Kristian Bush (Sugarland) Interview + Taylor Swift + The Rock
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Watch the Droplabs Shoe experience segment here.

Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to the Pop Culture Show with Barnes, Leslie and Cubby.


Barnes (00:04):

This is the severely damaged Pop Culture Show. Barnes, Leslie, Cubby on location in Framnash Vegas.


Cubby (00:14):

Love that, I'm a little jealous though because I am not there, I am in Bryant Cubby Jersey, New Jersey.


Barnes (00:22):

And we're all having cocktails, so who knows what's going to happen in this show.


Cubby (00:26):



Barnes (00:26):

And Cubby's how many Jägers in?


Cubby (00:28):

Five, six maybe? A couple Jäger shots.


Leslie (00:29):

Are you serious?


Cubby (00:30):

Yeah, come on man.


Barnes (00:31):

Are you really?


Leslie (00:32):

So Cubby, just to say, I haven't seen Barnes in person since the reunion show.


Barnes (00:37):

The 99X Reunion about a year and three quarters ago?


Leslie (00:41):

Yeah, so here we are.


Barnes (00:41):

We are, cheers, cheers.


Cubby (00:42):

It feels like 1995 all over again, doesn't it?


Barnes (00:45):

Totally. And Leslie drinking, I mean we should probably put about 15 disclaimers on this show right now because I don't know what's going to happen. So, please rate and review and subscribe our little show. Our guest today, now all of a sudden we're Grammy winners every week. Kristian Bush from the band Sugarland among others, he's got about 57 different bands and one of them is Billy Pilgrim and they have a brand new release coming out, but it's not really that new. It's an interesting story, you're going to love it, so he's coming up.


Leslie (01:17):

Such a good guy.


Cubby (01:18):

We've got Bush, I hear his last name I think of Revenge of the Nerds, you know that one.


Barnes (01:23):

What are the odds that we have a guest two weeks in a row that have both won Grammys and both have songs called Stay.


Leslie (01:30):

Oh, that's true.


Cubby (01:31):

Wow, look at that, that's digging deep. And you know what, I got to tell you, we're really raising the bar each week, it's crazy.


Barnes (01:36):

We are.


Cubby (01:37):



Barnes (01:37):

And you know what, let's raise it again. Next week, someone who does not do podcasts, Dr. Oz.


Cubby (01:43):

All your COVID questions.


Leslie (01:44):

That's huge.


Barnes (01:46):

That is going to be awesome.


Leslie (01:48):

That is huge that he's on our show.


Cubby (01:49):

He's a good dude and I've had the honor of interviewing him several times and he is the best and I can't wait for him to join us next week.


Barnes (01:56):

As Cubby says, we're the little show that could.


Cubby (01:59):

We are, we really are.


Barnes (02:00):

We're just a little show that could.


Cubby (02:01):

We're three people doing the work of ten for the good of millions.


Barnes (02:04):

Yeah, we have a staff of 70 that backs us up. No, we have a staff of nothing.


Cubby (02:10):

You didn't tell people where we could be heard, you always mention that.


Barnes (02:13):

I was getting to that.


Cubby (02:14):

Okay, go ahead.


Barnes (02:15):

I was getting to that. Cubby, we can be heard on iHeartRadio's app and I've been hearing commercials for the Pop Culture Show which is cool on there.


Cubby (02:21):



Barnes (02:22):

And also in Teslas and by the way if you're buying a Tesla, use my code, you'll get a thousand free miles.


Cubby (02:28):

No way, what is your code?


Barnes (02:29):



Leslie (02:29):

What? How does this happen?


Barnes (02:30):

Well, just hit me up on social ... it's just when anyone who has a Tesla, if you use their referral, they'll give you a thousand Supercharger miles and then you get a thousand and those come in handy. I use them to get here.


Leslie (02:42):

The Tesla's outside my front door.


Barnes (02:44):

You know who bought one? Mark Wohlers, Atlanta Braves All Star just bought a Tesla. He called me yesterday when he was ordering it, "Hey dude, what's your code?" And then I got a thousand miles.


Cubby (02:55):

I want one so bad, I'm already sold, I'm sold.


Barnes (02:58):

And where else are we besides Turks and Caicos, anywhere else?


Cubby (03:03):

Honduras? No, Japan.


Leslie (03:05):



Cubby (03:06):

Guatemala, worldwide.


Barnes (03:08):



Cubby (03:09):

Yeah, worldwide, come on.


Barnes (03:10):

We were charting in Japan, but then I don't know what happened. We went from 38 to like 150.


Cubby (03:16):

Why did we spike and then go down and then spike?


Barnes (03:18):

I don't know.


Leslie (03:18):

How we're doing in Canada?


Barnes (03:19):

Canada? We're in the 200s. They don't get us, like most people.


Cubby (03:24):



Barnes (03:24):

They're right in there. So Kristian Bush is coming up, Dr. Oz next week and we want to get into our How Was Your Week segment and I've got something. I want to go last because it's going to involve trying something. Leslie's going to try something of mine and we're going to all witness it live.


