Lisa Loeb Interview + Cubby Hits A Jackpot + Bradley Cooper Sighting
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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Welcome to The Pop Culture Show with Barnes, Leslie and Cubby.


Barnes (00:03):

The Pop Culture Show is back. I'm Barnes. That's Leslie. That's Cubby. Please rate, review and subscribe and thank you for hanging with us. There's a lot going on including a couple of guests coming up. Kristian Bush from Sugarland will be on with us next week.


Leslie (00:19):

Our old buddy Kristian Bush.


Barnes (00:21):

You can listen to us on the iHeartRadio app and now we've been added to Pandora. So if Pandora is your jam. Where else can we get picked up Cubby?


Cubby (00:30):

Buicks. You can hear us now from Buicks now.


Barnes (00:32):

Yeah, they added that from Tesla. Tesla [crosstalk 00:00:35].


Cubby (00:34):

Tesla, of course. I love my Tesla. I don't have one but I love my Tesla.


Barnes (00:39):

How was your week?


Cubby (00:41):

Well, we had that tropical storm, Isaias.


Leslie (00:43):

That's right.


Barnes (00:45):

Did they do that as a job to weathercasters? No one can say the name.


Cubby (00:48):

It took me forever to say it and I'm probably still saying it wrong. We got hit pretty hard here. It was only like a five hour travel storm, like it flew in flew out, but lost power for 24 hours, which is nothing compared to other friends of mine who are still without power.


Barnes (01:03):

And with a baby.


Cubby (01:04):

With a baby. Had a friend of mine come over and bring a generator which helped us out a little bit. You could plug in a few lamps and stuff like that and a portable air conditioning but it was a heck of a week. A tree fell, almost hit our house where the baby was sleeping. Barely missed it. So we were very fortunate but you know what, despite all that, guys-


Barnes (01:26):

Did your Jägermeister machine go down?


Cubby (01:27):

It went down for a whole day but despite all that, I think I locked in a guest for today's show.


Leslie (01:33):



Cubby (01:34):

I made some calls. I was on the internet, shot a few emails, and even a day without power didn't stop me from, I'm fairly certain booking somebody here today.


Barnes (01:47):

Who? Tell us.


Cubby (01:49):

I'd be crazy to tell you now.


Barnes (01:52):

You're playing games now with us. We have to listen to find out who it is.


Cubby (01:54):

I can assure you-


Barnes (01:56):

I can't leave early.


Cubby (01:58):

I can assure you this person is going to chime in and plug into our podcast in the next few minutes.


Barnes (02:05):

We're going to know who it is?


Cubby (02:06):

You should. Grammy winner, I know that.


Leslie (02:08):

What a tease.


Barnes (02:10):

Did we play them on alternative radio?


Cubby (02:12):

Oh, absolutely. You guys probably know this person you probably interviewed and hung out with this person as much as I have.


Barnes (02:19):

Actor also, or just a singer?


Cubby (02:22):

No, maybe done some acting but-


Barnes (02:25):

I don't like to be teased like this.


Cubby (02:26):

Was part of a movie in a weird roundabout way. So there's a little tease for you.


Leslie (02:31):

He or she?


Cubby (02:32):



Leslie (02:33):

Oh, it's a she?


Barnes (02:35):

What if we were to end the show right now? It would just be over. Thanks for listening to The Pop Culture Show. So where's your guest Cubby-


Cubby (02:42):

Not until she chimes. I'm not feeling confident until we hear that, and she plugs into the podcast here.


Barnes (02:49):

What? We're just going to sit and wait and something's going to happen? Is it like on Zoom when people just pop in.


Leslie (02:54):

I think that's what's going to happen.


Cubby (02:57):

Yeah, it's like that, like a surprise drop in.


Barnes (02:58):

That was a crazy week. I would not take yours for anything. Mine was pretty low key I did guest host a podcast. Our friend Damona Hoffman, who has a very successful dating podcast. She was on our second, I think episode ever when we started this thing back in April.


Leslie (03:13):

Wait a minute. Why were you on a dating podcast?


Barnes (03:14):

I guest hosted. She does this segment called Headlines and she wanted some pop culture input, and so who did she come to? The Pop Culture Show.


Cubby (03:21):

Did you plug our show?


Barnes (03:23):

Cubby, how long have you known me?


Cubby (03:25):

30 years.


Leslie (03:25):

He's the plug meister.


Barnes (03:27):

Did I plug our show?


Cubby (03:28):

I'm Ygritte meister, you're plug meister.


Barnes (03:31):

So yeah, that episode drops today, same day as ours. It's called Dates and Mates. It's a very successful show. I've probably ruined it, but it's out today. My part of it is somewhere in there. She does headlines in the segment or as a segment.


Leslie (03:47):

Does she help people get dates and mates?


Barnes (03:49):

She's very good. She's in the LA Times. She writes for like, what's the Washington big newspaper, I think-


Leslie (03:55):

Washington Post?


