Too Much Tully
Too Much Tully
Oct 12, 2020
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On today’s show, Tully and Jess talk all things #LifeGoals and have inspiring author, podcaster and all-round ray of sunshine, Sarah Davidson of Seize The Yay podcast on.

On today’s episode:

  • Tully and Jess dissect their long-term and short-term goals
  • What goals mean and how to achieve them
  • How to set goals and the tools required
  • Sarah Davidson talks us through the benefits of setting goals and what it means for our overall well being


Sarah's website:
Sarah on Instagram: @spoonful_of_sarah
Seize The Yay Podcast:

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Seize the Yay
Seize the Yay
Sarah Holloway
Justine Cullen // The blood, sweat, tears and facial oil of (out)living your dreams
Few people actually end up living out their childhood dreams, either because the dream changes or life does. But, enchanted by the glossy pages of the first fashion magazines she ever read, *Justine Cullen* made it her mission to conquer the extremely competitive, coveted and convoluted ladder of the publishing world and ultimately landed her dream job as Editor in Chief at Elle Magazine. Her journey reinforces everything I love to say about being open to whatever pathway might get you to your dream and being patient with the steps along the way. But, it’s her journey _from _there and into her new role as Editor-in-Chief of *Jones Magazine *that I found most interesting in how it forced her to untangle her identity from the prestige, title and everything that satisfied her former self to build the next chapter for the new person she had become. As well as the existential crisis of success and the beauty of being a beginner, she also dishes up some juicy stuff that we all love to hear about how Editor life isn’t just swanning about and definitely isn’t always easy – I was a tiny bit satisfied by that. And as a Mum of four, she is more than qualified to share some words on priorities, balance and humility. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did! *>>> **VISIT THE SKINNOVATION HUB HERE** <<<* + Follow *Justine Cullen** *here + Announcements on Insta at *@spoonful_of_sarah* + Subscribe to not miss out on the next instalment of YAY!
59 min
Me After You
Me After You
Mamamia Podcasts
Hope: Yes, You Are Still You
This is the final episode of this season of Me After You and we wanted to leave you with a sense of hope.  We find hope in the comfort of our shared fears and failures, in the shared joys and tiny wins. Hope for what comes next, for both you and your child. In this episode, you’ll be hearing from Marcia Leone about how she embraced pregnancy after miscarriage, Alex Nation on the part of parenthood she loves the most, Nama Winston on living her best life after leaving an unhappy marriage, and Ashe Davenport on how, for her, motherhood is all about letting go. Me After You was made in partnership with Huggies: Be Comfortable In Your Skin. Take our Me After You Feedback Survey for your chance to win a $50 voucher and be loved forever by us. Here's a link to the survey: CREDITS Host: Laura Byrne @ladyandacat Executive Producer: Elise Cooper @elisejcooper Producer and Editor: Lama Zakharia  Head of Audio: Bridget Northeast Thanks to all the mums who featured in this episode, for sharing their stories to make all mums feel like they’re not alone Laura Jackel Veronica Milsom- @veronicamilsom Marcia Leone- @notsomumsy Not So Mumsy Book  Teresa Palmer- @teresapalmer Alex Nation- @alexandranation Evie Farrell- @mumpacktravel, book Backyard To Backpack  Nama Winston- @namawinston Ashe Davenport- Author of "Sad Mum Lady" Stephanie Thompson- @bravemumma and a link to her book, The Day My Vagina Broke...  Support the show: See for privacy information.
33 min
Beyond The Bump
Beyond The Bump
Beyond The Bump
Going from 1-2 Kids - with Gemma Peanut
Beyond The Bump is a podcast brought to you by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce! A podcast targeted at mums, just like you! A place to have real conversations with honest and authentic people. In our forty ninth episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with Gemma Peanut about the transition from 1 to 2 kids and everything in between! She chats about her less than lovely pregnancies, we all talk about how we found the jump from 1 to 2 kids versus 0 to 1 kid, pros and cons of a small age gap, any tips we have, things we found challenging and things we wish we never worried about! And so much more! We hope you love our chat with Gemma as much as we did, even though we were in the back of Jayde's van sweating our asses off and cursing every truck that drove past! Follow Gemma on instagram: here. Goodies mentioned in this episode: "Baby on the Way" book from My Big Moments: here This episode of Beyond the Bump is brought to you MegaBlocks: Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts! Tight shorts in-fact!  