Leslie (03:45):

Cubby, I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.


Cubby (03:47):



Barnes (03:47):

You do because you see it and you've been asking a lot of questions and I'm not giving her any information, so we'll get to that in a few minutes.


Cubby (03:53):

And I mentioned how I wanted to be there, now I'm glad I'm not there. First I had FOMO about you guys being together in Nashville.


Barnes (03:59):



Cubby (03:59):

Well, I don't know what's going to happen or what Leslie's about to try on.


Barnes (04:01):

Oh, it's good, it's going to be fun.


Cubby (04:04):

All right.


Barnes (04:04):

I hope she reacts. I don't know what her verbal reaction will be, but.


Leslie (04:10):

Who knows after a glass of wine.


Barnes (04:12):

I can't wait to see it.


Leslie (04:13):

It'll be severe.


Barnes (04:13):

How was your week Fram?


Leslie (04:15):

So I had a little bit of a space out moment and I think it's because-


Barnes (04:19):

This is every week, Fram.


Leslie (04:20):

I have a feeling it's from too many Zoom calls. Cubby, I'm on Zoom calls all day as you know.


Cubby (04:25):

I know.


Leslie (04:26):

From 8, 9 AM until 6 or 7 at night, so.


Barnes (04:28):

She's a multimedia executive.


Leslie (04:30):

So the other day I had a one hour break and my husband was like, "Can you go with me, I've got to pick up," He has an old farm truck that was getting work done, "Can you go with me, follow me back home?" I'm like, "Absolutely." So I take him, long story short we get to the place, he picks up his keys, I'm like, "All right, I'll follow you back to the house." I'm following this white, old white truck, I'm in his car, we're going down the road, I'm following him, I'm following him, I'm following him. He takes a left so I'm like, "What street's he taking a left on at some neighborhood, some random neighborhood? Maybe he's going to somebody's house to pick something up?"


Leslie (05:11):

I go down the street, the car stops in the driveway of this house, I pull off on the side of the road and this woman gets out of the car and looking at me like, "Why the hell are you following me?" I realize that I'm following her.


Barnes (05:25):

Oh no.


Leslie (05:28):

I think I'm following a black SUV which is my car.


Barnes (05:32):

Oh my gosh, this is so Fram.


Cubby (05:35):

That is great.


Leslie (05:36):

She's looking at me like, "Are you here to rob me or something?" I'm like, "Oh my god." So, I start the car and act like I don't know why I stopped on the side of the road, I hit some dead end street so then I go down another street not familiar with dead end street. Now I'm going like, "Lenny's probably freaking out wondering where the hell is she?" And so I'm heading back to the farm, he doesn't have his phone, I'm like, "He's really going to be worried about me, I don't know what to do." This is like 20 minutes after I followed him. Finally I get halfway there, he is now coming the opposite way looking for me.


Barnes (06:13):

Oh my gosh.


Cubby (06:15):

You can't make this up.


Leslie (06:18):

Waving, waving, I'm okay. I can't it make up, so long story short, I just spaced out and was following the wrong car.


Barnes (06:23):

Fram what happens? Where is the disconnect?


Leslie (06:26):

I don't know.


Cubby (06:26):

Were you just paying attention to the color?


Barnes (06:28):

Were you on the phone?


Leslie (06:30):

I thought I was following my car instead of following his car. And again, some poor random lady is wondering why the hell I'm following her and stopping in front of her house.


Cubby (06:39):



Barnes (06:39):

Leslie, this is a trend. This is not just something out of the blue, this happens for 30 years.


Leslie (06:44):

I'm getting worried about myself.


Cubby (06:46):

Yeah, I mean it really is concerning actually. I mean, we should probably unplug her mic, to be honest with you.


Leslie (06:51):

Cubby, I need some of that Jägermeister you're drinking every day.


Cubby (06:54):



Barnes (06:54):

Keep sipping that wine because you're going to need it in a few minutes Fram, I'll just tell you that. Wait until we get to me.


Cubby (07:00):

I can't top that story, man. I'm not even going to play in this game, that is funny.


Barnes (07:05):

Cubby, you've got nothing?


Cubby (07:06):



Barnes (07:06):

I'll give you one, Cubby's such a dick to me.


Cubby (07:10):

Shut up.


Leslie (07:10):



Barnes (07:11):

He says that I call him too much.


Cubby (07:12):

No, you've calmed down since I said that, but no, there are so many things that you could text and everything's got to be a call. I mean, you can just text it.


Barnes (07:22):

No, because I'm really not a phone talker.


Cubby (07:23):

No, you are, you're the only one.


Barnes (07:25):

But I'm really not, only you. Because it's show related and I feel like I don't want to type a soliloquy into my text and so I call.


Cubby (07:33):

Look, I agree, sometimes you need the phone just to get right to the point and talk it out, but a lot of your calls could easily have been a text.