Barnes (03:57):

That may be it. Yep. She does all of these newspapers and she hosted a dating show on, I want to say Lifetime or one of those networks. She's always in the mix. She's very cool. Damona Hoffman and that show is called Dates and Mates. So listen. Fram, how was your week?


Leslie (04:12):

Damn, my week pales in comparison. Cubby is without power, sitting in the dark. You're over there on podcasts. I'm just over here growing watermelons.


Cubby (04:21):

That actually is really cool. I saw that on your Instagram and that looks really neat.


Barnes (04:26):

You posted a lot about this watermelon and the one thing I can think of, it takes how many days to grow watermelon?


Leslie (04:34):

I don't know. All I can tell you is that I go out there and water it. My husband does most of the work-


Barnes (04:39):

You do know. He just told you. I heard him tell 60 days. I was teeing you up, and what was my comment when you said that?


Leslie (04:46):

I didn't hear your comment.


Barnes (04:47):

I said I would just go to Publix. Because that's too much attachment to a watermelon, for 60 days and then you just eat it like that and it's gone.


Cubby (04:56):

Do you water them?


Leslie (04:57):

You do think it was cool how it went from a tiny little seed to-


Barnes (05:00):

Of course, but then you eat it and then it's gone.


Leslie (05:02):

I know but you grow yourself in your own garden. It's magical.


Cubby (05:05):

Do you water it with your [quify 00:05:06]?


Barnes (05:06):



Cubby (05:08):

Oh, QuiFit. I'm sorry.


Barnes (05:09):

There's still people talking about that.


Leslie (05:12):

I need money from that company because I think I sold about 30 of those things.


Barnes (05:15):

It's French, right? They're saying we.


Leslie (05:17):

It's we fit.


Barnes (05:19):

Right, but only you would take the little tilde accent thing and make it a Q for QuiFit.


Cubby (05:26):

I just want to take two seconds to shout out to people. Yes, only two but hopefully more. A girl named Jody who is our account executive at iHeartRadio, listens every week and so does Wendy Wilde. She's our midday DJ at KTU, the station I used to be at. She listens all the time. I just want to shout out to you people real quick because they comment every week on our show and we really appreciate it.


Leslie (05:49):

That's really nice.


Cubby (05:50):

Spread the word guys and Jodi, Wendy we love you and let's get some more people tuning into The Pop Culture Show.


Barnes (05:56):

Before we get to celebrity sleaze, I thought it would be fun to do around of tell me a story where you have to tell something about one of the other co hosts. So you have something that is stuck in your mind about one of the other two. That just when you say someone's name, a story is kind of implanted in your head, friends of yours. For some reason your mind goes back to that story. I have two quick ones and I actually have one about both of you. Cubby, I always think of the time you won, what was it? $40,000 in a slot machine?


Cubby (06:32):

Yes, it was $38,500 on a slot machine.


Barnes (06:36):

How much did you put in?


Cubby (06:37):

100 bucks.


Barnes (06:38):

Three times or just 100?


Cubby (06:40):

No, I went to, I take that back. It was about $300 into a $100 machine because I've had some success on $100 slot machines. Your money will go like that if you're not winning, but you can also score big. One cherry on $100 machine could be like $3,000.


Barnes (07:01):

Dude gets off of work, goes right to Atlantic City, calls me from the car, is like, dude, I just won $38,000. I'm like, what?


Cubby (07:08):

Leslie, I was feeling it. It was really weird. I was at work. I'm about two hours from Atlantic City, you probably remember from working up here is not far at all and it kind of hit me. I'm like, you know what, I'm going to go down to Atlantic City. It's Tuesday afternoon, nobody will be there. I jumped in the car, went down there and I had $500, I had five $100 bills, and I said, I'm just going to put them all in the $100 machine and whatever happens, happens, and $300 in the thing went cherry, cherry and then like, jackpot. I knew it was big, but I wasn't sure.


Barnes (07:41):

At that point, when you win that much money, what happens? Do people emerge from a secret room and come get you?


Cubby (07:46):

It was ringing and then I thought I want $3,800 at first because I was like, what's happening here and then this old lady walks by and she goes, oh, honey, you did good. Then another person came up to me and then a little bit circle started. I said, I think it's like 3,800 and they go, no, it's 38,000.


Leslie (08:06):

$38,000. Are you the type of person that will walk away at that point? Because a lot of people, as you know, go the other way, and they lose it all.


Cubby (08:14):

I walk away when I'm up 400. I was not expecting this and then they're like, we can convert this to a check if you want or we can just give you cash.


Barnes (08:23):

Like right there, they do it?


Cubby (08:24):

Right there. Everything happens right there.


Barnes (08:27):

Wow, they take the tax out.


Cubby (08:30):

They mail you the, what is it? The W-2 or the 10-


Barnes (08:32):



Cubby (08:34):

They mail you that later in the year. So during tax time, and then you report it and all that.


Barnes (08:39):

So that sticks in my mind. What'd you do with the money?


