Too Much Tully
Too Much Tully
Aug 24, 2020
Doing The Work
54 min

Tully is joined by her psychologist, Jane Morgan, to discuss core beliefs, attachment theory and attachment styles, and ways in which people can source their own mental health specialists.

On today's show:

  • A mental health check-in
  • Seeing a psychologist
  • Barriers to finding a psychologist
  • Tully's psychologist, Jane Morgan
  • Core beliefs and being hard to love
  • Attachment styles
  • Finding a psychologist

Person Centred Psychology Melbourne:

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So Dramatic!
So Dramatic!
Megan Pustetto
Niranga Amarasinghe opens up about his Bachelorette experience with Angie Kent and reveals more unheard secrets from the mansion including claims that the whole thing is "staged!" He spills the tea on Bachelor in Paradise including BTS details about his feud with Timm Hanly and how producers threatened him to give Abbie Chatfield his rose overMary Viturino! During our chat we also discuss why Brittany Weldon really broke down when she rejected his offer for a date and WTF?! happened between him and Cassandra Mamone during and after Fiji! And juicy details about theParadise proposal we were robbed of! PLUS Niranga dishes on Jake Ellis' split from Megan Marx and shares some hopeful news! PLUS Megan also has a number of Bachelor relationship status updates - including Ali Oetjen, Joe Woodbury, Shannon Karaka and Bec Cvilikas - and details about MAFS 2021! This episode is sponsored by Adore Beauty. You can find over 250 beauty brands at Want more of the latest gossip? Follow So Dramatic! on Instagram (@sodramaticpodcast_ & @sodramaticmedia), Facebook (So Dramatic! The Podcast) and join the PRIVATE Facebook group (So Dramatic! Podcast). Got a hot tip? Request, question or receipts? Email ( Please rate, review and subscribe to this podcast (five stars only of course!) because I promise I will be bringing you the latest dramas each week! For all enquiries and partnerships contact: and
1 hr 6 min
Mamamia Podcasts
Introducing The Undone....
Missing Overshare? Why not check out our new podcast The Undone...  Let’s be honest. When you’re in your 20s, everything feels complicated… which is where The Undone comes in, Mamamia's new podcast for people in their 20s. Meet Emily and Lucy. They work at Mamamia and they live together in the inner city. They spend their days trying to work out how to turn the oven on, why their dating lives are such garbage fires, and why sometimes their tiny daily struggles seem just as insurmountable as the world’s biggest problems. Every week on The Undone they’ll be sharing dating stories and talking about the biggest issue in their world, because... nothing is simple in your 20s.  On the show today, Luce and Em discuss whether or not you should be in a long-term relationship in your 20s.  Plus, what happens when a date turns out to have a fetish for your heritage?  The End Bits  If you like the show, subscribe and leave us a review.  Also, if you feel like winning a $100 voucher, tell us your thoughts here:  Slide into our DMs @emilyvernem & @lucymneville  CONTACT US Via our PodPhone on 02 8999 9386 Send us a voice memo to  This episode was produced by Elissa Ratliff & Zoe Ferguson. This episode of The Undone was brought to you by the All-New Toyota Yaris Cross, with everything you need for wherever 2020 is taking you.   See for privacy information.
23 min
Life Uncut
Life Uncut
Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
TOXIC POSITIVITY - Take your good vibes and shove it
Hey Lifers! Yes it's Thursday but we are delivering you our big, juicy, meaty Tuesday episode today! (blame this weeks episode switcheroo on the fact we thought Laura was going in to labour - valid excuse 😂) but boy do we have a positively good one for you! After Laura's pregnancy scare we talk a bit about... well..... pregnancy and touch on the really wonderful news Dan Andrews recently shared around miscarriage and the solace this change in legislation will bring to grieving women and families. Britt is sharing her egg freezing journey with us all, then it's time for some accidentally unfiltered stories. On the menu today - TOXIC POSITIVITY! What is that you say? Well we are glad you asked! The phrase “toxic positivity” refers to the concept