Barnes (07:40):

Here's how it goes, I dial, here's Cubby, "Hello?"


Leslie (07:45):

Cubby, I need to ask you a question though.


Cubby (07:47):



Leslie (07:48):

Are you a little intimidated by Barnes?


Barnes (07:51):

For what?


Leslie (07:52):

Because with Barnes texts me and I don't get right back to him because I'm on a million Zoom calls a day, I'll go like, "Hey, let me call you back when I have a break."


Barnes (08:02):

Keep drinking.


Leslie (08:02):

Because I know, I know that he is like, "Where is she, why is she not calling me back, why is she not texting me back, why is she not calling me back?"


Barnes (08:10):

Keep drinking.


Cubby (08:11):

You're a hundred percent right, Leslie and even though Barnes is our friend, it's almost like a boss.


Leslie (08:17):

It is, it is hardcore.


Barnes (08:19):

So then this week my phone rings and I look down it says Cubby and I have this really funny picture for Cubby and I'm like, "Oh, now he wants to talk."


Cubby (08:28):

Right, yeah.


Barnes (08:28):

And then I pick it up he goes, "I know, I just want to know, can you give me some mic recommendations and I need some chair recommendations and a desk recommendation. And how do I plug in these headphones to the speaker?" I'm his personal Apple Genius.


Cubby (08:42):

Leslie, have you noticed Barnes is not very warm on text?


Leslie (08:45):

It's short.


Cubby (08:46):

It's very short, there's never-


Barnes (08:47):

You're welcome.


Cubby (08:48):

... never an emoji, not even a smiley face.


Barnes (08:51):

I give you the fist all the time.


Cubby (08:53):

Yeah, you do, you get the fist and then the pound I like that.


Leslie (08:54):

Did you like my little gifs that I send?


Cubby (08:56):



Leslie (08:58):

I'm trying to do funny gifs and I know Barnes hates that.


Barnes (09:01):

Okay, you're the two people with a real job and you have time for emojis.


Leslie (09:06):

Hey, I like my-


Barnes (09:07):

I just float around.


Leslie (09:08):

I like my Bitmoji.


Barnes (09:09):



Leslie (09:10):

I think it looks cute.


Cubby (09:11):

Yeah, right.


Barnes (09:11):

So how was your week, Cubby?


Cubby (09:14):

You know what, it was much better than last week because you remember we had the tropical storm up here and so this week we were back to normal, normal work week. I will admit, I'm a lit nervous, I've got some butterflies in my stomach because my wife and I are taking our first road trip with our six-month-old baby. We're taking a six hour trip to Virginia Beach, Virginia, my home town and I'm not going to lie, I'm nervous about how it's going to go. I know the baby sleeps well in the car, but I know she's not going to sleep for six hours straight. I don't want any meltdowns, I want to be prepared, I want the wife to be happy, I'm worried about this trip.


Barnes (09:46):

If I was your wife, I'd be more concerned about you than the baby.


Cubby (09:49):

She said that actually, she said, "You're worrying more than me." And I even talked about this on the radio show and people said worry more when they're two or three years old because that's when it becomes are we there yet and you got to entertain them and all that. But she's six months old, she's probably just going to be chilling most of it, so I'm okay with it, but I don't know why, I'm just nervous about this whole weekend and everything.


Leslie (10:11):

I think you're going to be fine, I think you might need like a little DVD player for yourself.


Cubby (10:15):

As I'm driving?


Leslie (10:16):



Barnes (10:16):

You can sit in the back with the baby as you're driving. That would be fantastic.


Cubby (10:22):

So yeah, I'm looking forward to that, but guys, I mean I'm just excited that this show is really just moving along here. We are really getting some great numbers and some great feedback and I'm just very happy to be a part of this show, I'm really having a blast.


Barnes (10:35):

You're going to make me cry now, Cubby, gosh.


Cubby (10:37):

No, I really am having fun. I was very hesitant about doing this, but of course Barnes with that whole philosophy of scaring the shit of you, I'm like, "All right, all right, I guess I'll do it."


Barnes (10:47):

What the hell?


Cubby (10:50):

But I'm glad I said yes.


Barnes (10:51):

Okay, let's get into my week because it's about Leslie.


Cubby (10:55):

All right.


Barnes (10:56):

This week I got a gift. I got some new shoes and I love cool shoes. We talk about shoes sometimes a lot. I got what's called DropLabs and we're filming this segment also so we can put it on our social so you can see what's about to happen. These shoes are-


Leslie (11:17):



Barnes (11:18):

Well, these are mine, they're a size 12 and a half.


Leslie (11:20):

And I'm an 8.


Barnes (11:22):

And female which what about a 6 in male? They're going to look like clown shoes on Leslie, but the fashion statement is not what matters. They're black, black shoes, good looking shoes.


Leslie (11:31):

I like black shoes, yeah.


Barnes (11:33):

And what they have in them completely electronic soles that have technology that connect to your Bluetooth headphones and give you an entire body experience when you listen to music.