Cubby (08:42):

You know what I did? I didn't go to an ATM machine for like years, because-


Barnes (08:45):

You kept it as slash mind.


Cubby (08:47):

I took the cash and they wrapped it in an envelope for me and a guy walked me out and I didn't put it in the bank. I know that sounds stupid. I'd literally just lived off it for like 10 years.


Leslie (08:58):

Bank robbers do that too.


Barnes (09:02):

You see why it's stuck in my head?


Cubby (09:04):

That's amazing. I love that story.


Leslie (09:06):

I didn't know that story. That's incredible.


Barnes (09:07):

My Leslie story is from New York. Also, one time when we were there, every year we did our show for a year there for MTV, and we were in the Empire State Building up on the deck. She turns to me and says, "Are we in the eyes?"


Leslie (09:21):

My husband loves this story.


Barnes (09:24):

I was like, "Fran, this is not the Statue of Liberty. It's the Empire State Building."


Leslie (09:30):

I was so innocent, you know.


Cubby (09:33):

This is why people love Leslie though. She's real, she's innocent, she's-


Barnes (09:37):

It just stays in my mind for some reason. When Fram's name comes up on my phone, I go right to, are we in the eyes?


Leslie (09:45):

That's staying in the Fram Hall of Fame, I might add.


Barnes (09:48):



Cubby (09:50):

QuiFit. How can we top last week after the beginning of last week? Oh my God.


Leslie (09:56):

There's so many Barnes' stories, Cubby as you know. The fact that he doesn't like Stoli anymore, it's like because that was number one for him. Anyways, I digress. When we did a morning show together, we all had our top five list. Our fantasy top five Cubby. I think Brad Pitt was always number one on mine, but Barnes had a type as you can imagine. Barnes had a type, like Reese Witherspoon was always in his top five. Who else was in?


Barnes (10:22):

Number one forever.


Leslie (10:24):

Forever was Reese. Who else was in your, do you remember-


Barnes (10:26):

Jennifer Aniston.


Leslie (10:27):

Yep, yep.


Barnes (10:30):

They were the staples. Then the bottom three kind of rotated.


Leslie (10:34):

They rotated [crosstalk 00:10:35].


Barnes (10:35):

Where's this going Fram?


Leslie (10:39):

Cubby, you remember the singer Dido?


Cubby (10:42):

Of course.


Leslie (10:44):

When Dido first came out at the radio station, the record rep brought her in. We did an interview on the morning show where we played her new song and she was lovely person. Really nice. So anyway, they leave the control room and Barnes immediately declares on the air that there's a change in his top five list. There's like an immediate change in the top five list.


Barnes (11:05):

I remember this-


Leslie (11:05):

Dido's going right to the top. Little did he know that Dido was in the hallway listening to this whole thing, because there's like speakers in the hallway, playing the morning show. They come back into the control room after they heard this whole thing. I think actually, she was probably delighted about it and she thought it was really cool. So she came back in, it was revealed that all of a sudden Dido is number one on Barnes' top five and then we all had dinner that night. It was a beautiful relationship.


Barnes (11:35):

It was the strangest thing. She was not known then. This was pre Eminem and all that stuff she did.


Cubby (11:42):

You kept in touch with her, right? I remember you-


Barnes (11:43):

For years. I haven't spoken with her in a long time, she's lovely. Such a cool girl. She would come to Atlanta all the time and we'd go out. We'd go to dinner. We'd go to Food 101 on Roswell road, we went to Prime at Linux. I remember that night. That was like a three hour dinner. It's not like all of a sudden Dido was my girlfriend all of a sudden. She wasn't, but it was just the weirdest thing. It's like high school, they left the room and I'm like, oh, they're not listening. Immediately, she's number one. Number one. Who's Reese Witherspoon.


Cubby (12:10):

Speaking of women, see my memory of Barnes, I guess it's more of a question.


Barnes (12:16):

I feel like I'm being attacked.


Cubby (12:17):

No, it's more of a question than it is a story but when I first met you, it was July, of 1991 when I first met you. Were you hitting on my date? That's my question I've always wanted to ask, because-


Barnes (12:31):

Who was your date?


Cubby (12:32):

I don't think you were hitting on her but you talked about how pretty she was.


Barnes (12:37):

Who was she?


Cubby (12:38):

I don't remember. I think her name was Alison and we dated for a year-


Barnes (12:41):

Well, maybe I was giving you credit. I don't recall hitting on her. Well, I wouldn't hit on your-


Leslie (12:44):

Wait, did she look like Dido?


Cubby (12:45):

No, she actually was brunette. So maybe not-


Barnes (12:48):

Well then there's your answer. There's no way.


Leslie (12:50):

He was always into blondes back then.


Barnes (12:52):

My top five was like, yeah.


Cubby (12:54):

Always blonde?


Barnes (12:55):



Cubby (12:56):

Okay, so maybe you weren't but I definitely think that it helped because I know how you appreciate a fine looking lady and we got to talking and you were like, hey, who's this fine, young thing? I don't think you said that but-


Barnes (13:09):

You make me sound like grandpa. I was 22 years old at the time. That's funny. That's what sticks in your head? That's your story?


