S2_EP_23_Cranial Face Structures, Nasal Breathing, Orthodontics, Tongue Position, and More Unlikely Performance Limiters: Interview with Zac Cupples
1 hr 19 min
  • How Jodie avoided dentures
  • Zac’s background and how he got into this field
  • What proper mouth structure should be
  • The connection between sleep and mouth structure
  • The connection between ADHD and other behavior issues and airway
  • What to ask for with a sleep study
  • At home sleep apnea testing: Watch-PAT
  • Addressing oral posture sooner rather than later
  • How much can you change
  • It takes a team to be fully optimized
  • Recommendations on what to do and where to go
  • Isleephst.com (hst10 - 10% discount code): get the Watch-PAT 1.
  • zaccupples.com

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