Cubby (11:48):

Oh my gosh.


Barnes (11:49):

And it's almost like wearing two subwoofers on your feet but more.


Cubby (11:55):

How long have these been available?


Barnes (11:56):

They just came out.


Cubby (11:58):

They just came out.


Barnes (11:58):

It's called DropLabs.


Cubby (12:00):

Never heard of it.


Leslie (12:00):

Have you done this?


Barnes (12:01):

It's the EP 01. Yeah, these are my shoes.


Leslie (12:03):

So what happened when you tried it?


Barnes (12:05):

I absolutely love it.


Leslie (12:07):

Okay, so here we go.


Barnes (12:09):

I purposefully have not done this, so I'm going to turn these on, look Cubby, you can describe what's happening.


Cubby (12:14):



Barnes (12:14):

You see on the back?


Cubby (12:16):

Yeah, it's like a button, is that a button?


Barnes (12:18):



Cubby (12:19):



Barnes (12:19):

So I'm going to turn the shoe on.


Cubby (12:21):

On the heel of the shoe there's a button and now it's lighting up.


Barnes (12:23):

Yeah, so there's one shoe. Fram?


Cubby (12:25):

Is that the Bluetooth connecting or something?


Barnes (12:27):

I guess, yeah, everything's connected together.


Leslie (12:29):

Wow. This is really actually cool. So do you want me to.


Barnes (12:32):

Put on it on here, you don't have to tie, just put your feet in them.


Leslie (12:35):

That's the left? Okay.


Cubby (12:36):

If you wear them in the rain, will you die?


Barnes (12:39):



Cubby (12:40):



Leslie (12:40):

Thanks Cubby.


Barnes (12:41):

Yeah, you will survive.


Leslie (12:44):

All right, I have the left foot on.


Barnes (12:47):

All right, let me get the right one turned on. Put that on.


Leslie (12:50):



Barnes (12:50):

I'm getting excited just thinking about what's ... okay, so-


Cubby (12:53):

So what is she going to experience again?


Leslie (12:54):

I have no idea.


Barnes (12:55):

Leslie, you're going to have to take those headphones off and you're not going to be able to hear Cubby.


Leslie (13:00):

All right.


Barnes (13:01):

But you're going to put these on. I just hope it doesn't start before.


Cubby (13:04):

Wait, are her feet, are they going to vibrate like she's at a concert? I don't understand.


Barnes (13:09):

So right now it looks like she's wearing clown shoes because she's got my size 12 and a halfs on.


Cubby (13:16):

Right, right.


Barnes (13:16):

And so you have the headphones on.


Leslie (13:18):

Are they on?


Barnes (13:19):

Yeah. So, we're filming this again so you can see the reaction. Now, I've got her headphones connected to my system, so let me just make sure. Yeah, it's on.


Leslie (13:32):

I just want to make sure.


Barnes (13:33):

Now, Leslie, I don't know if you're going to get the whole experience right out the gate, I think you might, so just tell us what happens. I don't know because you might just hear the headphones first, I have to make sure that I have it turned on correctly.


Cubby (13:46):

What kind of music you're playing?


Barnes (13:46):

I think I'm going to play Jack White.


Leslie (13:49):

Oh yes.


Barnes (13:50):

Let's do Seven Nation.


Leslie (13:52):

Yeah, Seven Nation Army.


Barnes (13:53):



Cubby (13:53):

Well here's my question real quick, does it matter if it ... will she get more of an effect if it's a bass-y song or does it really matter?


Barnes (13:58):

That's got a lot going on.


Cubby (14:00):



Barnes (14:00):

Did you hear music right then?


Leslie (14:01):

Yeah, I heard the first and that was it.


Barnes (14:04):

Can I turn it up loud, you're good?


Leslie (14:06):



Barnes (14:06):

Okay, now watch her face, I'm about to turn the shoes on, hang tight.


Leslie (14:10):

It's happening.


Cubby (14:17):

Now Leslie can you hear me?


Barnes (14:18):

Do you feel it?


Cubby (14:19):

What's happening?


Leslie (14:19):



Barnes (14:20):

She can't hear you, hold on, let's let her-


Leslie (14:22):

This is amazing.


Barnes (14:23):

What's that? Tell people what's happening.


Leslie (14:26):

You can actually feel it through your entire body.


Cubby (14:30):

Oh my gosh.


Leslie (14:31):

I mean, this is amazing.


Barnes (14:34):

It sounds like Jack White is in the room underneath us and the whole band is playing.


Leslie (14:38):

You can feel the pulsation, it's almost like somebody's drumming on my feet and it's going through my whole body.


Barnes (14:47):

She's bouncing, you can see her bouncing in the chair.


Leslie (14:49):

This is really cool.


Barnes (14:50):

Now how insane is that?


Leslie (14:52):

I love it.


Barnes (14:53):

I knew you would love it. Here, let me give you another-


Leslie (14:57):



Barnes (14:57):

... let me give you another song so you can feel some bass.


