Unapologetically Living What You Love with Taylor Clark
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Taylor is an unapologetically badass multipassionate creator who has embraced her unfolding journey and more recent diagnosis of ADHD. We recap some highlights in her non-linear journey and share some insights into the hopeful future for authentic, multipassionate entrepreneurs and artists.

Taylor and I discuss:

  • Being multipassionate while receiving more "expert-driven" guidance
  • Sharing her (fabulous) journey developing a community/cultivating an audience before "creators" were a thing
  • Embracing a non-linear path and showing up in each chapter unapologetically
  • Late diagnosis of ADHD and the insights gleaned from being curious instead of self-judging
  • Operating in masculine vs feminine energy and redefining alignment
  • Systems and archetypes we enjoy exploring that frame experimentation and strategy

For those curious of our Feminine Archetypes and HD Profiles (mentioned briefly):


  • The Ingenue - Marilyn Monroe, Rihanna - "Your unexpected mix of girlish charm and womanly sensuality enthralls" - Authentic, Sensual
  • HD - The Generator (The Life Force, lifts energy of the world) - Emotional Authority (Decisions made with emotions) - 1/3 (Establisher of Knowledge & Truth)


  • The Gamine - Princess Diana, Josephine Baker - "Your natural charm and playful spirit lowers defenses" - Playful, Wise
  • HD - The Manifesting Generator (The Multi-Hyphenate/MultiPassionate, here to do many diverse things)- Emotional Authority (Decisions made with emotions) - 4/6 (Regal Authority Figure/Role Model)

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