that keeping positive, happy and upbeat are the only feeling you should have and is the right way to live your life. It means only focusing on positive things and rejecting anything that may trigger negative emotions. We are currently seeing this everywhere in life. Sounds great right!? The fact is, when you deny or avoid unpleasant and negative emotions, you actually make them bigger . We unpack that and more so strap in folks. Find us on Facebook at Life Uncut Podcast and on Instagram @Lifeuncutpodcast If you loved todays episode please hit 5 stars, leave a review and share the love, because, well, we love love. And also that is what helps us grow so please and thank you we love you. x
1 hr 2 min
The Spill
The Spill
Mamamia Podcasts
WATCH CLUB: Self-Aware, Self-Satirising 'Saved By The Bell'
Welcome to this month's episode of Watch Club, where we indulge in a little deep dive into Stan's brand new series Saved By The Bell. Bayside is back! In this reimagined Saved By The Bell, when California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many underfunded high schools, he proposes they send the affected students to the most well-funded schools in the state – including Bayside High. The influx of new students gives the privileged Bayside kids (who never have a problem that can't be solved in twenty-two minutes) a much-needed dose of reality. This podcast is full of spoilers so we advise that you watch the series first and then listen to this episode. We would also love to know your thoughts on it too, so join us in our Facebook group for further discussion. The Spill is Mamamia’s daily entertainment podcast that catches you up on everything in entertainment and pop culture. It’s perfect for your commute home. CREDITS Hosts: Laura Brodnik & Kee Reece Producer: Madeline Joannou Watch the brand new series Saved By The Bell now, only on Stan. WANT MORE? Join us in our Facebook group to discuss everything pop culture... Read all the latest entertainment news on Mamamia... Follow us on Instagram @mamamiaentertainment  Subscribe to our Celebrity Newsletter... Join our Facebook page... GET IN TOUCH Call us on the pod phone 02 8999 9386.  Email us at  Want to hear more Mamamia podcasts? You’ll find them here... See for privacy information.
24 min
After Work Drinks
After Work Drinks
Isabelle Truman & Grace O'Neill
That Time Of The Month: How To Harness Your Cycle For Productivity
Hello angels and welcome back to the second installment of That Time of the Month, a biweekly three-part series all about womxn's health. A few weeks ago, we asked you some questions about your relationship to your bodies, periods, the pill and your cycle, and this week we're discussing your answers. We also touch on PMS shame and the new movement to make workplaces cater to our hormonal cycles. Already countries such as Japan, Taiwan and Indonesia recognise menstrual leave, so why isn't it being talked about - or pushed for - more? Then it's over to an expert. We enlisted registered dietitian Sara Widdowson, who, after working with women for years at a fertility and gynecology clinic, launched her own platform, Your Monthly, in 2017 to take the conversations she was having with women one-on-one in a clinic space to a wider audience to help educated women everywhere about not just nutrition but their overall health. After our chat last week, we got Sara to explain our hormones in more detail - and much better than we did, exactly how you can harness your cycle for productivity, post-pill acne and hormonal acne and combatting period shame. Enjoy! And take notes!  For this series, we’ve partnered with Me., the new period care brand that has been designed to be displayed proudly and openly on your shelf—not hidden away. Me. is committed to championing a new narrative around period care through empowering campaigns, collaborations and charity partnerships, holding space for all people with periods and the issues that are important to them. Find out more here.   See for privacy and opt-out information.
1 hr 3 min
Emsolation with Em Rusciano
Emsolation with Em Rusciano
PodcastOne Australia
A very Melania Christmas