Leslie (15:01):

Cubby, you have to try this.


Barnes (15:02):

It's unbelievable.


Leslie (15:03):

It's incredible.


Barnes (15:04):

Here's some Dave Matthews, try this.


Leslie (15:05):

Okay, oh yeah.


Barnes (15:09):

Cubby, it's like wearing subwoofers as shoes.


Cubby (15:13):

Almost like the band, like you said, is rehearsing in a room next to you or below you. That's actually really cool.


Leslie (15:18):

Do you think that people are going to take this to like clubs and stuff?


Barnes (15:20):

Well, so think of it as concerts, think about it's called DropLabs, And also gamers, so what was that game you played where you killed the people because you're violent? What's that game?


Leslie (15:34):

Mortal Kombat?


Cubby (15:35):

No, I got into Grand Theft Auto, yeah, Grand Theft Auto.


Barnes (15:38):

You'll be able to feel people walking up next to you in the shoes.


Cubby (15:42):

Can you ask the retail value?


Leslie (15:44):

This is amazing.


Barnes (15:45):

You have to go to the website, I don't know the exact cost.


Cubby (15:48):



Barnes (15:49):

You can pull it up. if you have a computer.


Cubby (15:53):

You're a great salesperson.


Leslie (15:54):

You feel it immediately.


Barnes (15:54):

No I'm saying you, I mean you can get your answer. I don't know, I don't have a computer in front of me, I have all hands in use right now.


Leslie (16:00):

This is really cool. I love it.


Barnes (16:03):

Fram, she's done, she's not going to be on the show anymore.


Leslie (16:06):

I'm still here.


Barnes (16:07):

It's all over.


Cubby (16:08):

I wasn't being sarcastic, I want to get a Tesla now and DropLabs all because of you. I'm serious.


Barnes (16:13):

But my problem now is what if I run out of juice in my Tesla and my shoes. I'm going to have no beat.


Cubby (16:19):

No beat all.


Barnes (16:21):

And I'm going to not be moving at all.


Leslie (16:22):

He's going to be stranded in my farm.


Barnes (16:24):

From here, Cubby, I'm sitting three feet from her and I can feel the floor shaking. She's tapping her feet now. Anyway.


Leslie (16:32):

It's really cool.


Cubby (16:32):

Can Leslie hear me?


Barnes (16:33):



Leslie (16:33):

Especially the good drumming songs like Carter Beauford from Dave Matthews Band.


Barnes (16:38):

So come back to your regular headphones, party's over, all right, turn them off. Yeah, we have to do the show. How crazy is that?


Leslie (16:44):

It's amazing.


Cubby (16:45):

That is so cool and I have a question for her after she puts her headphones on.


Barnes (16:48):

She's going to put her headphones back, Cubby's got a question for you.


Leslie (16:50):

By the way, I'm still tingling.


Barnes (16:54):

It's unbelievable.


Leslie (16:55):

You finish and you're still tingling.


Cubby (16:57):

So, are you asking for a cigarette now? I mean. All right.


Barnes (17:03):

That's going to be the next thing, trying the shoes while you're having sex.


Leslie (17:08):

That is amazing.


Cubby (17:08):

Check this out, I'm on the website because I wanted to get a price.


Leslie (17:13):

That's incredible.


Cubby (17:15):

And I'm looking at-


Leslie (17:16):

That's incredible.


Cubby (17:16):

They're all sold out.


Leslie (17:18):



Barnes (17:18):

They're about to get a new shipment.


Cubby (17:19):

Notify me when available, there's a button here for that, but there's no price and wow, compatible with all Bluetooth headphones.


Barnes (17:26):

It's unbelievable.


Cubby (17:27):

Compatible with iPhone, Android.


Leslie (17:28):

I'm surprised it took somebody this long to come up with this technology.


Barnes (17:31):

I'll let you know when ... and also artist mixing. So when you're mixing your record, you can feel the music. Or if you're a drummer, you can put the bass and whoever like your monitor. So you're feeling it in your feet and up through your body.


Leslie (17:49):

It's so cool.


Cubby (17:51):

That is so cool. I mean, just when you think they thought of everything, that is something that really gives you the feels and wow.


Barnes (17:56):

They're about to be in stock.


Cubby (17:57):

Yeah, it's got nothing but five stars, this is so cool.


Leslie (18:01):

By the way, it's great for the gift for someone who has everything.


Cubby (18:04):



Leslie (18:05):

This is the gift.


Cubby (18:06):

Yeah, because you know they don't have it.


Leslie (18:07):

You know what I'm saying?


Barnes (18:07):

Because no-one has it.


Cubby (18:08):

Right. And you know what, they look good.


Barnes (18:10):

What's weird though is people will look at you ... they're good looking. They're great looking shoes.


Cubby (18:14):

They really are.


Barnes (18:14):

I went into eat and the people were, I was like, "What are they looking at?" And I'm like, "Oh, because I sound like a car has come inside and you know when you pull up next to a car and it's like-


Cubby (18:26):

The annoying bass? Yeah, yeah.