Leslie (13:17):

That's hysterical.


Barnes (13:18):

For all these years? For 30 years? You've been thinking I was trying to pick up your 18 year old girlfriend?


Cubby (13:25):

She wasn't 18, she was like our age.


Barnes (13:27):

You were 19.


Cubby (13:29):

In '91, I was I just turned 20.


Barnes (13:31):

Okay. I'm sorry. You just turned 20. That's hysterical.


Cubby (13:35):

I have other stories of you. I have like, you and I did a bet together when I was working in Houston. and you were working in Kansas City and radio DJs we do these wacky things. Hey, if my team wins, I'll do this or you do that. We had a bet where the Oilers were playing the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs and if the Oilers won, you had to pump gas for your listeners. I can't remember what would happen if the Chiefs had won because I didn't have to worry about that. You lost and you had to pump gas and we got a lot of traction on, I believe in all the industry trade magazines on that.


Barnes (14:11):

I think the gas is probably because the Oilers, I'm assuming.


Cubby (14:13):

Well yeah, I get that. I can't remember what mine was going to be but that was our early radio days.


Barnes (14:18):

I had to pump gas for like three hours.


Cubby (14:20):

You did. I remember that. I remember that.


Barnes (14:23):

That was the worst.


Cubby (14:24):

It was your idea, too.


Barnes (14:25):

All right, thanks for reminding me of all these great stories. Good to know that you're still freaking out about your date. I love that.


Leslie (14:32):



Barnes (14:32):

Glad I hold that power over you, Cubby. All of these years.


Cubby (14:35):

Finally after 30 years, it feels great to get this off my chest, man.


Barnes (14:38):

All right.


Leslie (14:39):

I was getting ready to say pent up-


Barnes (14:41):

Yeah, something.


Leslie (14:43):

Are we ready for celebrity sleeve? You're ready to dive in guys?


Cubby (14:46):

Let's do this.


Leslie (14:48):

The Ellen DeGeneres saga continues. First of all, did you see that rumor that James Corden could be acting over her show?


Barnes (14:55):

What a perfect person to take it.


Leslie (14:58):

That's what the, "insiders" are saying. I think he'd be great.


Barnes (15:01):

He's probably the one driving the rumors now the most. Yeah, it's all true. It's all true, mate.


Leslie (15:06):

Her wife spoke up, Portia de Rossi is speaking up and her statement was like, to all the fans, we see you, thank you for your support. Then her brother, her brothers now coming out saying, okay, I need to say something. My sister is being viciously attacked and let me assure you, it is all BS.


Barnes (15:25):

I'm hearing the opposite.


Leslie (15:26):

Now I don't know if she's calling or the producers are calling these celebrities. Because you see a bunch of celebrities came out this week in her defense.


Cubby (15:34):

Katy Perry, I believe is one of them.


Leslie (15:37):

Katy Perry was one of them.


Barnes (15:38):

Kevin Hart and he got fried for it.


Leslie (15:40):

Now Ellen is, people are saying that Ellen is now going to quietly back up from her show because she feels "betrayed."


Barnes (15:49):

Quietly, with her how many millions of dollars?


Leslie (15:52):

She thinks she's a target and look, where there's smoke, there's fire. There's so many of these stories, and they just keep coming out. So let's see what happens.


Cubby (16:00):

There was like a kid I think not a kid, but they were like 11 years old.


Barnes (16:05):

He's like a VP of a marketing agency in New Orleans. I saw that.


Cubby (16:08):

Oh, it's a guy, right?


Barnes (16:09):

Yeah, it's a guy.


Cubby (16:10):

Okay. Yeah.


Leslie (16:11):

Well, I love it when two beautiful people get together and I will tell you social media was going crazy over this story. At the beach together, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner. People want Jen to be in love after Ben Affleck had an affair with the nanny. People want her to be happy. You can't blame her.


Barnes (16:29):

Hey, Cubby?


Cubby (16:30):



Barnes (16:31):

Last time I was in LA at breakfast.


Cubby (16:33):

Who'd you run into? Where are we going?


Barnes (16:34):

I was sitting in my car, making a call and I heard this really thumping G Wagon, G Wagon, G Wagon come up and it parked right next to me like almost to the point where I couldn't open my door. Bradley Cooper.


Leslie (16:45):



Cubby (16:46):

Were people confused on who was who with you next to him?


Barnes (16:49):

It was so confusing. It was two days after he won his Oscar and not one pap sign which was shocking. He went to this place, Heather, what's the name of the place where all the shops and-


Heather (17:01):

Farm Stands.


Barnes (17:01):

The Farm Stands in Brentwood. There's a great breakfast place in there. You used to be able to see people there all the time and Jennifer Garner was one of them that live in that kind of Brentwood heavy estate big huge, like $20 million house area. He popped up with his really tacky-


Leslie (17:19):



Barnes (17:20):

No, like the warm ups and a messy shirt like just out of bed and not one person was out there and there's usually paparazzi all around that place.


