Conversational Selling
Nancy Calabrese
In today’s world of business, when it comes to picking up the phone, most people hate it and won’t do it. There’s a belief that cold calling doesn’t work. It won’t work if it’s not done consistently. Today’s audience tends to hide behind social media and uses excuses like “there’s no point, customers will be annoyed. They don’t like receiving cold calls”. That is completely false. The truth is emotions are difficult to convey through words in a written email or in digital marketing. Bottom line? Robots will NEVER replace human conversation and emotion. We imagine a time when more sales professionals feel empowered to connect with their clients through personable strategies like picking up the phone, chatting on a video call, or having meaningful in-person meetings. Which will create long-term relationships and stronger customer lifetime value- even if we must persevere through the “no’s” to find the “yes’s”. The Conversational Selling Audience loves learning about the art of communication between human beings which leads to more meaningful connections. These connections drive new business at the right time and keep you top of mind when the prospect is ready to buy. Selling is not just a business skill, it's a life skill. At the end of the day, sales is just about the human connection.
Conversational Selling
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