Barnes (18:28):

Yeah, that's what you're noticed.


Leslie (18:31):

By the way they are actually good looking shoes though.


Barnes (18:33):

They are and they're comfortable.


Leslie (18:35):



Cubby (18:35):



Barnes (18:36):

So anyway, that was not a paid segment.


Cubby (18:38):



Barnes (18:38):

That's just enthusiasm.


Cubby (18:39):

And you know what, we are called the Pop Culture Show so we're hip on new trends and stuff like that and there we go, that's a new one that I never even heard of.


Barnes (18:47):

Check them out.


Leslie (18:47):

Thanks Barnes.


Barnes (18:47):



Cubby (18:50):

I am reserving a pair right now.


Leslie (18:53):

Well let's dive into some Celebrity Sleaze. Poor Simon Cowell, did you hear about his six hour surgery about his back injury?


Barnes (19:00):

I've heard so many stories.


Cubby (19:01):

Yeah, I didn't know it was six hours though.


Leslie (19:04):

Bike crash, broke his back, six hour surgery. Had to put a metal rod in his back.


Cubby (19:10):

My buddy was on that show earlier this week. Micheal Yo, he was a comedian, he was on Monday night. Got voted off Tuesday night, but he was bummed out that he did the show and Simon wasn't there.


Barnes (19:20):

It's going to be weird because Simon was stiff already, now he's got a metal plate in his back.


Cubby (19:25):

Boom, Barnes with the jokes.


Leslie (19:27):



Barnes (19:27):

I'm just saying.


Leslie (19:30):



Cubby (19:30):



Leslie (19:31):

Well, Kelly Clarkson was filling in for him, so that's cool. So every week we talk about this about how Hollywood has lost ideas, here's another one. Jim Carrey reportedly returning for two more Mask movies.


Barnes (19:42):



Leslie (19:43):

Two more.


Cubby (19:44):

Is it because we're all wearing masks? Is that the main reason?


Barnes (19:48):

Hollywood's like, "Oh yeah, a movie about masks, yeah, do it."


Cubby (19:51):

Yeah, jump on it.


Leslie (19:52):

Here we go again, another reboot. Every week we talk about this, Saved By The Bell reboot.


Barnes (19:57):

I saw the trailer, much more dramatic.


Cubby (20:00):

Right, it's more like a Beverley Hills 90210.


Barnes (20:02):



Cubby (20:03):

Some serious moments, but I've always been a fan of Saved By The Bell, it's a great time, it's a great period.


Leslie (20:09):

So Barnes, our old buddy David Arquette, You Cannot Kill David Arquette has been released. I guess it's going to be video-on-demand with David Arquette?


Barnes (20:17):

It looks hysterical. I had no idea that the wrestling world was so freaked out about him.


Leslie (20:23):

Yeah, I had no idea either that he was in the wrestling world. Cubby, I don't know if you knew that or not.


Cubby (20:28):

Did not.


Leslie (20:28):

But we're old buddies with David Arquette, so we have to try to get him on this show.


Barnes (20:33):

Which I texted him and usually he texts right back which he must be just busy with promotion for the show, but he was apparently the WCW champ in 2000. It was a bit, but the wrestling world never accepted him.


Cubby (20:50):

Well, we keep bringing in these heavy hitters as far as guests go. You might want to work on that one.


Barnes (20:54):

I'm trying.


Leslie (20:55):

Here's something else that hit the internet that I absolutely loved and people are wondering what ever happened to Phil Collins. Well, In The Air Tonight has hit, again, after 39 years of being released, it's back on the chart because of these twins from Gary, Indiana and their spontaneous reaction to Phil Collins In The Air Tonight.


Barnes (21:15):

Oh, it's hysterical.


Leslie (21:16):

22-year-old twins Tim and Fred Williams and I guess when they get to the drum part, they just go crazy. I sent it to Barnes and he loved it.


Barnes (21:25):

Cubby, have you seen it?


Cubby (21:25):

Yeah, it's great. It reminds me kind of Hangover? Remember when Mike Tyson and the drums? Yeah.


Barnes (21:31):

And there's a bunch of people that do these type of videos, this one I would play a clip but it won't make sense because we're watching the screen and describing it. But to watch them and that big drum part that comes in five minutes in.


Cubby (21:44):



Barnes (21:44):

And they're just sitting there bobbing their head and then they both almost fall out of the chair and are like, "Who would drop a beat five minutes into a song?"


Cubby (21:53):

Which is a great point actually, but it's a classic.


Barnes (21:56):

They're like, Phil.


Cubby (21:57):

Have you seen the people doing the drums with the cupboards or in the kitchen and right when the beat kicks in, they close all the cupboard doors and they have to time it out perfectly?


Barnes (22:06):



Cubby (22:07):

I love that on TikTok.


Barnes (22:07):

It's really good.


