unique one-on-one Crypto consulting and training service (he’s been deep into crypto since 2013). To get started, email him at: bewarecaptainmango@gmail.com #12- Be sure to pick up my newly updated, "LATIN AMERICAN HEALTHCARE REPORT": The new edition for 2021 (and beyond) is available now, including the latest "Stem Cell Clinic" info and data and my top picks for the best treatment centers for expats and gringos. Just go to www.ExpatPlanB.com and click on the "Latin American Healthcare Report”.
28 min
The Pulse
The Pulse
The Species We Save
Humans have long tried to mitigate their own destructive impact on the planet through conservation efforts. Often, those efforts are attached to one iconic species or another — the majestic bald eagle, cuddly cute baby seal, or awe-inspiring blue whale. But is this about them, or is it about us? On this episode, we take a closer look at conservation, and dig into the human motivations and emotions behind it. We hear stories about a near-extinct fish called the delta smelt — and whether it’s actually worth saving; how a weird-looking bird has sparked a battle over land in the American West; and how plucky raccoons carve out their own existence in cities. Also heard on this week’s episode: * Out in sagebrush country — a remote area of the American West — a strange and beautiful bird called the greater sage grouse has sparked a war over land. Reporter Ashley Ahearn explains why the grouse’s fight for survival has put it in direct conflict with humans, and how — and whether — compromise is possible. This story is excerpted from the podcast “Grouse.” * We talk with science journalist Michelle Nijhuis about what drives the conservation movement and the hard questions that not enough people are asking. Her book is called “Beloved Beasts.” * What can bird songs teach us about the origins of human language? Plenty, according to Erich Jarvis, a neuroscientist and molecular biologist who explores the neurobiology of vocal communication. We find out more in this preview of our new podcast extra series — subscribe to The Pulse to hear the whole interview and others like it.
49 min
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