It’s the final year of the Trump administration living large at the White House, which also means it’s the final year of Melania doing the White House Christmas decorations. Thanks to a bit of leaked audio recorded by a former BFF of Melania, we know she doesn’t “give a f*** about Christmas stuff and decorating. But I need to do it right?”, yes, yes you do Melania. Hence she’s no doubt been showing off her lack of f***s by decking the halls with a variety of weird options, from a forest of 40 blood red Christmas trees, that looked like they’d been the victim of a Carrie style prom night prank, to hallways lined with dead branches, all painted stark white, then shoved into giant white pot plants. So for her final effort, Em was kind of hoping Melania would go for more of a gothic, emo expression with her festive festooning, just as her final fuck you to Americans, sadly she’s gone very traditional with her “America the beautiful” theming. Em and Michael also need to chat about Tara Reid approaching Nicole Kidman via the Instagram comments section on a post by our original BMX Bandit. Seems Tara is on the hustle for actors to appear in a new film she’s producing that revolves around drugging the attendees of a kids party with magic mushrooms, as you do. Rather than bother with agents, and her people talking to their people, Tara seems to have figured, pffft as if, I’m just gonna hit up Nicole Kidman in the comments section of that picture she just casually posted on the ‘gram. At the time of recording, we were still unsure if Nicole had responded yet, Tara and the rest of us, will probably be waiting for a very long time on that reply. Convo’s around Nicole Kidman naturally usher in discussions about whether it is okay or not, to be commenting on Nicole’s face. Naturally, Em would usually say “NO we just don’t comment on the way a woman looks” but she also found Nicole's face was actually distracting at times whilst watching her star in ‘The Undoing’. So prepare yourself for some yuletide yawning, a what the actual what moment of Tara Reid realness, and a tentative talk about how to freeze a face for all eternity, so standard Emsolation action really. See for privacy information.
36 min
You Beauty
You Beauty
Mamamia Podcasts
BONUS: Christmas Beauty Gift Guide
Surprise! We're in your ears again for another bonus episode and this time, we're talking Christmas presents.  It's your Christmas beauty gift guide!  From what to buy your best friend, your partner or your mum - we’ve got you covered.  The list of products mentioned in this episode are below: For the man in your life Tom Ford, Ombre Leather 50ml $190… Charles + Lee, Daily Ritual Gift Pack 4 Piece $39.99... For your BFF Charlotte Tilbury, Walk of No Shame Lip Duo $49… Charlotte Tilbury, Instant Eye Palette Bejewelled Eyes To Hypnotise $120... Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte's Magic Skin Secrets $100... Ultra Violette Mini Screen Collection $70... For your work Kris Kringle or boss Burchgrove Home, Soy Candles $18-$45… L'Occitane, Christmas Bonbon Set $46... For your mum or MIL Uma Oils, Absolute Anti Ageing Face & Eye Oil Duo $235… L'Occitane Divine Collection $245... Caudalie, Beauty Elixir "The Beauty Essentials" Skincare Set $83... For your 'spendy' mate Gucci, Limited Edition Glitter Lipstick $59… For school or daycare teachers L'Occitane, Christmas Bonbon Set $46... Innisfree, Perfumed Hand Cream Set $20... For the 'group' gift Bekka May, Cosmetic Bag $129... Etoile Collective, Large Cosmetic Travel Case $76... The Daily Edited, Cosmetic & Travel Cases... NuFACE, Limited Edition Mini NuFace Break The Ice Collection $288... For that person you don't know very well Ole Henriksen, Pre-Party Juice Makeup Prep Set $47... Mecca Cosmetica, The Lip Tint Trio $45... For yourself MECCA, Limited Edition12 Days of Luxury Beauty $380... SULWHASOO, Bestsellers Skincare Trial Kit $79... CREDITS Hosts:Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren Producer: Madeline Joannou GET IN TOUCH: You Beauty is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here .... Got a beauty question you want answered?  Email us at or call the podphone on 02 8999 9386.  Join our You Beauty Facebook Group here... Want this and other podcasts delivered straight to your inbox?  Subscribe to our podcast newsletter... This episode of You Beauty is brought to you by Dyson hair care. See for privacy information.
21 min
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