Cubby (22:08):



Leslie (22:09):

Now Cubby, you always do The Wayback Machine, do you remember who was in the original Three Men and a Baby? Because there's going to be a remake.


Barnes (22:15):

Tom Selleck.


Cubby (22:16):

John Travolta?


Barnes (22:18):

John Travolta and Martin Short.


Leslie (22:20):

Was Travolta in it? Was Tom Selleck?


Barnes (22:22):

I don't know.


Cubby (22:22):

Or am I wrong?


Leslie (22:23):

Ted Danson.


Barnes (22:24):

Ted Danson.


Cubby (22:25):

That's right, that's right.


Leslie (22:25):

And Steve Guttenberg.


Barnes (22:26):

Oh man, I was way off.


Leslie (22:27):

But anyway.


Cubby (22:28):

So there goes my cred.


Leslie (22:29):

Here we go, Three Men and a Baby, guess who's going to redo it? Zac Efron. Which I don't see that at all because he's a pretty boy.


Cubby (22:36):

Right, I don't see it either.


Leslie (22:37):

Which is nothing wrong with that.


Barnes (22:39):

Who are the other two? And does he play the baby?


Leslie (22:40):

It doesn't say.


Cubby (22:45):

Is there anything original anymore?


Leslie (22:46):

Maybe he should. No.


Cubby (22:47):

I'm pretty sad.


Barnes (22:47):



Leslie (22:48):

Hey, by the way Barnes, you live in Atlanta, did you know that they're making Spider-Man 3 there?


Barnes (22:53):

They did not consult me on this one.


Leslie (22:56):

They need to, Spider-Man 3 apparently pre-production happening in the ATL again because Hollywood has no new ideas. Did you see the power list, the highest paid actor list from Forbes?


Barnes (23:08):

I did not.


Cubby (23:08):

I know, I know, I know, can I go?


Leslie (23:11):

Geez, yeah, go ahead.


Cubby (23:12):

No, I'm just excited because there's one thing you mentioned that I've actually read about and maybe I'm wrong, but I think it's The Rock.


Leslie (23:17):

Mm-hmm (affirmative) The Rock.


Cubby (23:19):

Which surprises me because I know he's done a lot, but what has he done lately? I don't know.


Barnes (23:24):

Well, a ton. He's always on something and they're usually hokey comedies and he's getting paid huge.


Cubby (23:30):

Maybe because I'm not a huge fan I don't even know, but yeah.


Leslie (23:33):

Maybe you're just not aware of his films, but apparently he made an estimated 87.5 million over the last year.


Cubby (23:40):

That's some good coin right there.


Leslie (23:41):

And there were some other people in there that I totally got like Mark Wahlberg, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Ben Affleck too by the way was in that list as well.


Cubby (23:51):



Leslie (23:52):

And I know he's been doing a bunch of stuff for Netflix. How about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, a reboot there with Will Smith.


Barnes (23:59):

Come on, everything's a reboot.


Leslie (24:02):

Yeah, the show's based on, again, on Morgan Cooper's viral YouTube trailer with I guess Morgan Cooper also on board with Will Smith. Of course Will Smith has got to be involved, of course.


Barnes (24:13):

This looks more like Boyz n the Hood


Leslie (24:16):

Did it? I didn't see the trailer.


Barnes (24:16):

No seriously, it's very dramatic, very dramatic. It's not a comedy.


Leslie (24:21):

I thought this was very progressive for the Hallmark Channel. They will feature their first same-sex wedding.


Barnes (24:30):

That is a big deal for them and it's about time.


Leslie (24:31):

I thought so too. I mean, by the way, it's great, but I was really like wow.


Barnes (24:35):

Right, they're very conservative.


Leslie (24:38):

Now this was bizarre, David Blaine, you know David Blaine the magician?


Cubby (24:43):



Leslie (24:43):

To float through the air while holding balloons.


Barnes (24:46):

What the hell do balloons have to do with it?


Leslie (24:46):

His new special will stream on August 31st on his YouTube channel.


Barnes (24:53):

Seriously, am I missing something?


Leslie (24:56):

By the way Cubby, this is in your neck of the woods.


Cubby (24:58):



Leslie (24:58):

Follow Blaine as he attempts to float from New Jersey over the New York City skyline.


Cubby (25:03):



Barnes (25:04):

Come on.


Leslie (25:04):



Cubby (25:04):

We talked about this on our show today and I think it's funny, it's only going to be on YouTube. David Blaine used to have specials on major networks, what does that say?


Barnes (25:15):

Well, I mean, YouTube's probably paying him a big nut.


Cubby (25:18):

Well yeah, you're right, I know YouTube's huge, but I used to remember David Blaine on NBC or ABC, it was a big deal. And he hasn't done anything in a while, so I guess I am curious.


Leslie (25:29):

Yeah, I'm curious about that and Barnes actually turned me on to this and it's quite funny, but another reason that 2020 continues to be weird, have you seen or heard Michael Jackson's Bad-


Barnes (25:43):

Oh, this is great.


