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The title of this week's episode comes from a Hacker News thread where Guillermo argued that the complexity of front end performance goes beyond simplifying your stack to bare web primitives.

You can find out more about Vercel, which  recently raised a $40 million round, on Guillermo's blog, where he details what the company has planned for the future.

You can find more info on Next.JS here. It's a very active tag on Stack Overflow with dozens of new questions a day.

Our lifeboat badge for this episode goes to paxdiablo for answering the question: What does .split() return if the string has no match?

Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Spanner Revisited with Dilraj Kaur and Christoph Bussler
Mark Mirchandani and Stephanie Wong are back this week as we learn about all the new things happening with Google Cloud Spanner. Our guests this week, Dilraj Kaur and Christoph Bussler, describe Cloud Spanner as a fully managed relational database that boasts unlimited scaling and advanced consistency and availability. Unlimited scaling truly means unlimited, and Chris explains why Cloud Spanner offers this feature and how it’s making database design and development easier. Dilraj and Chris tell us all about the cool new features Spanner has developed, like generated columns and foreign keys, and how customer needs influenced these developments. Chris walks us through the process of using some of these new features, including how developers can monitor their database systems. Managed backups and multi-region configuration are additional recent additions to Cloud Spanner, and our guests explain how these are used by current enterprise clients. Dilraj and Chris explain the automatically managed features of Spanner versus the customer managed features and how people set up and manage database projects. We hear examples of companies using Cloud Spanner and how it has improved their businesses. Dilraj Kaur Dilraj Kaur is an Enterprise Customer Engineer with specialization in Data Management. She has been with Google for about 2.5 years and is based in Atlanta. Christoph Bussler As a Solutions Architect Chris is focusing on databases, data migration and data integration in enterprise customer settings. See his professional work and background on his website. Cool things of the week * New to Google Cloud? Here are a few free trainings to help you get started blog * Start your skills challenge today site * Service Directory is generally available: Simplify your service inventory blog Interview * Google Cloud Spanner site * GCP Podcast Episode 62: Cloud Spanner with Deepti Srivastava podcast * Using the Cloud Spanner Emulator docs * Cloud Spanner Ecosystem site * Cloud Spanner Qwiklabs site * Google Cloud Platform Community On Slack site * Creating and managing generated columns docs * WITH Clause docs * Foreign Keys docs * Numeric Data Type docs * Information schema docs * Overview of introspection tools docs * Backup and Restore docs * Multi-region configurations docs * ShareChat: Building a scalable data-driven social network for non-English speakers globally site * Blockchain.com: Streamlining infrastructure for the world’s most dynamic financial market site * What is Cloud Spanner? video What’s something cool you’re working on? Mark has been working on budgeting blog posts, including Protect your Google Cloud spending with budgets. Stephanie is working on her data center animation series
41 min
Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats
Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats
Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers
React Query + More React with Tanner Linsley
In this episode of Syntax, Scott and Wes talk with Tanner Linsley about React Query, how it works, why you might want to use it, and more! Deque - Sponsor Deque’s free axe browser extension helps developers instantly catch 50% of accessibility bugs while they code. It’s lightweight, easy-to-use, and has zero false positives. Get started for free at deque.com/axe. Sentry - Sponsor If you want to know what’s happening with your errors, track them with Sentry. Sentry is open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Cut your time on error resolution from five hours to five minutes. It works with any language and integrates with dozens of other services. Syntax listeners can get two months for free by visiting Sentry.io and using the coupon code “tastytreat”. Mux - Sponsor Mux Video is an API-first platform that makes it easy for any developer to build beautiful video. Powered by data and designed by video experts, your video will work perfectly on every device, every time. Mux Video handles storage, encoding, and delivery so you can focus on building your product. Live streaming is just as easy and Mux will scale with you as you grow, whether you’re serving a few dozen streams or a few million. Visit mux.com/syntax. Guests * Tanner Linsley Show Notes 01:56 - What do you do? * nozzle.io * React Query 06:04 - What is React Query? 