Saying Goodbye to Season 5
10 min

On November 13th, 2019, we started Season 5 of this podcast.  Our definition of "season" has pretty much always just meant as many episodes as we can make before we need a break, and we haven't really taken a break since last November.  This episode, the 23rd of the season is admittedly a bit of self-referential navel gazing, but I wanted to take just a bit of your time to wrap up the season before we, finally, take a break.  

It is an all-volunteer team that helps put these episodes together. From Molly, who makes our transcripts, to Courtney Epton, who has done all the visuals to promote these episodes, to Ali, Bridget, Anna, Susan and others, who provide feedback, and help me think through these topics, this podcast wouldn't be what it is without the entire team.  And that team deserves a break.  

If you are able, we'd be eternally grateful for your financial support, by joining our Patreon, or going to the Integrated Schools website and clicking "donate."

While we're away, please check out past episodes, if you haven't yet, and stay in touch on social media or by sending us an email.  

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The Integrated Schools Podcast was created by Courtney Mykytyn and Andrew Lefkowits.

This episode was produced, edited, and mixed by Andrew Lefkowits.

Music by Kevin Casey.


Enneagram for Idiots
Enneagram for Idiots
Enneagram for Idiots
Self-Preservation 1 - Episode 50
Intro/Outro - Powfu - Death Bed (Save the Sky Remix) In this episode, we continue our series on the instinctual variants and focus on the self-preservation 1 aka Hilary Clinton (we kind of sort of think). Here's what we talked about: * We're doing consulting now, all the details are on our website at * If you're a part of our Patreon community, we're planning a live virtual hang out session soon, stay tuned for that * Thank you for emailing about the last SP4 episode, we learned a lot and you learned a lot and that is ALWAYS THE GOAL Instinct and Self-Pres 1 learnings and discoveries (22 minutes in) * Each instinct has a different kind of energy * There's a lot of learning to be done around how the passions and fixations interact with the instincts, there's so much we all don't know * The SP1: * is characterized by a lot of worry, anxiety, perfection and apparently "almost paranoia?" * can look like a 6 but the 6 knows the world shouldn't be against them and the 1 isn't so sure * struggles with feeling inadequate or undeserving and react with anxiety and worry * thinks that when they judge themselves it's actually helpful * is possibly Hillary Clinton? lots of thoughts and exploration there * lots more, dive in to hear it all And to wrap up, we would like all SP1s and 1s in general - YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS Resources: Beatrice Chestnut,,
1 hr 29 min
Julieanne Steedman | Heirloom Island
I was very excited to interview my friend Isa Down for this episode of the podcast. Isa is an artist, mother, and nature lover who lives in Colorado the US (she is originally from Canada, I just feel the need to pop this in here!) Isa started painting to have a creative outlet and over time, grew to love it. She developed her own creative style, began teaching, and really inspiring others take the time for themselves and really lean into their creativity. In this episode we chat about these things plus Isa’s new book ‘Inking Florals’ which recently came out. I asked her a million questions about book publishing and how she came to create this beautiful guide to painting in her style. In this episode we cover: Working towards defining your own creative style. The importance of finding time to create. How some projects take time, lots of time, but are really worth it. Subscribe / Leave a Review Have you subscribed to my podcast? If not, I’d recommend you do it now so you don’t miss an episode. The line-up for the coming year looks amazing and without subscribing you’ll likely miss out on them. Subscribe on itunes here. Want to share a little love for the Podcast? That would certainly make my day. Please leave a review on itunes. These reviews help other makers and creative folks find and connect with the podcast plus they are just wonderful for me to read. Click here to review, then select Ratings and Reviews, and then select Write a Review and share what you love about the podcast. Thank you SO much.
14 min
Be the Bridge Podcast with Latasha Morrison
Be the Bridge Podcast with Latasha Morrison
That Sounds Fun Network
Be The Bridge 213 - Athletes & Activism with Justin Holiday
Description: In the volatile year of 2020 we’ve seen uprisings that have spurred tense feelings and emotions causing Christians to be split on issues related to social justice.  But, this is also a year where athletes have used their platform in ways that are reminiscent of the civil rights era.  Fists in the air are coupled with kneeling during the national anthem and sporting events by sports professionals in every sport from basketball to tennis, NASCAR to Formula racing, and everywhere in between.  Be the Bridge Founder Latasha Morrison was able to have a conversation with a Christian athlete who not only has a heart for rectifying social and economic inequities but has placed himself on the frontlines of the fight for social justice.  His name is Justin Holiday, the shooting guard / small forward for the Indiana Pacers. Quotes: “We didn’t grow up watching the news.  When things happened we knew how to get in the word. We knew how to pray and that’s what we did.” - Justin Holiday “As much as I wanted to be away from the news and not see certain things, one, with social media it’s gonna happen but two I needed to see that, I needed to not keep myself away from that.” - Justin Holiday “I don’t have my children on social media. I wanna protect my children from nasty comments” - Justin Holiday “Don’t make yourself less worthy than you should be.  You’re a child of God.” - Justin Holiday LISTEN & SUBSCRIBE Podcast link: handles/links: Instagram: @LatashaMorrisonTwitter: @LatashaMorrisonFacebook: Hashtag: #bethebridge --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
53 min
The Product Boss Podcast
The Product Boss Podcast
Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep
Holiday Gift Guide: Home & Living
Ep. 209: In today's episode, we're showcasing small businesses from The Product Boss Small Biz Shopping Directory! In a year like no other, we have discovered the strength of community, the support it brings, and the power of coming together. Our Monday episodes are typically dedicated to our Female Founder episodes, but as we head into the holiday season, we are going to change things up a bit and spotlight small product-based businesses from our community. Think of it as your own personal audio Gift Guide for this holiday season! Today, let's wrap it up by shining a spotlight on some of the Home & Living businesses we love! Small Businesses in Home & Living: Pipermoon Zatka Decor Pacific Candle Co. Maddie B. Designs Gcoded3D DomeDock Darielle Designs Busy Hands Quilts Built By Fuchs -- Brought to you by The Product Boss Small Biz Shopping Directory! When you buy from small businesses, you buy from real people. Your purchases have the ability to change lives. Shop the Directory here! -- Take the Shop 1 in 5™ Pledge! Commit to making 1 in 5 of your purchases from a small business, online or "offline". The Shop 1 in 5™ Pledge is a way to make an impact together when (and where) it matters most. Join us and take the pledge today! -- Click here to listen to The Product Boss Podcast on Apple Podcasts. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. We would be so grateful if you left us a review on Apple Podcasts. Your reviews help us to grow our listeners and to continue to bring you helpful content for free every week. * Just click here to review, * Select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” * Let us know what you love hearing on the podcast. Can't wait to hear from you. Thank you so much! xo, Jacqueline and Minna
37 min
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