Leslie (25:44):

... as a bluegrass song?


Barnes (25:45):

Have you seen it Cubby?


Cubby (25:46):

I have not and maybe I shouldn't be on this show because it's pop culture, I don't know about this one.


Barnes (25:51):

This one is good. I'm going to play part of it for you, I wish I could show you, but you can just Google it. Just Google Michael Jackson Bad bluegrass.


Cubby (26:00):



Barnes (26:01):

Who did this, does it say who did it?


Leslie (26:02):

No, it doesn't.


Barnes (26:03):

It's unbelievable. Hearing it is pretty cool, but when you see that they've taken the original video and what I'm about to play for you, put it all together, it's insane (singing). Imagine the video, we all know the video. They're all running around, it's crazy.


Cubby (26:33):

I'm imagining Deliverance is what I'm imagining.


Barnes (26:35):



Leslie (26:38):

Good call on Deliverance.


Cubby (26:40):

Squeal like a pig.


Barnes (26:40):

It's really wild. Google that, you will love it.


Leslie (26:43):

So I'm sure the next time we talk, I'll talk more about more reboots coming out of Hollywood, that's your Celebrity Sleaze.


Cubby (26:49):

All right, I love it. Hey, I'm a little behind on my Netflix watching, I will admit. Are you guys watching anything on Netflix?


Barnes (26:56):

Let me get my app, standby, because I can't remember all of them. Hold on.


Leslie (26:59):

I told you I'm still watching Yellowstone on the Paramount network which is phenomenal. Kevin Costner.


Barnes (27:05):

Have you watched Dr. Foster yet?


Leslie (27:06):



Barnes (27:07):

Damn it, Fram.


Leslie (27:07):

No, I'm sorry.


Barnes (27:08):

I give you recommendations because I care.


Cubby (27:11):

Well here's what I want to talk about.


Barnes (27:14):

Hold on, you asked me a question, let me answer.


Leslie (27:16):

He's actually looking up his Netflix app.


Barnes (27:17):

Well, because I'm trying to remember what I'm watching.


Cubby (27:19):

Yeah, chop the shit out.


Leslie (27:19):

You're not watching Selling Sunset are you?


Barnes (27:22):

No, it just came up with an ad, Fram.


Leslie (27:24):



Barnes (27:24):

Slow your roll, I don't like doing this show with you in the same room.


Leslie (27:26):

Slow your roll.


Barnes (27:27):

I need my social distance.


Leslie (27:29):

Did he just say slow your roll?


Barnes (27:30):

You're looking over my shoulder like we're in an airplane seat and you're like, "Do you really watch Selling Sunset?" I have seen one episode. I'm watching Outer Banks.


Leslie (27:42):

Yeah, I have to watch that because everybody that I work with is like, "You got to watch Outer Banks."


Barnes (27:47):

And Charles Esten who's one of the stars is going to be on this show in I think three weeks right at the end of August?


Leslie (27:52):

Former start of Nashville, TV show Nashville.


Cubby (27:55):

Look at that.


Barnes (27:56):

Do you know a little bit about that do you?


Leslie (27:56):

Mm-hmm (affirmative)


Barnes (27:58):

Bloodline, there's another one.


Leslie (27:59):

I finished that a long time ago.


Barnes (28:02):

Oh well, why haven't you mentioned it?


Leslie (28:04):

I love Bloodline.


Barnes (28:05):

And Money Heist, I'm on the third section.


Cubby (28:08):

I have a fun Netflix fact for you. So, when you sign on to the streaming service, the logo appears and you hear that famous sound.


Barnes (28:16):

Love that sound.


Cubby (28:18):

So, the Netflix offices call that the Ta-Dum and it's very recognizable, but believe it or not, so Todd Yellin, Netflix's Vice President of Product, he recently revealed that one of the options considered for Netflix production logo was something else. And I got to tell you, I have three options here and I want you to see which one do you think they were considering. And this is no joke, by the way, they were considering one of these sounds and I want you to see if you know which one it is. Is it A?


Speaker 6 (28:49):

Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The show is about to begin.


Cubby (28:54):

All right or is it B? Or is it C?


Barnes (29:06):



Leslie (29:06):



Cubby (29:06):

Of the three you heard, which one do you think they were actually considering as the beginning of the logo on it?


Barnes (29:11):

This is for real, one of those three as going to be the Ta-Dum?


Cubby (29:15):

One hundred percent.


Leslie (29:15):

I'm going to say B.


Cubby (29:17):

You're going to say B and that was-


Barnes (29:19):

Which was the cartoon sounding thing?


Cubby (29:21):

Right, that was the cartoon sounding thing.


Barnes (29:23):

I would say the ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats like it's showtime.


Cubby (29:28):

That's what I thought, guys. But believe it or not.


Barnes (29:33):

No way.


Leslie (29:34):

There's no way.


Barnes (29:34):

A goat?


Cubby (29:35):

The sound of a goat was on the shortlist of possible s…

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