24:19 - How does React Query use dev tools? 31:20 - What about React Context? 36:59 - Server-rendered components? 42:40 - Thoughts on static sites? 50:38 - What is the stack? Links * Redux * Axios * Syntax 206: State Machines, CSS and Animations with David K Piano * RTK Query * Relay * Remix * Twin.macro * Tailwind CSS * React Static * Next * TanStack ××× SIIIIICK ××× PIIIICKS ××× * Tanner: React Query - Essentials Course * Scott: Govee TV LED Backlights * Wes: 1Password Shameless Plugs * Tanner: Nozzle.io * Scott: Testing with Cypress - Sign up for the year and save 25%! * Wes: All Courses - Use the coupon code ‘Syntax’ for $10 off! Tweet us your tasty treats! * Scott’s Instagram * LevelUpTutorials Instagram * Wes’ Instagram * Wes’ Twitter * Wes’ Facebook * Scott’s Twitter * Make sure to include @SyntaxFM in your tweets
1 hr 5 min
Kubernetes Podcast from Google
Kubernetes Podcast from Google
Adam Glick and Craig Box
Multi-Cluster Services, with Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson
This week we talk multi-cluster services with Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson, co-chair of the Kubernetes Multicluster SIG, and tech lead on the Google Kubernetes Engine platform team. Guest host Tim Hockin shows us the way. Do you have something cool to share? Some questions? Let us know: * web: kubernetespodcast.com * mail: kubernetespodcast@google.com * twitter: @kubernetespod Chatter of the week * Episode 41, with Tim Hockin * The Machete Order * John Boyega on Star Wars News of the week * Istio 1.9 * IstioCon 2021 - February 22-26 * Mayadata spins out Chaos Native * Cilium Network Policy editor * Kubernetes network policy explained by Dominik Tornow * Trend Micro write-up on container-escaping malware * Dynatrace Cloud Automation and native log support * Episode 119, with Alois Reitbauer * Shipa 1.2 * New GKE, EKS and AKS releases * Tanzu Build Service 1.1 * Kubernetes 101 Retrospective by Jeff Geerling * CFP for the eight KubeCon EU pre-days * Designing for SaaS on Kubernetes at Teleport by Virag Mody * Comparing OPA/Gatekeeper and Kyverno by Chip Zoller Links from the interview * Anthos on VMware * SIG Multicluster * Federation v2 update * Multi-Cluster Services KEP * Namespace sameness * Gateway API (formerly known as Service APIs) * Istio RFC * Introducing GKE multi-cluster services * Multi-cluster Ingress * Cluster API * Cluster ID KEP * Jeremy Olmsted-Thompson on Twitter and GitHub
26 min
IoT For All Podcast
IoT For All Podcast
IoT For All
RTLS and the future of IoT in the Healthcare Space | Centrak’s David Minning
In this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Centrak President and CEO David Minning joins us to talk about IoT’s role in the healthcare space, both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. David shares his expertise on some of the technologies used in healthcare today, like RTLS, some of the challenges IoT faces in healthcare, and where it’s going from here. David Minning brings more than 30 years of healthcare experience to his role as CenTrak’s President and CEO. Prior to joining CenTrak, Minning served in leadership positions as President and CEO at Bio-Chem Fluidics; Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at FXI; and Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at Hillrom. He holds an MBA from the University of Cincinnati. Interested in connecting with David? Reach out to him on Linkedin! About Centrak: CenTrak has been a market leader in IoT-based locating, sensing, and security services for the healthcare industry since 2007. Named a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for indoor location services, CenTrak helps healthcare leaders across the globe increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and drive patient and staff satisfaction.Key Questions and Topics from this Episode: (00:32) Intro to David Minning (02:00) How have you seen COVID-19 affect the market for Centrak? (03:02) Intro to Centrak (06:17) Where do you see IoT’s role evolving in healthcare? (08:24) What is RTLS and what benefits does it enable in hospital settings? (10:23) What challenges do you encounter, implementing these solutions in medical or hospital settings? (12:09) Have these technologies helped hospitals bridge the gap during the pandemic? (14:05) If a company is looking to partner with providers offering single-source solutions, what should they be considering? What are the advantages of choosing a partner with a more focused solution? (21:00) What are some challenges listeners might not have thought about as they start their IoT journey? What’s your advice for approaching that process? (23:46) What are your predictions for the healthcare space, RTLS, and the IoT landscape for 2021?
27 min
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