Cubby (17:29):

Was he by himself?


Barnes (17:31):

No, because then I walked in with him. Yeah, but he was by himself.


Leslie (17:36):

Barnes was hoping for like a buddy cop movie of he and Bradley Cooper.


Barnes (17:39):

That was my moment. Where are the pap when you need them? He was on the on a phone call when he pulled up and you know when it's really loud in your car and people pull up at a light and you can hear everything going on?


Cubby (17:49):

Yeah, it sounds like the Charlie Brown teacher.


Barnes (17:51):

Yeah. So he pulled up and his windows were down and he was blasting somebody, some guy, probably his agent or something. It was really random.


Leslie (17:58):

Remember the rumors of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga when they filmed the movie together and people were like, ah. I don't know, but anyway-


Barnes (18:05):

By the way, I took a picture.


Leslie (18:06):

You did? Send it to us.


Barnes (18:07):

I put my iPhone up to my ear like I was on the phone and I just hit the volume knob. Snap, snap, snap.


Leslie (18:13):

Unbelievable. That's a sneaky move.


Barnes (18:15):

He was right there.


Leslie (18:17):

We got two Simons in the news, Simon Cowell, who had a wreck on his motorized bike over the weekend. People are saying he broke his back and has to have surgery.


Barnes (18:27):

First that came out and said he just had a minor injury and then all of a sudden he had a broken back.


Leslie (18:31):

I know. I don't know if he had a broken back or what but I've heard conflicting stories.


Barnes (18:35):

You know when you have a broken back, right? I don't know if there was like a question. They had to determine it.


Leslie (18:40):

Then there's Simon Fuller, the guy who owns the Idol franchise. Have you heard this?


Barnes (18:45):



Leslie (18:46):

He wants to have the first of its kind show about forming a supergroup from TikTok.


Cubby (18:54):

My gosh.


Leslie (18:55):

Here we go.


Cubby (18:57):

It'll probably work though. I got to be honest with you, it'll probably work.


Leslie (19:00):

We do have a story about TikTok later and somebody who just broke off TikTok. So because Hollywood is out of ideas, we have reboots. We have all these different franchise installments and here we go, and revivals. Have you heard about A League of Their Own, a reboot coming to Amazon?


Barnes (19:18):

The movie?


Leslie (19:19):

Yep, a TV reboot of A League of Their Own is coming to Amazon based on the movie. That's one.


Cubby (19:25):

Not much original stuff much.


Leslie (19:27):

Here's another reboot, although I'm very happy about this reboot. Chip and Joanna Gaines are rebooting Fixer Upper because they own a network now. They have their own network. It hasn't launched yet. It's called Magnolia. So they're going to reboot that and it'll be huge because, like me, there are a lot of people that would just watch hours of Fixer Upper.


Barnes (19:46):

Those two kill it. They kill it.


Leslie (19:49):

Nev Campbell, reportedly signed on for Scream 5.


Barnes (19:54):

Where has she been?


Leslie (19:54):

I didn't know there was a Scream 3-


Cubby (19:57):

Or 4.


Barnes (19:57):

Where has she been?


Leslie (19:57):

Remember, our buddy David Arquette's going to be in it too. I don't know where Nev's been. Here's another reboot, or revival, Who's The Boss?


Barnes (20:08):

Man, Hollywood is out of ideas.


Leslie (20:11):

With the original stars by the way. Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano returning to reprise their roles.


Barnes (20:19):

30 years later?


Leslie (20:20):

Yeah, 30 years later, with Milano's Samantha now all grown up and a single mom. She's living in the same house as the original series.


Barnes (20:28):

Let's bring back Gilligan's Island.


Leslie (20:31):

We should. Modern day.


Barnes (20:32):

Where's Love Boat? They tried that again. Fantasy Island.


Cubby (20:35):

Yeah, don't get me going man. The Jeffersons, Good Times. I loved all the 70s and 80s and 90s shows.


Leslie (20:40):

Love Island, season two in Las Vegas. It's coming out, August 24.


Barnes (20:46):

How are they going to pull that? Their advertising during Big Brother which started this week.


Leslie (20:49):

What is Love Island about?


Barnes (20:51):

It's the typical, it's just a slight twist of every other dating show but they bring the beautiful people with a bad attitude. They all want to be social influencers. I think the elders get booked on this show so they can try to get a blue check and be an influencer.


Cubby (21:03):

Were you satisfied with your Big Brother first episode of the season?


Barnes (21:07):

I was very disappointed. They announced it was Big Brother all stars and all stars is a stretch. Don't get me wrong. I'm going to watch every minute of it still, but they had people that were booted on their season night one. How do you call them an all star? They didn't have any of the banner names like Mike Boogie or Dr. Will, any of those people that were big personalities on the show.


Leslie (21:28):

What a disappointment.


Cubby (21:29):

No Mike Boogie?