Lululemon have just launched a campaign grounded in body positivity and empowerment encouraging us all to “Own our Story” and become aware of the thoughts that hold us back from our potential, and from our confidence to Wear The Shorts!  We all have insecurities but it’s one thing to have the insecurity and another to let it limit you from wearing the clothes you want to wear. Sophie lacks confidence with how dry my legs are and how easily they bruise but she is learning to embrace them and absolutely loving wearing her lululemon 6-inch Align shorts. Jayde admits that before high waisted shorts became trendy, she would steer clear of them purely because she didn’t like having her spider veins showing, but she is also realising even the fittest of people have these, and no one has air brushed legs! Her lululemon 8-inch Wunder Trains are her new go to for comfortable bottoms. We are all about playing a part in creating positive change when it comes to women and mothers feeling confident within themselves. The great thing about lululemon shorts is the versatility of fabrics, styles, and lengths. It’s about finding the right pair you feel yourself in. In short: Own Your Story & wear the shorts! Head to to get yourself a pair, you won’t regret it. Follow us on instagram at @beyondthebump.podcast to stay up to date with behind the scenes and future episodes.
1 hr 27 min
Life Uncut
Life Uncut
Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne
WE WERE ON A BREAK! Is it a soft fade or can you salvage it?
In the words of Ross and Rachel, WE WERE ON A BREAK! Lifers, there’s going to come a time in most of our lives where we feel unsettled, uncomfortable, suffocated, anxious and maybe just a little confused in our relationship. Maybe you just need to figure some shit out on your own for a hot second, maybe it’s trying to forgive an infidelity, deciding if you want kids or maybe it’s more lifestyle based like wanting to focus on a career change! Either way you need to figure it out alone. But here’s the thing, you still love your partner and don’t want it to end! It’s tricky territory... but sounds like you guys need a break!! We tend to shudder when we hear the words ‘break’ but it’s not necessarily the worst thing and definitely isn’t the end of the world like we are made to believe!  There are some things you can do to make it go more smoothly though and to bring you back bigger, better, stronger and more in love than ever. And we’re going to tell you.  Thanks to todays sponsor @bumble_australia we are also bringing you some great conversation starters and opening lines... Britt and Laura both share their (slightly weird) opener and we want to know who’s you think is better (let’s be real, it’s ‘the best of a bad bunch’ kinda vibe) If you want to take Bumbles quick online quiz to see your dating style you can do so here If you listen every week but haven’t actually hit that subscribe button yet or left a review... WHERE YOU AT!? Haha but seriously. As an independent podcast this is the stuff that really helps us grow and keeps us in your ears each week. So what are you waiting for!  Have a great week guys and share the love, because, well, we love love! X
1 hr 23 min
You Beauty
You Beauty
Mamamia Podcasts
How To Tame And Wave Fine, Frizzy Hair
Why is there this hard layer that’s forming on my powdered products? As Leigh answers this Youbie’s question, Kelly’s brush-washing routine becomes subject to jealousy. Plus, a listener with fine hair and lots of it wants to know how to avoid having such a bulky, frizzy bob. What’s this low-maintenance listener to do? The list of products mentioned in this episode are below: Remingtons’ Curling Irons… John Frida Air Dry Waves… Shop My Stash  Kelly- OPI’s Nail Polish Remover, $11.95… Leigh- Raww Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Butty Beige $19.99 … Spendy   Kelly - Lip Heros Waterproof Lip Liner- Peaches For Me $34… Leigh - Remington Volumising Blow Dry Brush , $69.99…   Savey Kelly - Carbon Theory Overnight Detox Serum, $23.95 … Leigh - MUD Flawless Finish Concealer, $7… CREDITS Hosts: Leigh Campbell and Kelly McCarren Producer: Lem Zakharia GET IN TOUCH: Got a beauty question you want answered?  Email us at or call the podphone on 02 8999 9386.  Join our You Beauty Facebook Group here... Want this and other podcasts delivered straight to your inbox?  Subscribe to our podcast newsletter... You Beauty is a podcast by Mamamia. Find more shows here .... See for privacy information.
19 min
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