Barnes (21:30):

No. None of my came back. It's all like B level, C level Big Brother players. Multiple.


Cubby (21:36):

Leslie and I have no idea what you're talking about.


Barnes (21:38):

Come on. Mike Boogie. Everyone knows Mike Boogie.


Cubby (21:41):

You know Mike Boogie?


Leslie (21:41):

I have no idea who Mike Boogie is. I like the name though. Hey, by the way Lizzo, I don't know if you're a fan. I'm a fan. She has just inked her first TV deal with Amazon Studios.


Barnes (21:50):



Leslie (21:52):



Barnes (21:52):

Oh, yeah, she's talented.


Leslie (21:54):

Ariana Grande is dropping another fragrance called R.E.M. I was like, wait a second. That's one of my favorite bands, R.E.M. What? What?


Barnes (22:03):

That's so confusing and so lawsuit worthy from the most non commercial band on the planet, REM. I have to think that they're already, I mean it's R.E.M.


Leslie (22:13):

Wait a second, Cubby, you're in the pop world. Did she have a song called R.E.M? Like, what is this based off of?


Cubby (22:19):

Not that I know of. There was never called REM. Maybe it was an album track but no, I don't know where that's coming from either. Did you guys ever buy a fragrance though from a celebrity?


Barnes (22:28):

I wear J.Lo all the time. No, of course not.


Cubby (22:33):

I thought maybe she had male fragrance. I wasn't sure-


Leslie (22:36):

One time we interviewed Kiss and they gave us some and I threw it away.


Barnes (22:43):

You don't want to smell like Paul Stanley?


Cubby (22:44):

There was a Kiss interview-


Barnes (22:46):

It smells like Michael Stipe that would make it really strange.


Cubby (22:50):

It's the end of the world as we know it, man.


Leslie (22:52):

This is shocking. E! News has been canceled after three decades.


Barnes (22:57):

That's pretty wild.


Leslie (22:58):

Streamlining their programming and restructuring, "to internally create more efficiencies." That's what NBC Universal said. Well, listen, The Pop Culture Show could take their place. We're right here, people. E! we're right here. Finally, this was actually kind of funny. We all know that Gordon Ramsay has a bit of a temper, so to speak, but now he's critiquing people's meals on TikTok.


Barnes (23:22):

That's the perfect thing for him. That's his shtick though. That's his whole thing. Have you seen it?


Leslie (23:28):

Have you seen it, Cubby?


Cubby (23:28):

I have not.


Barnes (23:31):

People do these little cooking demonstrations on TikTok. They're little quick, how to do whatever. Here's one of them. It's real quick and he splits and rips on them. (singing).


Barnes (24:01):

So he gets millions of views for that.


Leslie (24:03):

Did he just say you don't know how crap you are?


Barnes (24:05):

Yeah. He pretty much says the same thing in every one of the thesis.


Cubby (24:11):

Is there a series of these?


Barnes (24:12):

Yeah, just on his page.


Cubby (24:13):

Right. Okay, that's funny.


Leslie (24:15):

Ah, that's your celebrity news for this week.


Barnes (24:17):

Who's the artist that broke this week, this song is hysterical on TikTok.


Leslie (24:22):

Well, first of all, she's gotten millions of views on TikTok. Her name is Priscilla Block, but she released this country song and this I think is the first time this has ever happened. Cubby, I don't know if you've ever heard of this or not but her song went number one on iTunes After debuting it on TikTok. I mean, that's incredible.


Barnes (24:41):

Check this song out. I have to give her credit. The plan to get this out there was brilliantly executed and she works it and it's a step above a karaoke song.


Leslie (24:52):

It's like a country song.


Barnes (24:54):

It's got funny lyrics. So here's what it sounds like.


Barnes (24:56):



Barnes (24:56):

It's two turntables and a reverb.


Barnes (25:09):



Barnes (25:14):

She took like the, how to make a country song 101 post and put this together.


Cubby (25:19):

It really is simple.


Barnes (25:20):



Barnes (25:21):



Cubby (25:21):

I feel like we're at a county fair.


Barnes (25:26):



Barnes (25:27):



Barnes (25:31):

Let me get to the hook. Here's the hook. Listen to this.


Barnes (25:54):



Barnes (25:55):

If you don't like these love handles, you can find me at McDonald's and trust me, you'll be loving it.


Leslie (26:01):

That's not the song that went to number one.


Barnes (26:04):

I thought that was it. Thick Thighs.


Leslie (26:06):

No, that's one of the funny songs. The song that went to number one was this heartbreak song called, Just About Over You, which is more of a serious country song, but that's one of our funny songs.


Cubby (26:17):

If that was number one, that would kind of freak me out a little bit.


Leslie (26:20):

No, she has a new song called Thick Thighs but the one that went to number one is called-


Barnes (26:23):

That's Thick Thighs.


Leslie (26:24):

That's Thick Thighs. The one that went to number one is called. Just About Over You, Priscilla Block.


Barnes (26:29):

Have you seen the new Reels' feature competing now with TikTok's? You got Microsoft trying to buy TikTok, you got Trump trying to end TikTok, you got Instagram trying to exploit TikTok and they come out with Reels.


Leslie (26:41):

I did. I have seen a few of those with celebrities and stuff. They're okay.


Barnes (26:45):

If you really want to get the review and I wanted to hold off and find out, can you grab the review team?


Leslie (26:51):

We have a review team for Reels?


Barnes (26:53):

Would you mind grabbing them? Yes, we have 15 year olds available for a quick review of the new Reels features on TikTok that would be Mallory Barnes and her friend, I don't want to out her friend. She can say her name if she wants to be outed on-


Leslie (27:06):

Oh, get your daughter on the show. That's great.


Barnes (27:08):

Yeah, come on in review team. Here they come.


Cubby (27:10):

So the to me, Reels is a backup for me. I'm still a TikTok guy. I love TikTok and I haven't checked out Reels yet because I'm like, I'll go to that when I really need to. Right now, TikTok is still up and running.


Barnes (27:20):

Okay. They can't hear you but say hello, Mallory Barnes.


mallory (27:23):



Eva (27:24):

Hi, I'm Eva Russell.


Barnes (27:26):

So we have two experts here on TikToking and on the new Instagram Reels. What are your thoughts, one at a time? We'll start with you. What's your thoughts on the new Instagram Reels?


Eva (27:37):

I think it needs to be developed a little bit more honestly. The features that they have don't really compare to the features TikTok has, but I think they probably could develop it enough to get to the same level, maybe.


Barnes (27:51):

All right, Mallory Barnes. What do you think?


mallory (27:53):

I don't really like it.


Barnes (27:55):

You told me yesterday it sucked.


mallory (27:57):

Yeah, I think that.


Barnes (27:59):

Why? Why does it suck?


mallory (28:00):

Because they're just trying to make it like TikTok and I don't think you can make it like TikTok. I don't know.


Barnes (28:07):

Who's the hottest thing to listen to right now out there.


mallory (28:09):

Taylor Swift.


Barnes (28:11):

Taylor Swift. What about you?


Eva (28:13):

Yeah, Taylor Swift is good. Yeah.


Leslie (28:15):

Those are really good reviews about Reels. So basically it needs development.


Barnes (28:19):

Go to your audience, people if you want a review. Thank you review team.


Leslie (28:22):

Thank you very much.


Cubby (28:23):

Thank you, ladies.


Barnes (28:24):

All right, go back to sleep.


Leslie (28:25):

You know what's sad, it reminds me of whatever happened to Vine.


Barnes (28:29):

That was only here for 10 minutes.


Cubby (28:31):

So when Vine went away, I was bummed out and TikTok came back around but it goes to show guys, it's all about first in the category. TikTok is ruling this category. It's going to be hard to break them. All right guys, are you ready for my feature that could have a Grammy Award winning guest?


Barnes (28:47):

I already forgot. We got so busy on the show. I forgot you teased a guest and again didn't come through because I see nothing.


Cubby (28:54):

Play my intro please.


Barnes (28:55):

Okay, get magical.


Speaker 1 (29:00):

This is Cubby's pop culture throwback, a rewind into the vault of music, movies and moments.


Barnes (29:06):

By the way, who do you know that you get special intros for segments? There's no celebrity sleaze intro.


Leslie (29:13):

I know, I'm feeling a little neglected.


Cubby (29:14):

I'm surprised Fram hadn't bitched about that. Fram, do you want your own intro for your sleaze?


Leslie (29:19):

I'm not a bitcher.


Barnes (29:21):

There's your quote of the week. I'm not a bitcher.


Cubby (29:24):

This week we're looking back at what was popping in 1994. Movies, TVs and music. Barnes, Leslie, where were you guys in 1994? Do you remember.


Barnes (29:33):

I was sitting right across and Leslie Fram at 99X.


Leslie (29:35):



Cubby (29:35):

There you go. So at the box office, this week in 1994 it was all about this movie.


Speaker 8 (29:43):

How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some little junkyard dog? I am the President of the United States!


Speaker 9 (29:49):

How dare you sir!


Speaker 10 (29:51):

Paramount Pictures presents, this summer's most electrifying motion picture. Clear and Present Danger.


Cubby (30:00):

Harrison Ford and William Defoe ruling the box office.


Leslie (30:02):

That whole series, so good.


Cubby (30:04):

On TV, this week in 1994. Of course, we were still watching Seinfeld. Whenever you bring up a 90s pop culture it's Seinfeld, but we were also watching another big show. Do you know this TV theme?


Cubby (30:21):



Cubby (30:21):



Barnes (30:23):



Cubby (30:23):

That would be ER. ER ladies, gentlemen. That show ruled.


Barnes (30:28):

I didn't watch that show. I mean, I watched it, but I didn't watch it constantly.


Cubby (30:32):

I was the same way. I wasn't loyal but I watched it-


Leslie (30:34):

George Clooney was on that show. Come on.


Cubby (30:36):

There you go. Now to music we go. We're looking back at this week in 1994. The number one song on the R&B charts. It was Janet Jackson and she had a song called Any Time, Any Place.


Cubby (30:51):



Cubby (30:55):

This is a kind of a forgotten Janet song but it was good.


Cubby (30:57):



Cubby (31:03):

All right guys, the number one song on the modern rock charts this week in 1994. It was a great song and you guys were probably playing it at 99X. I was in Houston playing it. It was a Counting Crows song, but one you might have forgotten about.


Cubby (31:16):



Leslie (31:27):

Can't forget about any of those. They were all great.


Cubby (31:29):

Yeah, but this one is like-


Barnes (31:31):

It was kind of a beside.


Cubby (31:32):

Yeah, whenever you mention Counting Crows to somebody, they'll say Mr. Jones first and then Round Here and they forget Einstein on the Beach.


Barnes (31:38):

I love that. What movie was that from? It was that movie. We started playing it. We were playing it and it picked up steam and it was such an odd song because it wasn't on an album.


Cubby (31:50):

Also Rain King, another great tune that was kind of-


Barnes (31:52):

Great. August and Everything After was such an unbelievable album.


Cubby (31:56):

I got the last one here for you on the country charts. It was all about John Michael. Montgomery and the number one song in America back this week in 1994 was a song called Be My Baby Tonight.


Cubby (32:08):



Cubby (32:12):

The number one song this week on the pop charts, this week in 1994 and it would stay number one for three solid weeks is the song.


Cubby (32:22):



Barnes (32:23):

I love her.


Barnes (32:25):



Cubby (32:25):

I'm very fond of the song Lisa Loeb, and Stay from the Reality Bites soundtrack. Such a great song.


Leslie (32:32):

One of my all time favorite songs.


Cubby (32:34):

It never went away. It was just played on the radio forever and still played today.


Barnes (32:38):

This is the what? What anniversary?


Cubby (32:41):

This would be, well let me do the math here. 1994, what is that? 26 years ago, this week that that song went to number one and that song has such a great story and the artist Lisa Loeb is probably one of my faves of all time and-


Barnes (32:56):



Cubby (32:57):



Leslie (32:57):

She was so cool. Lisa Loeb. So cool.


Cubby (32:59):

You guys interviewed her.


Barnes (33:01):

All the time. She was on our show a lot. Here's the thing Cubby. You have your own branded Cubby's pop culture throwback segment and you bring all these people up and I know this person and we have this person and we have these guys. You never really do anything and have them on the show. So you don't put your money where your mouth is and that's getting kind of old. I just wish you would for once, instead of having a clip half the person.


Cubby (33:25):

All right, hit that button. Hit the button third from your right, Steve. Now say hello, Lisa.


Lisa Loeb (33:33):



Cubby (33:33):

I got Lisa Loeb for you guys.


Barnes (33:37):

Wait a minute, but Cubby-


Lisa Loeb (33:38):

Hello. You say.


Barnes (33:41):

No, you score boarded and you got a Grammy winner.


Cubby (33:44):

On her anniversary of Stay being the number one song in the country. Lisa Loeb, good to have you my dear.


Barnes (33:49):

Hey, Lisa.


Lisa Loeb (33:50):

Hello. It's so good to be here. You know you, well, all of you are very important to this song, but Cubby especially because he and you guys down at KRBE, when you were there, decided to play the song on the radio and that started a big, not a tumble. That's a big word, but it started a wildfire, an avalanche, something positive that, something positive.


Cubby (34:12):

Because you were on you were unsigned and we heard this song and we were playing it and I remember, if I remember correctly Lisa, Skip Bishop at RCA Records called us and said, "What is this song you're playing off of our soundtrack?" Because wasn't Reality Bites on RCA soundtrack.


Lisa Loeb (34:28):

Yes. So I was an unsigned artist. I had licensed my song, that's very technical, to RCA. So I was an unsigned artist and it was on the Reality Bites soundtrack, which was one of the best mixtapes basically that you could be on with U2, and Crowded House and I think, now I'm like who was on there. Lenny Kravitz, I don't know. Juliana Hatfield. It really ran the gamut. A lot of different types of artists and it was so cool. The song wasn't out as a single yet and you guys decided to pick it up and play it like a single.


Cubby (34:57):

This was back in the day when computers were monitoring radio stations and the record company said, you're playing the song like 50 times a week. Then it was already a proven hit in Houston and then I believe it just snowballed from there for you.


Barnes (35:10):

Weren't you the first artist to have a number one without a record deal?


Lisa Loeb (35:15):

Yes, and it's really still unusual. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more now because things are so independent. Now you're able to really put your music out. I think it wasn't until Macklemore put his song out, that they went to number one and they were independent. I will say it does take a team like people like Skip Bishop, who is the head of the radio promotion over there at RCA Records. Once you guys started playing it, which was really the first big step, then the record company an…

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